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Break In

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The young justice league goes into Kara's dreams and find out about Krypton

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MT.Justice 4am
They all fell asleep till something woke them up. NightWing woke up with a jolt to someone standing over Kara with a chunk of kryptonite. He quickly looked around the room and saw that the rest of the team was unconscious and the window broken. The figure stood closer to Kara and held the chunk to her chest. Kara began to wince in pain and started to sweat. It moved it to her neck a pressed in making a thick gash across the bottom by her collar bone. Kara began to spit up blood staining her blonde hair a reddish brown. "GET OFF OF HER!!" NightWing yelled. He got up and tackled the figure. He started to punch and punch the figure till the mask came flying off. "Lex" He growled. NightWing was beyond angry. He was furious. Nightwing and Lex were in a crazy battle. Finally, NightWing threw him out the window and fell 10 stories and went splat against the walkway outside. He then ran back to Kara to see that the cut was getting worse. He scoped her up while running and carried her to the medbay. He sat her down on the cot. Her eyes flew open and she started to screamed and then started to choke. "HELP," She screamed. She began to fade into to unconsciousness. NightWing hooked her up to another IV and began stitching her up. He kept whispering soothing words into her ear so she would stay awake. She would reply every once in awhile. When he finally finished stitching her up and making sure there was no kryptonite in her. He picked her up and headed back to his room. She laid her down on the and went to turn of the lights to see she was curled up in a ball facing away from the window came in. She was shaking and her eyes looked blown out of proportion. NightWing went and laid down next to Kara and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She felt more relaxed and uncurled herself and got closer to NightWing and laid her head on his chest. Listening to him breathe before she went to sleep.

MT.Justice 8 am
Everyone one woke up with a groan. Besides Kara. Everyone started to freak out. Until M'gnn found her.
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