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Explanations and a new life

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She has to explain everything and starts going to school She has a couple of friends outside the league. And I'll be using their names.

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MT.Justice after the nightmares
The team ran in for a hug. M'gnn hooked them all telepathically besides the adults. They don't need to hear about his. Super Boy came and touch Kara on the shoulder. She jumped. "How long has this been going on Kara?!" Super Boy communicated telepathically. "Not, not long" She stated. The team all looked at her like she was broken. She was thinking in her head what it would be like to become a vigilante. To get away from all of this. "NO, don't think of that. You are not gonna do that!" M'gnn shouted out of the mind link. "I.. I need to go.." She said and sat up and winced. The boys tried to push her down but she pushed past and flew to her room. She looked in her closet and found the box that contained her staff. She took it out and went to the training room. She stood in the middle of the mat with her staff. It was a metal staff that can retract and it also deflected things bullets and arrows,etc. NightWing and Super Boy stood in the doorway. Training on, set to blasters the mechanical voice said. Whole room or half that shoots? It asked. We thought she was gonna go easy. "Whole room..... go" she whispered only enough to activate it. It starts to shoot lasers at her while she dodges. She starts to gymnastic moves. She does a full twist layout and etracts her staff. She blocks a laser and it hits the target. Bullseye.
The laser start coming faster than before. NightWing starts to get worried. She's spinning the staff faster and faster until you cant see and it just looks like a magical barrier. The mechanical voice interrupted. Random shot.. Go She heard it go off. She looked and saw it was heading start for the boys. She took off running at the boys. They looked at her in confusion. They then notice the red streak coming. They don't have time to move. Once they blink they see Kara in front of them spinning the staff protecting them from the bolts. Once they cease fire Super Boy tries to talk to her. "SHHH.. I hear something." She whispered. She then threw her staff up in the air between the two walls to act like a bar. She jumped up and grabbed the bar and swung herself on top of it. She waited a couple minutes and a blaster bolt shot out into the air by the ceiling. She used all her power and jump without her staff. Is she CRAZY? NightWing thought? Then we saw something crazy the staff flew towards Kara and landed in her hand. She realized she was gonna be able to get her body up there so she threw the staff and pushed her body away from the mini explosion. She crossed her arms over her face from the heat. She got sent flying backwards and landed in the foam pit. "KARA!" NightWing screamed. Him and Superboy ran over to her. They couldn't find her even with Conners x-ray vision. All of a sudden a hand shot out and the staff went to the hand. Kara turned it and extended it so it lifted her out of the pit. She landed behind the boys and started to walk away. "Kara... Kara stop and listen to me! Why didn't you use your powers?!?" Super Boy snapped. Kara turned around and they saw anger and fear and sadness in her eyes. "Why so you can ignore me again huh? So you don't have to worry about me being killed and telling mom what happened here? Cuz thats all you seem to care about." She said very angry. All of a sudden the alarms went of. There was a robbery going down with killers, ice killers. The team left and Kara ran back to her room. She open a box with a new suit in it. "Thanks mom." She whispered. Conner had a confused look while he was in the bio-ship. "Superboy something wrong?" M'gnn asked. "Uh... Kara... Somethings wrong all her emotions are out of whack." He stated. Everyone looked at each other and noded. They would kill if they needed to so they can get back in a hurry. When they got there they saw someone fighting the frost killers.
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