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Is she dead or alive?

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Gotham Academy 4pm
"No" NightWing whispered. He pulled out the arrows are tired to stop the bleeding. Apple told him to stop and that she was gone. He bent his head down and kissed her hair and held it there whiled sobs racked through his body. A couple minutes later Apple notice the wounds on Kara's leg and stomach started to heal. She then noticed her bracing ever so slightly."Richard....Richard look!" She beacons him to look at Kara. He looked over to see her chest rising ever so slowly. He just stared at her. Her eyes snapped open. She sat up and started coughing. "Kara!" Apple ran and hugged Kara with all her might. "Apple it's ok. I'm fine." She breathed. She stood up and everyone gasped. "What?" She asked. The coach stepped forward "You died. And you came back to life. You shouldn't have healed that fast." She explained. She looked around until she saw Richard. "Richard?" She asked her voice so quiet. She ran towards him. His arms were wide open. He picked her up and spinned her around. "I thought I lost you." he breathed into her hair. "I'm ok. I'm here." She said her body shaking. She heard someone shoot an arrow. She turned around and grabbed it before it hit her. She smushed the arrow up into a thousand pieces. She used her X-ray vision and ran off to go catch the guy. "KARA! Get back here!" Apple yelled. When Kara got up to the rafters she found red arrow. "Well, it looks like the girl of steel came to me. And now its time for you to die. He shoot arrows rapid fire but none of it hurt her. She took out her staff and began to hit him. She final got to make a blow to the head. She pushed him off the rafters. She followed by jumping down and grabbing onto the uneven bars before flipping off. She grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up. "You dare attack me? You dare to attack Richard?" She yelled at him. She was fuming with anger. "Why don't you tell her Richard? You scared that you guys wont be friends? Or even more?" Kara looked over to see him go pale. "Fine since you wont tell her I will. He, Richard is NightWing your team leader! He doesn't trust you enough to let you in in his secret." He whispered so only she could here him. She was brutally pissed off now. She threw him against the wall and flew at him. Everyone gasped. "You don't deserve to live. You deserve to die but since I'm a good person I'll let you live. But your going to jail." She said to him and then walk off. She ignored Richard. She spun into her suit and took off to the sky. She returned to her new apartment that she just bought and sat down. Why was her life like this. Why?! She heard a ticking but it was too late.
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