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the betrayer betrays...

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Archie and Atlanta try out her idea, but will it save the others...

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Meanwhile, in one of the storage areas, in the school...

Cronus was pacing around, waiting for Archie to return with Atlanta. The more

time passed, the more impatient Cronus became.

Jay, Theresa, Odie, Neil, and Herry had been tied up to chairs found in the

storage room when Cronus appeared(Don't ask how he managed to do that without them

putting up a fight).

" Where is that boy?" asked Cronus, growing more impatient by the second, " I

hope the girl didn't actually beat him."

Just then the door burst open and in step Archie. In his arms was an

unconcious Atlanta.

" Man, does this girl put up a fight," he said, " but luckily I managed to

knock her out before she could escape."

Jay couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could Archie do this to

the one he loved more than anything in the world?

Cronus grinned, " good now where's another chair?" he began to scan the


Archie put Atlanta on the ground, " I don't see why you should bother

tying her up, she's not going anywhere."

Cronus shrugged. He had waited long enough for this and he wasn't

about to wait any longer. He then pointed at Archie.

" Now, let's see you prove your loyalty to me," he then pointed at the

others, " and kill them."

Archie drew out his whip, stepped past Cronus, and stood infront of Jay.

After making sure that Cronus wasn't watching, he pulled back the collar of his

hoodie to show Jay that he wasn't wearing a pendent. Jay understood right away.

If Archie wasn't wearing a pendent, then he was no longer under Cronus' control.

He wasn't going to kill them, he was going to free them. Or so he hoped.

Archie rose his whip, and struck. But he didn't hit Jay, or the others. He

hit the ropes that bound all five of them to the chair. Before Cronus realized

what was going on, all of the prisoners were free.

But Archie was the only one with a weapon. Cronus emediatly realized this

and summoned his scythe.

" You have no chance against me, boy, " he laughed, " you're the only one

with a weapon."

But Cronus had forgotten one very important thing lying behind him. Atlanta!

Atlanta was not unconcious at all. She silenty got to her feet and picked up

a long wooden plank that was on the floor.

She grinned, " Archie's not the only one with a weapon, Cronus!"

Before Cronus could turn around, Atlanta whacked him across the back with

the plank. He grunted in pain and tried to attack her with his scythe but she

easily dodged.

Cronus just then realized that his plan had failed, and before anyone could

stop him, he summoned up one of his portals and disappeared.

" And he's gone again," muttered Theresa.

" How could one god, be so cowardly?" asked Jay.

Archie caught Atlanta's eye and nodded. If Cronus wasn't such a coward, it

would only make their job too easy.
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