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Flames Of Anger

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I screamed in horror as the flames shot out at us.

"GET MS.DEEDS!" I shouted.

But it was too late. The roof quickly broke, just missing Blayn. It revealed a helicopter. They threw down the rope, and Ms.Deeds quickly grabbed on. Julius tried to stop her, but she only kicked him.

She gave an evil laugh. "See you at your funerals!"

I grunted with fusteration.

"Everyone, put your nose and mouth in your shirts." Commanded Julius. "You must protect yourself from the smoke."

We obeyed. It began to get really hot. We tried to be careful, as the roof was slowly collapsing. Everything seemed to be going into slow motion. Hobo and Blayn panicking. Julius and me were scared, too, but we are used to this everyday. The smoke began to get darker and stronger. Even with the shirts covering our mouth and nose, we were still coughing. The water sprinklers on the roof soon came on. The cold water felt good on us. But, I cursed under my breathe when it didn't help, but at least it cleared the smoke a bit. The fire alarm rang in my ears. Holy crap, it was loud.

Then, I saw it. I looked above Julius. There, was the roof about to crash on his head.

"JULIUS, LOOK OUT!" I screamed.

I would have pushed him out of the way, God knows that. But we were too far apart. It was Hobo who quickly pushed Julius out of the way. But, when he saved Julius, the roof hit poor Hobo's head.

"HOBO!" We all screamed.

Hobo's frail body was crushed uner the roof. My heart began racing. Was he alive? Julius tried to remove the roof off of Hobo.

"Well, don't just stand there, help!" He cried out.

With all our strength, we lifted the roof off of Hobo. Julius put one of his arms around my shoulders, and I did the same.

"We got to get out of here!" screamed Blayn.

We soon got to the stairs. It was hard while carrying Hobos weight. He still didn't snap out of it. When we finally got out of the school, we were more than relived to see all the students and teachers out of the building, and the fire department finally coming rushing in.



Here was Blayn, Julius and me, watching Hobo fighting for his life on the hospital bed. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. I just stood there, staring at Hobo's pale, little body. His body was all bandaged up, with an oxygen mask, and a whole bunch of wires attached to his arm. There was a heart monitor hooked up to him, letting a steady beat come out of it. No one dared to say a word. We all kept our lips sealed, all thinking the same thing...

Don't die. Don't you dare die.

Right as I thought that, I heard Hobo's heart monitor give it's final beat.

Hobo was dead. Gone.

I cried, as I threw myself on Julius. Julius held me tight, while shaking. Blayn just stood their, with his eyes just staring. He couldn't be gone. He couldn't. We then heard a moan from Hobo's lips. We all gasped. But he was dead. His heart monitor said he was dead. It was then Hobo opened his eyes.

"HOBO!" I cried with happiness.

I gave him a big hug, with tears of happiness. "I thought you were dead. Your heart monitor..."

"Found the problem," Blayn said, showing that the heart monitors plugging got lose.

"Thank the Lord," Said Julius. "Thanks for risking your life for me, Hobo."

Hobo smiled. "Best friends, like I said. You'll always be my best friend."

"Forever," Julius said, smiling.

EPILOUGE: (a/n: HOLY CRAP! No, another story done...I'm going to, I must say, I can't believe I went through a whole story without killing anyone! Thought I killed Hobo, huh? lol)


Hobo stayed in the hospital for about a month. He was in bad condition, but was slowly healing. Ms.Deeds was caught in her secret lair which was in Ontario, where they found the real Principal Walker. Julius threw off his disguise.

"Much better," He said, with a saticefied sigh.

Delilah gave out a laugh, as she grabbed Julius into a hug.

"I'll never forget Hobo and Blayn. They saved us." She said.

"I know." Julius said, smiling. "I know we'll see them again."

"Hopefully not for a mission, but as friends." Delilah said.

The two couldn't help but laugh. Julius put his arm around Delilahs shoulder, and Delilah put her hand on Julius' waist. They then walked to Al's for their new mission.



"If one of us have to change genders, I'm not doing it!"

They both laugh, then both shared a passionate kiss.

Never judge a book by its cover. For looks can be decieving. Look at Hobo and Blayn, for example. Be proud of who you are.

Be proud to be wierd!


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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