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Last of none

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Northstar never wanted this to happen but it did. She will never forgive herself after she had to do something for the autobots and decepticons. Never again will she do as they say...right?

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The first thing she saw was light then a brown color but when she touched it, it was hot and cold. Dust was already over the small ship, A small white mini con and yellow one came out to also look but she pushed them back in for safety. "So where are we and whats this?" The yellow mini con said while trying to look behind north's leg. "I don't know?" North replied tilting her head to the left a bit. She brushed off some dust still trying to see out. She saw something green then some blue then yellow and she thought some red and white. North turned her head to get some of the dust off but when she looked back up she saw a red and blue color but closer. "Make a run for it!" Northstar yelled picking up the two mini cons. North transformed into a cybertron panther and ran out of the crashed ship dust hitting her body every time.

"Scrap there getting away!" Arcee yelled ready to shoot at them but before she could a hand grabbed her shoulder. "No they could be on are side!" Ratchet was holding on to keep her from causing any damage. "But they could be decepticons ratchet!" Arcee protested still aimed at the bot running. After a bit of fighting at each other the Optimus transformed and speed off to catch the running bot.

"Stop!" Optimus wanted to keep this peaceful and make sure they didn't feel threatened. The next thing he knew was that he transformed next to the bot and they did to throwing something forward. "I am Optimus prime and" Optimus felt something sharp on his arm.

Northstars POV

I bit down on that autobot, I really had no choice and didn't let go. I only let go when he turned to face me and had a larger gun or something in his hand. "Don't you dare follow me!" I tried to act tough but then ran off again making sure that my mini cons came with. Something was wrong and I knew it, I looked back and a blue autobot was shooting at me! The other autobot was bleeding energon but I really didn't care...What was his name? I felt something hit my back and transformed to face them this might get harder.

I faced who ever hit me and saw a whole team of autobots, 'How nice!' I rolled my optics at them which in turn I heard a gun blast. Jumping to miss it I took out my two daggers and threw them at those autobots. "I told you to leave us alone!" One seemed more slow which I knew was a good sign. I picked up the two daggers which had missed that green bot and ran toward a red and white bot and stabbed him in the back and hand He screamed in agony and turned to face me but before I could do anything I was meant with the blue autobots gun and back away. "You want some to huh!" I yelled but realized she held my mini cons in her arms both unconscious.
:Surrender now decepticon!: a yellow autobot beeped. "What?! I am not one of those evil cons!" Shouting back at that yellow bot. I felt weak and wanted them to let them go so very bad all the strength was gone.
NO pov

Northstar was dragged back to the autobot's base hissing and biting at anyone who got close but was restricted from the others.
"So who was that?" Jack said breaking the silence. "And what was it?!" Miko said almost jumping. "I don't know but she I going to pay..." Arcee said grimly looking at Ratchet's Hand and back which had been wrapped up. "She might be confused I mean she didn't seem to know her surroundings and you said she said she had nothing to do with the decepticons?" Raf said tiling his head to the right. "But she did cause damage and got violent with Optimus and Ratchet right?" Agent Fowler said with a cold expression on. "She did but I hope she's just in a state of shock." Optimus said once back from the medics place. "But she did bite you?" Raf asked looking at bumblebees wound. "Yes." Optimus said looking back at the medic.

Northstar was more then mad at them and more so worried. She was glad they had left her in the same room with her mini cons though. "Risen, Undertone." The mini cons stopped what they were doing. "Yes?" Risen said Undertone nodding his head. "We need to escape soon I have a bad feeling about them and what will happen next." Both mini cons looked at each other with confused faces. "How were out numbered and if we did they know this place better then we do...I think?" Undertone punched Risen in the arm which in turn she tackled him to the cold floor. "You two STOP THIS INTENT!" Northstar looked behind her and saw a large light blue and red autobot standing in the door way looking at her with a disgusted face. Risen and Undertone got up and ran behind northstar not wanting to be taken again. "Woah she looks like that! she looks so cool!" Northstar looked down to see three small creatures at his feet look and looked at him. "You have mini cons to? I though they were all offlined in the war?" The tall bot looked back at her. "I thought so to guess I was wrong."
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