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Protecting lives

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She feels guilt go through her everyday.

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Kara was in the medbay with Mary and NightWing. They were taking x-rays of her back and ribs. She broke 6, cracked 8. She pulled several muscles that support her back. Once they were done she slowly got up. Wincing when her feet touched the ground. NightWing ran to her side and put an arm around her waist to hold her up while Mary hold Kara's hand. They walked to the room Mary would be staying in. NightWing tucked her in while Kara read her a story. NightWing then helped her to his room. "Why don't I go to my room?" She asked a little confused. "So I can keep an eye on you. This is all my fault in the first place." He said as he looked away. "How is this your fault?!" She was angry and sad that he thought that. "Because I couldn't protect you, because I couldn't take care of the one person that matters most to me!" He shouted. "This isn't your fault Richard!" "You don't have superhuman strength to help lift things like the 30 floors that were above me!" She shouted back. "I could have saved you from those arrows. I could have protected you then." He turned his head away so she wouldn't see him cry. "At what cost? You think protecting me with your life is any better than getting hurt. Its actually worse. I cant lose you or Mary or anybody for that matter. Now come on an help me in, my leg hurts." As she said that her legs buckled and she almost collapsed. But Richard caught her and picked her up. "Well, it looks I'll be carrying the girl of steel around for awhile." He commented with smirk. "Mom.... Richard?" Mary called that looked over to see tears in her eyes. "I....I cant sleep. I',m having nightmares." She ran and held on the Ricahards leg. "Come on. You can sleep with us." Kara replied petting her wild hair. Richard carefully laid Kara on the bed under the sheets. She only winced a few times when the pain shot up her chest. Richard laid down next to Kara and then lifted Mary up and onto the bed. She slept between them. Richard kept an arm around Mary and his other hand on Kara's stomach. He looked at both of the sleeping girls. Kara and him were only 24 and finally out of college. Mary belonged to Kara and he hoped someday they could be called a family, but right now he wanted to go to bed. He fell asleep knowing they were safe. Or so he thought.
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