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Running Late

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She's running behind in everything now

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Bat cave 6pm
She still hasn't woken up yet. NightWing is scared. He hasn't seen her like this since the nightmares. Im sitting by the table she is laying on. Her eyes snap open and she's breathing heavy. She tries to sit up but NightWing pushes her down. Once he lets go she backwards roll off of the table and into a battle stance. "Kara you need to lay down, you hurt." NightWing said softly but also confused. "How do you know my name!" She shouted. NightWing is very confused. "Kara you need to lay down." He tried again. "No" She tried to use her powers. "What did you do to my POWERS!" She screamed. "Nothing don't you remember?" He asked gently. "The last thing I remember is Krypton blowing up. And now I need to find Kal. So you either let me go or I will have to do it the hard way." She growled. "Fine, the hard way it is." She smirked. nightWing got into a battle chance and charged. She held out her hand her staff came to her immediently. NightWing stopped in his tracks, knowing what she's capable with. She threw a smoke bomb and was gone.


She was running down the street looking for Kal. She ran straight into you. "KARA! I've been looking for you everywhere. We need to get to gymnastics!" Apple screamed. She dragged her to the gym. Richard was close behind. "Crap" he muttered.
The coaches showed the girls a complicated routine so the girls could perform. Half the school was in the gym watching. Richard was there of course. Once the coach asked who wanted to go first Karas hand shot up. The music started and she mounted the beam. She started to backflips and other things. She was getting ready to do a dismount when a arrow shot at her. She did a back flip to avoid it. More and more keep coming so she did different jumps and moves to avoid them. She ran into her dismount and landed it. Another arrow was fired at her chest and her leg. She caught the arrow that was going for her chest but she didn't catch the one to her leg. She screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground. Richard jumped 10 steps at a time and ran to her. She was trying to get the arrow out but it was to far in for her to dull out. Richard heard another arrow get shot. He covered Kara's body so she wouldn't get hurt. What he didn't realize that she moved and took it for him. She took it straight to the stomach. "KARA!!!" Richard yelled. She collapsed to the ground holding the arrow. Her eyes started to roll to the back of her head. "Kara, Kara come on. Stay with me." He begged holding Kara's head. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her head went to the side and her body went limp. She had no pulse.
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