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Jordan and Leigh: Beneath The Mask Part 2

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Okay, time for some Q & A!

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Julius and me were speakless. I mean, we must be dreaming. Blayn and Hobo are Jordan and Leigh? NO WAY! They're too dumb to do something as complicated as this. I opened my mouth to say something, but nope...still speechless. It was then that two of Ms.Deeds henchman grabbed Juls and me by surprised, and tied as to chairs beside Hobo and Blayn. The henchmen were surprisingly strong.

"I'll deal with you later," Ms.Deeds said as her henchmen and her left followed by her laugh.

When the door shut, Julius was the first one to find their voice.

"Hobo...Blayn?!?" He cried out.

"A "hello" would be nice," muttered Blayn.

Icnoring Blayn, I asked him, "Blayn...I thought you hated us..."

"I did," admitted Blayn. "But when I figured out you were this hot chick, I though I'd help."

"She's taken, man," Said Julius coldly.

I just loved how Julius always got red with jealousy when someone flirted with me. It really made me feel important and protected.

"And I mean, that was one hell of an exit at Michael Blumberg school," Blayn continued, icnoring Julius. (a/n: Everyones icnoring each other, lol)

"How'd you guys find us? How'd you know about us?" I asked them.

Hobo answered this question. "It was quite easy, really. Julius, you know that bamboo plant I gave you when you left the academy?"

"yes. It's in our room right now," Julius replied.

"It had a tracker on it." Admitted Hobo. "I could hear coversations, know your location and everything."

"Why'd you bug me?" Demanded Julius.

"Well, I never had a friend before." said Hobo, looking down. "I didn't want to lose my best friend."

My jaw fell to the ground. I always thought Blayn and Hobo were idiots. But I had to admit, I was impressed. I guess they're not as dumb as they seem. I guess I didn't give them enough credit.

"Why'd you use your middle names? Why didn't you come to us? How'd you get those blue prints?" I asked them, just shooting the questions out there.

"We used our middle names for protection," Blayn said. "We couldn't let anyone know we were helping you. We knew this was a dangerous mission. We didn't come to you, for that would blow your cover, and they wouldn't be impress to see guys in an all girls school."

"We didn't actually find the blue prints," continued Hobo. "We hacked into Ms.Deeds computer and printed her blue prints off."

"Impressive." Said Julius, nodding in approval. "You guys pretended to be girls to hide your idenenity, right? I mean, your middle names are girls and guys names...and with you dotting your "I"'s with hearts..."

"I like hearts!" cried out Hobo. "I always dotted my "I"'s with hearts."

Julius and me tried to hid in our laughs.

"But when we gave you your first note, it was Blayn who chucked the rock and Delilah," said Hobo.

"That was you, you idiot!" cried out Blayn.

"No, you threw it, and I wrote it!" argued Hobo.

"Guys, who cares!" I almost screamed out. "Fighting isn't going to help us get out of here. I just have one more question..."

Hobo and Blayn looked at me.

"On your last note...why'd you give us a helpful note and a threat note?" I asked confused.

"Ms.Deeds ended up catching us when we stole her blue prints from the computer," Explained Blayn. "She locked us up in here, and forced us to write that threat note. She didn't realized we already gave you guys the blue prints. She also didnt' realized we put that help note in there, hidden away from her."

"But there was a girl who gave us those notes." Julius said. "She said two people in black hoodies gave it to her, and told her to give it to us."

"That was us," Hobo continued. "We had to be careful. Ms.Deeds kept on watching us like an owl. She made us dress up, and watched us give that girl that she trusted with that note."

"Wow. And I mean wow," said Julius, his eyes getting big. "I'm impressed. Really impressed. Thanks so much for helping us, guys. To be honest...we doubted you..."

"Just promise to get us out of here," said Blayn.

It took me about a minute to finally get my ropes lose.

"YES!" I cried with happiness.

"Way to go, De!" Julius said.

I helped Julius out, then I helped Blayn out, and Julius helped Hobo out. We then ran out the door, to stop Ms.Deeds. We knew she wasn't going to blow up the school intill midnight, but we had no clue where she was going to be. We decided to look in the boilers room, where she was planning to blow up the school.



It just so happened that I was right. There was Ms.Deeds, with a remote control in her hand. She was about to press the button.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Screamed Julius.

Ms.Deeds jumped in surprise, then laughed. "I was going to wait till midnight, but why wait? I'm glad you guys escaped. Now you can see the end of your lives. one press, and you guys are gone forever."

I was getting ready to run up to Ms.Deeds and get the remote away from her, but it was too late. She pressed the button. Before we knew it, the place was on fire.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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