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Kara Zor-El comes to Earth

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Kara crashes into earth and is found by the young justice league Just a heads up I will be switching between names (Superhero names and regular names) and there will be some similarities to my o...

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Gotham City River 11pm
"Nightwing to team. Are you in position?" "Copy" The rest of the team said in unison. They were taking down a drug dealer that was carrying more than drugs. It was also carrying kryptonite and a bunch of stolen things through out history. "GO" Nightwing yelled. Everyone went in guns blazen and took everyone down.

---While the team went back to MT.Justice---

Nightwing was scanning over the area by the river to make sure they didn't miss anything. All of a sudden a "meteor" came crashing down not to far from Nightwing. "CRAP" he shouted and dodged out of the way so he wouldn't be hit. After the fire calmed down he realized it was a krypton spaceship. He scanned to see if there was any life form in it. He found a single heartbeat. It was weak but it was there. He ran over to the ship and ripped open the top to see a blond girl in a torn up white suit unconscious. He looked over the girl to see that see had many cuts that looked new and she was bleeding from the head and stomach. But what he found scared him the most......kryptonite. It was lodged in her stomach. He gingerly picked the girl up and carried her back to MT.Justice

MT.Justice Midnight

Nightwing came running in barking orders so he could save this girls life. "Superboy come with me!" "M'gnn go get Batman or Superman!" "Aqualad see if you can calm her down, her blood pressure is through the roof." "Wally run the perimeter to make sure not one followed me!" They all went to do their jobs without arguing knowing that this was serious.

Superboy prepared a cot for Kara to lay on. Nightwing came in and laid her down and that was when Superboy realizes who she is. Kara Zor-El, the next leader in the house of El, strongest connection to the house of EL. Stronger than him and Superman. Also his cousin. He stood there in shock. "Superboy, SUPERBOY! Snap out of it!" Nightwing yelled at him. He shook his head knowing she needed help. Once they got her hooked up to an IV and a heart monitor and got her stitched up they left the room so he can explain everything to Nightwing. "She is Kara Zor-El, the next leader in the house of El, strongest connection to the house of EL. Stronger than me and Superman. Also my cousin." explained Super Boy. Nightwing couldn't believe what he was hearing! Superman A01, Batman A02 the mechanical women voice said. And before they could blink Superman was in the med bay holding Kara's hand and crying. He kept repeating "This is all my fault, I could have saved her." Over and over again. His head was bowed. not looking at her. After a couple minutes her eyes fluttered open. She had the prettiest blue eyes NightWing has ever seen. "Kal,Kon?" She said very shakily. Both boys gasped and rushed to hug her. "To....tight.." She struggled to say. They both backed up to give her room. "We should let her sleep, she's probably tired from her journey." Batman said his cold voice that seems to never change. The -El boys give her a kiss on the cheek and said their goodnights and walked out Nightwing and Batman just noded and said goodnight. In the hallway Batman pulled Nightwing to the side and spoke to him "I want you to stand guard outside her door to make sure nothing happens." "Alright dad" NightWing said a little to happy that he gets to make sure she's safe.

MT.Justice 2 am
Nightwing woke with a start. He heard crying and screaming and... choking? He ran into Kara's room to see her floating above her bed. Back arched and struggling for breath. He saw tear stains on her cheeks. He ran over to her only to be pushed back by an invisible barrier. He tried punching but the barrier pushed him back farther. He called for Super Boy who used his super strength to try to get to her put it pushed him back farther. A couple seconds laters her heartbeat stopped. "No,No,No,NOOO! This cant be happening I just got her back!!!" Super Boy yelled. He fell to his knees crying. NightWing just starred at Kara's limped floating body. Something want adding up. If she was dead her powers wouldn't be working. He put his hands forward and found that the barrier was gone. He jumped up and grabbed Kara and held onto her as they crashed onto the floor. The heart monitor started to beep again. Super Boy looked up and saw Nightwing holding her. He went over to them and tried to touch her but the barrier pushed him back but didn't move Richard. They sat there for a few minutes wondering if it was over. But then Kara started to shake and started to sweat and cry. After a few moments they noticed that scars started to appear of her. Like her face,neck,arms,legs and her stomach. Her eyes snapped open and she lurched forward scaring Richard and Superboy. "NOOOO!" She was screaming. Richard crawled to her and wrapped his arms around her while she cried into his chest. What was her nightmare about? Thats what was going through Super Boys head. Richard noded at Conner. He knew they had to protect her. They gathered up the team and went in slept in Richards room. Kara was under the covers of the bed. Richard was on the top of the covers facing Kara so he could be alert. Wally was laying on the floor next to NightWing. M'gnn at the foot of the bed. Conner on the floor next to Kara and Aqualad on the floor in front of the bed. They all fell asleep till something woke them up.
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