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Attacked again

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She does not have to best of luck.

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MT.Justice 8am
M'gnn found Kara in her new uniform in the training room. She stood there watching as the girl of steel did acrobatics. The team soon came in to see her fighting the training robot. NightWing watched her as she performed full layouts and flips to get out of the way of attacks. Some turned the intensity up to 100. Level 100 Intensity The mechanical voice boomed. The robot started hitting harder and harder. The robot sung a sword at Kara's head.

Kara's POV
Is something always trying to kill me or something! The intensity got raised. I only had it to 57 before now its 100. The robot sung a sword at my head. I heard everyone gasp. I dropped down in to the splits and spun my legs around the robot so it came crashing to the floor. I then flew up into the air and dove in feet first. Making a small crater when I landed. I heard applause. I got up and walked back to the team. "Hey guys why didn't you h...AHHH!" I scream I felt something hot burn through my uniform and through a layer or so of skin. It cause my to crumble to the floor. Level 200 Intensity The mechanical voice boomed. Great. The robot preceded to pick me up off of the floor by the neck and laugh. It put a glass shield win front of my team.

NightWing's POV
The robot threw a shield in front of us so we couldn't help put we could still talk to her and try to help her. "Kara you need to take out the lights! They suck fighting in the dark!" I yelled. She only noded her head at me. She swung her legs around the robots head and threw it to the ground. She flew up into the air and cut off all the lights. We couldnt see anything. After what seemed like hours the lights turned on and the mechanical voice said Training over. We all ran inside to see Kara weakly standing up in the center of the room while hundreds of robots are scattered around. "Hey guys...." Kara said before she passed out unconscious and crumpled to the floor.

Kid Flash
I ran over to Kara to see her face battered and bruise. Her whole body was shredded. The intensity was too high. Some one rigid it. Superman cant get passed level 87! Kara was 200! I ran over to NightWing and the team. M'gnn took one look at Kara and turned her body to Kaldur who held on to M'gnn while she cried. Super Boy punched the wall and was muttering something. NightWing stared in disbelief. "Get her to the medbay and inform batman." NightWing said to me. I ran Kara to the med bay only to be stopped by the martian manhunter.
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