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Jordan and Leigh: Beneath The Mask Part 1

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D and J figure out who Jordan and Leigh are...

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Delilah and me followed Principal Walker...or should I say Ms.Deeds to her office. When we got into there, she shut the door, then locked it.

"Now some privacy," said Ms.Deeds.

"We know you're trying to blow up the school, Ms.Deeds. Give it up," said Delilah.

She only laughed. "You say that everytime. This time, it's different. The government will have to give me money if I threaten to blow up the school. There's lots of kids here who will die if they don't."

Then she smirked. "I assume that Jordan and Leigh told you my plan with a note, right?"

"How'd you know about Jordan and Leigh?" I demanded.

"Because they're with me," explained Ms.Deeds. "I pity them, really. Using their middle names so you won't know who they are. now I have to keep an eye on them, since they were doing bad trying to help you two. I bet they'd like to see you two. I believe you know Jordan and Leigh."

She went to the back of the room door, and unlocked it. She made it wide open, to see two boys tied up to chairs.

The first one was tall, skinny boy with spikey black hair. He had piercing brown eyes.

The second one was a short boy with red hair and green eyes. He had the biggest glasses I ever saw, and very bad acne.

Delilah and me gasped.We finally figured out who Jordan and Leigh were. We knew who those two were. They were our roomates from MB school...

Hobo and Blayn.

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