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everything is back to normal... or is it?

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After the kiss, does Archie now have the courage to say what he's been wanting to say to Atlanta for a long time?

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Nobody spoke for a while, as they headed back to their dorm. After a while,

Archie decided to break the silence.

" Listen guys, I just wanted to say sorry for all this," everybody stopped to

look at him, making it more awkward for him, " I shouldn't have put that pendent

on, and I'm sorry I got you all in danger."

There was another moment of silence, then Jay smiled, " It's okay Arch. At

least you saved us all in the end."

The others nodded in agreement and soon afterwards they were all laughing and

joking around as if they hadn't, moments ago, been nearly killed by a phycotic,

thousand-year-old god of time.

When they eventually reached brownstone, everyone went to do their thing.

Theresa and Jay went to see a movie together, Herry, Odie and Neil were watching a

show on TV, and both Archie and Atlanta went to their own rooms.

Atlanta layed on her bed, starring at the ceiling. She could not get her

mind off the kiss she shared with Archie. What gave her the guts to do that?

Did she really like Archie THAT way?

Her thoughts were interupted by a loud knock on her door.

" Come in," she said.

The door opened and there stood Archie. He smiled and sat down beside

her on her bed.

" Hey."

" Hey."

Archie scratched the back of his neck, " listen Atlanta, about that...

kiss...I was... wondering... if"

Atlanta smiled. She knew what Archie was trying to say. He was so cute

when he had trouble finding the words.

Before Archie could try to say anymore, Atlanta put a finger to his lips.

Archie stopped talking. They both leaned in closer. Then their lips met.

Archie could have sworn that he suddenly felt lighter than air, he felt he

could take on the world (or perhaps just Cronus) and win in a second.

When they finally seperated, Archie found the words he had been trying to say

for a very long time.

" I love you, Atlanta."

He had always avoided saying the words in fear that she'd reject him, but

after that kiss, he felt more confidence than ever before.

Atlanta smiled, " I love you too, Archie."

Archie felt on top of the world by the sound of those words that came from

her mouth. He would always remember this moment for decades to come.

And maybe even longer then that...


Well this is the end of my story. I hope you liked it. I'll try to write a J/T

fanfic for those who wanted one from me. So far nothing has come to mind, but

eventually one will come.

With high school coming up, it will be difficult to update my stories

this fast but I'll still keep writing. I promise!
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