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Her nightmares

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They are going into her nightmares to she if they can help her. Sorry this is really long! DV= Dark Version

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MT.Justice 11am
Everyone report to the training arena immediently Martian Manhunters voice boomed.

NightWing's POV
Why? Of all the times? Why now? I run into the room to see Kara strapped to a table. 5 chairs sat beside her. "What the hell!!" I screamed. "She needs to healing not in a cold room!" I ran over to Kara and started to undo her straps. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "We are doing this because now we can see what her nightmares are about. We are sending you five in to check." Batman said. His voice was cold but there was some concern in his voice for the girl.
Everyone sat down and waited all of a sudden we were in her nightmare. She couldn't see us or hear us.

NightWing's POV(Inside her nightmare)
Kara ran into the room and laid on the bed crying. A male about 47 walked in a he did not look happy. He shot something a Kara and she screamed in pain. I wanted to stop this so bad but I couldn't. He shot her again only this time creating marks on her stomach. He picked her up by the throat and started to choke her. "Where were you! Why were you late!" He screamed in her face. "I was at Kal's to check on him and Astra." She wheezed trying to tell him the truth. He jabbed her in the stomach with kryptonite and dropped her to the floor. He waited it for a few seconds until her mouth has full of blood. "!" She screamed. She got up a shot him with heat vision. He then used supersede a picked her up by the throat and said very quietly "You dare to test your father? Well have fun in the afterlife!" He threw her out the window and off the balcony. She started to scream and then everything went white. When the team and I opened our eyes we saw Krypton in ruins. We looked and saw hundreds, thousands of people dead. We then saw Kara standing over someone with a bo-staff trying to protect them. She knew how to use it which is good. She sung left then right and hit someone in the head knocking them out for good. She continued doing that until the invader grabbed her staff and threw it out of her real. She then proceeded to take out 2 guns from her holster and shoot the invaders dead. Once she was out of amo she used her sword to kill the rest. She then ran over to the figure that is on the floor. "Mom, MOM! Please don't do this!" " won....the war..... you eliminated.....them....I am so ....sorry." Her mother said in a calm voice. Her mom stabbed her in the stomach with a chunk of kryptonite. She gasped and had wide eyes. She fell to the ground gasping for air. Someone then proceeded to pick her up and sat her in a spaceship. We then were standing in the middle of space watching Kara fly off from her planet. She was banging on the glass yelling. All of a sudden the planet exploded in to a thousand pieces. We looked back to see her screaming even harder. She was crying and the fear that went across her face I can never un see. She then turned to try to contact someone when a piece of the planet headed start for her. She didn't have time to move the space ship. The rock land on the glass of the ship cracking it allowing space to get in. She started to cough. She was franticly trying to contact someone. Soon she was floating in her ship unconscious. "NOOOOOO" I screamed even though I knew this was a nightmare it still felt so real to me. Soon we saw her standing in a hallway. It was dark and dusty the electrical system was every where. Sparks flew every where. Some hit her but she wasn't hurt by it. "M'gnn? Are you there?" She asked her voice wavering a bit. She turned the corner to see M'gnn with a knife through her heart. "NOOO! M'gnn come on stay with me!" She screamed. "I'm sorry Kara" M'gnn said and then vanished before our eyes. A couple of seconds later she was under attack. Bullets and arrows came flying at her. We turned to see a dark version of Red arrow, Green arrow, Black Widow, Batman, and NightWing. She got up and ran and they followed after her. She was cut off by The Arrows on onside and Batman and Black widow on onesie. They let go there weapons and fired. Kara duck allowing the bullets and arrows to kill each other. She stood up and wen to Batman she pulled back his mask to find her cousin superman in the suit instead. She gasped and fell backwards on to her butt. She cried into her knees until she heard a laugh. NightWings laugh. He watched her as fear and panic spread through her face. She got up and ran. She ran as fast as she could. She hid in the training room. All of a sudden the lights flickered on to see NightWing with a trigger and everyone else locked up.

Super Boys POV
"Take one more step and they die" DV NightWing said. He laughed and laughed. "Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head." he said the seriousness started to take over. He watched as she just stood there. "Fine have it your way. More fun for me." He laughed and pushed the trigger and everyone was being shocked. They all screamed in pain. "Fine! Just don't hurt them. Please." She got on her knees and put her ands behind her head. "Well, well, looks like I brought the Girl of steel to her knees. You aren't as amazing as I thought you were." He laughed. He walked over to Kaldur and stabbed him through the heart. "NOOOO" She screamed. "Don't do this. I know theres still good in you. Please we can fix this." She struggled to tell DV NightWing. "Fix this? FIX THIS? You left me to travel to some planet to help aliens. You left me to fend and fight without you. It tore me apart not knowing if you were alive or dead." He looked at her like she should know this. "I didn't want to leave and this isn't my fault!" She screamed back at him. "Yes it IS!" He threw a knife at her that had kryptonite on it. It pierced her stomach and she screamed in pain. "Ah, Ah, Ah, remember if you move they die." He said pointing at them. She sat there on her knees crying. But he killed Wally anyway. "NOOOOO NOOOO!!! PLEASE!! Stop this. Leave them alone. I'm the one you wan not them." She begged. He threw three knifes at her. One entered her leg. One in her arms and the other cut her side open. She screamed in pain. And dropped to the ground. "OOOO, You moved. Say goodbye to superboy." He stabbed him in the stomach with kryptonite. "NOOOOOO" She screamed.

Kara's POV
I just watch NightWing kill everybody. I screamed pure anger and hate at him. I charged with all my might. I managed to flip him over my shoulder and clip his face. Don't care. That's when any luck I had went away he was able to land blow after blow on me. I was to weak to move. My body hurt and I was gonna die. He grabbed me by the collar of my uniform and slammed me up against the wall. My feet were above the ground so I couldn't touch. "Well this has been fun princess but I have better things to do. He then stabbed me in the heart and dropped me. I heard someone scream no and then things went black.

MT.Justice after the nightmares
Everyone woke up with a start. They all looked over to see Kara on the bed pale and having a seizure. Everyone was up and by her side in a moments notice. Superman ripped the stomach area of the uniform off to see scars appearing on her body. The biggest one was across her stomach in a diagonal line. More scars started to appear. Some places it was where she was stabbed by DV NighWing. Some must have been the battle from Krypton. All of a sudden her heart stopped and her seizure ceased. She was gone. Batman go the paddles out and started shocking her. After 26 try he stopped. He started to call her time of death when Kara lurched forward coughing and breathing hard. She looked around to see everyone staring at her. "What?" She asked. Thats when the team ran in for a hug.
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