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Her life is all messed up.

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Kara's Apartment
She heard ticking and then boom. A bomb went off in her room. The roof started to fall. She caught it by her hands. She didn't want it to crush the other floors. Another wave went off and it sent out kryptonite. She sank to her knees because it was to heavy. NightWing was just outside her apartment when the explosion went off. He saw the roof shaking but then stop. He heard a scream. Another blast went off. He heard another scream. Kara was holding up the roof. She was saving the people below us. Thankfully they were getting out already. He walked in to see Kara on her knees, her arms shaking with the roof on top. Another blast went off and she screamed harder. Her arms lowered so the roof was practically on her head. "Kara! Let go! We need to get out!" NightWing. "There's a little girl.....a floor....below.... HURRY!!"She screamed. Her knees started to make imprints in the floor. NightWing rand as fast and he could to get to the 19th floor. Kara was on the 20th floor and there are 50 floors. He ran and saw her curled up by the stairs. He grabbed her and went back to Kara. The imprints in the floor were getting deeper. "Get over here....Lay on your back lay the girl on top of you.... hurry!!!" She yelled. NightWing ran over and laid down with the girl on top. Kara pushed the roof up so he could move over NightWing and the little girl. She ran and threw herself onto of them. She was on her hands and knees so she wouldn't squish them. The roof came down on Kara wth a pound smack and they could here a sickening crack. She winced and bit her lip so she wouldn't let out a scream. She bit so hard that she drew blood from her lip. The little girl curled up to Kara and whispered words into her ear. She winced when something landed on top of the ruble. Something else got onto the roof. She creamed as more weight was put on. NightWing looked out a little hole and saw firefighters climbing on to the roof. There were 30 men. If they weigh at least 200 lbs. Thats 6,000 pounds or more than are adding. Her arms started shaking. "I can hold it anymore" she whimpered. "Super Girl you have to. We have to save this girl he said and looked at the girl. "No..... You do and I have to save both of you." She said really quiet. She made a hole in the floor so NightWing and the girl could get out. Once they were across the street he was gonna run in when superman landed on top of the building. NightWing heard Kara scream and the building started to shake. Superman got all the men off just as the building came down with Kara inside. Superman obviously heard the scream and ran to NightWing with a sickening look on his face. The little girl from before ran to NightWing and tugged on his leg. He looked down to see the little girl from before crying. "Where's Super Girl?" She asked shaking still. "I don't know sweetie." He replied. She hugged his leg and started to cry hard. He picked her up and held her to him while she cried. "What's your name sweetie?" He asked trying to sooth her. "Mary" She replied very shaky. We then saw the ruble begin to move and shake. We saw SuperGirls face pop up and pushed a piece of rock that was above her. She slowly climbed out. She began to take a few steps from the ruble when she started to hold her head and she collapsed in the middle of the road. Everyone ran over to her to check on her. NightWing was still holding onto the girl. He sat her beside her. "Super Girl.... Super Girl come on." NightWings voice was urgent she slowly turned her head and looked at the little girl. "Hey sweetie.... Where are your parents?" The little girl slowly looked at the ruble. She started to cry. She threw her arms around Supergirls neck and cried. After a while Kara handed Mary over to NightWing and searched through the ruble. When she found them she stopped dead in her tracks. She backed up and landed on her butt. They were curled up together holding a little boy. Kara sat there crying. NightWing ran to her with the girl. The girl looked at her parents and A kissed there foreheads and went back to the two heroes. Kara kept crying while holding the girl. Mary asked slowly "Where am I.... Where am I going to go? I have no family and I don't want to go to an orphanage. Kara looked at her and NightWing. "You.. You can come live with me and the other superheros." She said. Both NightWing and Mary looked at her, stunned. "I can take care of you and it'll be like a normal childhood sort of." She whispered to Mary. "Thank you. Thank you so" Mary told Kara as she hugged her the best she could. "Do you wanna go for a ride?" Kara asked."Ya, are we going to fly?" she asked a little nervous. Kara grabbed her hand and held her close and took off for the skies.
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