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How many are you

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The new bot was more mysterious then soundwave or Smokescreen themselves! Especially the smaller robots that are with them

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The silence was eerie and unnatural, so much that Risen and Undertone were shaking badly. Northstar was still looking at him when she slowly picked up the mini cons then bolted out ducking under the large autobot. "Optimus the decepticon has escaped!"

Optimus was still by the hall when he saw the small mystery bot running towards the only exit. When she got close he picked her up by the neck and was surprised at how light she really was and how soft he trail was. "Put me down!" Optimus knew that she would not appreciate this still he did not put her down but rather patted her head. "Optimus what are you doing shes a decepticon." Optimus felt the small bot jerk her head up and a hissing sound to. "I am not one of those bots! And not even an autobot in the first place you stupid robot!"

The room felt dark and tense. Arcee looked as if she was going to murder the small bot. The next thing everyone knew was Arcee was choking the new bot. "Don't you dare say anything like that to anybot! YOU GOT THAT!" Arcee screamed causing Optimus to interfere with Throwing Arcee to a wall and helping up the small bot. "Arcee let now." Optimus aid in a stern voice making it even more uneasy.
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