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by darks00 2 reviews's morning, lol. D and J get more notes from Jordan and Leigh...

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A knocking on the door made Julius and me wake up quick with alert. Julius quickly slid down the ladder, remembering he wasn't in his disguise. He cursed when he stubbed his toe on the nightstand, then ran to the washroom. I heard him lock the door behind him.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I shouted with annoyance when the person kept on knocking. (a/n: Don't you hate when people do that? Lol)

I opened the door to find that red-haired girl who caugh Julius and me in the public washroom last night, trying to hide from her. She looked annoyed, with two notes in her hand, which were folded unevenly.

"Some kids ask me to give this to you," She explained, handing them to me.

She stayed when I opened the note. I looked who it was signed from: Jordan and Leigh.

I quickly pulled her in our room, locked the door behind us, and kept an arm around her neck.

"Who gave you these notes? Did you write them?" I demanded.

"No, I swear I didn't," She said, almost crying. "These two boys gave them to me..."

"WHAT?" I said confused. "It was boys? What did they look like?"

"I dunno," The girl replied. "They were both wearing hoodies to cover up their face. They met me last night and told me to give these to you. All I could tell was they were boys by their voice."

I found out she was useless now. "What's your name? I might need to talk to you later."

"It's Michelle," She said. "Michelle Avery."

I nodded, as I exused Michelle to leave. Julius let out a sigh of relief, as he walked out of the washroom. I knew he heard our coversation.

"Was the note from Jordan and Leigh?" He asked.

"Yes, both of them." I said. "There was two."

"They're boys?" He asked, confused. "But I was sure they were girls, with their "I"'s dotted with hearts and stuff..."

I shrugged. "I only looked at the signature. Let's see what the note says. I read it outloud:

"Delilah and Julius, you shouldn't have come here. You shouldn't try to stop me. Now you must die. Jordan and Leigh."

I raised an eyebrow, then read the other one: "Delilah and Julius, like we said, we're here to help you. Look under your bunk bed. We found something for you. Jordan and Leigh."

"What? I'm confused," said Julius. "They said they're trying to help us...then they're threatening us? This makes no sence..."

I shrugged. "Let's see what they found."

I looked under the bunk bed, to find a blue print. I unrolled it on the bottom bunk bed, as Julius and me stared in wonder.

"It's Ms.Deeds plan..." Said Julius in amazement. "Wonder how they got these..."

"Oh my God, she's planning to blow up the school!" I cried out.

"Why would she want to blow up a school?" He asked me.

"No clue. She's crazy, remember? That's what we have to find out." I told him. "She's planning to make the school explode someday on midnight, in the boilers room."

"That means we'll have to take turns going on shifts to watch Ms.Deds," concluded Julius.

I shook my head in agreeance. "Thank God the first day is a holiday, so we don't have to go to school today."

"Thank the Lord," said Julius, making us both laugh.

Julius went to change into his disguise. But he came out, not in his disguise, with worry in his voice.

"Delilah," he cried out. "My's gone!"

"What? No way!" I cried out.

I had to think fast. How did Julius' clothes go missing? That didn't matter. We had to think how could we get out of this situation. I gave him my black pants and my pink t-shirt. Luckly, I had some extra bras and a wig for him. I laughed when he came out. The pants were so tight on him, it really made his butt stand out. His shirt was like stuck to his chest. He walked as if he had a groin injery.

"Delilah, do you have an eating disorder or something?" He joked.

Julius and me then went for breakfast. Julius had lucky charms cereal, while I had cheerio's. Michelle was sitting across from us. I asked her to pass the sugar for my cereal. She smirked, as she gave it to me. I studied her face, not thinking of anything suspicious. I dumped lots of sugar on my cheerios. The more the better, I thought. I took a bite, and spat the cheerio's back into my bowl. It was salt, not sugar!

Michelle laughed. Julius was confused, so I told him what happened. Julius looked angry for what she did to me. So he went up to her, with his lucky charms and milk, and spilt it over her head. She shrieked. A girl sitting by her was eating porage. She took the porage, icnoring the angry girl, and chucked it right at Julius' face. Julius then went to chuck the jug of milk at her, but she ducked, making it hit another girl. She got angry, as she began throwing stuff. Michelle stood up on her table, as she yelled,


Michelle ran up to Julius, threw herself on him, making him landing on the table and breaking it. Julius' wig then fell off. Everyone gasped, including Julius and me. Julius looked around nearvously.

"Way to go, Michelle," cried out Julius. "Now everyone knows I don't have curly hair!"

Everyone laughed, as I thought, nice exuse, Julius, nice exuse. Julius put his wig back on, and began to fight again. Julius kicked her in her personal area. She didn't flinch too much. She's a girl, Julius, I thought as I laughed. She has nothing there. I started to join the foot fight too, after a girl chucked a yogurt at the back of my back. Principal Walker soon came in, and she screamed,

"STOP IT, YOU HOOKERS!" She screamed.

Everyone gasped. Now that is the real Ms.Deeds. Then Ms.Deeds gasped.

"I mean, hookers in training," She said, laughing nearvously. "Miss.Chambers and Miss.Writer, come to my"


Written, plot and idea by

xxDarkness' Kidxx

Typed out by:


Al smirked on his computer. "Man, I love that I know how to hack into computers...Darks will never know..."
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