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Her new life and a new hero?

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When the league go there they saw someone fighting the killers by herself. Her hair was bright blonde. Her suit was a slick whitish gray. She had weapons everywhere. A gun on her thigh, a staff on her hip. She took out her staff and performed a move that only MightWing recognized. He put it aside knowing he would have to talk to her. She took the killers out and had them tied up for the team to take to jail. "Who are you?" Conner asked "A friend" she replied a little smile danced on her lips. "Whats your name?" Kaldur asked. "White Canary and I'll be seeing you guys around." She gave a wink and a two finger salute and was off on her bike. Maybe he was wrong. Kara dint have a bike.

Mt.Justice 11pm
The team just got back when they heard the bay doors opened to see "White Canary" riding in. "Crap" she muttered so only Super Boy could hear. "How did you get in here? The doors only open for league members." Nightwing stated. She got off her back and walked over to the group. She took the helmet and the mask off to reveal Kara. "KARA?!" They all said in unison. She was gonna have a lot to explain. She took the time to explain the nightmares and why she did this and that her powers haven't returned.

3 moths later Gotham
Kara was enrolled into gotham academy. Her friend Apple and Chris went there. So she knew a few people. She walked up the steps and to her locker. Once she opened her locker Apple came bouncing in. She was holding a flyer. Meanwhile, Richard was listening in on Kara. He wanted to make sure she was safe. Apple was trying to get her to join the gymnastics team with her. Kara gave in. That's when Richard knew he had his work cut out for him. Apple and Kara were walking to class. They had all their classes together. Of course Richard was in those so he followed close behind. A tall guy came up to Kara and gripped her arm and pulled her along with him to another area of the school. Kara didn't have her powers and he knew she didn't want to go with him because she was struggling against his grip. He told Apple to go to class and get the principal. He followed them to see her pushed up against a locker. The guy pinning her is Adam Deiln. The most popular guy in school. Well behind Richard of course. He had her shoved against the locker. His mouth on hers. Hers struggling to get him off. He slowly let his hand go up her thigh to the hem of her skirt. Her eyes started glow red. She kneaded him in the stomach and threw him to the ground. She started to run when Adam grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the ground. He climbed on top of her a put his hand on her bare stomach. "Nice scar you have" He said. She got pissed off. She grabbed him by his hair and threw him over her. He landed with a large thump. She did a backward roll and a back walkover to get into a good position if she needed. Richard looked at her and she looked pale and was about to pass out. "Guards!" Adam screamed. 9 tall muscular boys stepped out. They grabbed her and pinned her arms behind her. She winced when they pulled tighter. Richard had enough. He went and knocked out the 2 goons who were holding her. The other 7 goons ran to Richard to hit him. So while he was fighting Adam got up and ran at Kara. He grabbed her by the neck and made her hit her head on the glass window shattering it. He threw her at another window and it crumbled on top of her. He picked her up and slammed her into the ground and punched her over and over again. He stopped a took out a knife a stabbed it into her stomach. She screamed in pain as he slowly dragged it over parts of her. "There, if I cant have the prettiest girl in school no one can." He raised his hand above her and was gonna kill her but Richard threw himself at her and pulled her way before she could be stabbed. The police came and so did Batman. Richard looked down to see Kara passed out. Blood soaking her clothes. "We need to get an ambulance!" The principal shouted. "No, I can take her it'll be faster, and i'm taking this boy with me. He saw what happened and he can fill me in. "OK just please hurry." The principal pleaded. Richard picked Kara up into his arms and carried her to his bike. Her face was scrunched up in pain. He leaned down and kissed her nose. Her expression calmed and was replaced with a small smile. He hoped onto the bike and held onto her tight. He then raced back to the cave with Batman close behind.
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