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SuperGirl x The Flash

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Only PG-13 because of violence.

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National City
SuperGirl was flying over the city when she heard a loud scream. "Ah damn it." She muttered. "Kara, Banshee and LiveWire are attacking downtown." Alex said through the comm. "On my way." Kara said. She flew over there as fast as she could. When she got to the site. Banshee screamed in her face. While LiveWire was shocking things. A news helicopter was flying over head when LiveWire threw lighting at the helicopter.
Kara didn't think. She flew straight in the line of fire. She shook with the amount of electricity running through her. She fell unconscious and was falling fast. Just as that was happening the Flash ran through the breach and saw Kara falling. He ran up a building and launched at her. He wrapped his arms protectively around her.
When he got to the ground her noticed her nose was bleeding. Her skin wis impenetrable. He thought. "SuperGirl, SuerGirl!" He screamed and shook her shoulders. She wouldn't wake up. "Protect her and I'll deal with the villains." He looked at the citizens and spoke. They nodded and stood around Kara. After a couple of minutes they villains were locked up. He ran back to Kara to see someone doing compressions."What happened?" He asked one of the people. "She was breathing and she started choking and then all of a sudden she stopped breathing." A lady said. "Save her." Another said. He picked her up and ran.

Central City
He ran through the breach and ended up back in S.T.A.R. Labs. "Caitlin! I need your help!"Barry screamed. He ran her to the table and laid her down. "Barry, what's the problem?!" Caitlin came running in. "Kara, she's not breathing!" He screamed. She ran over to the dining hero and felt around by her collar bone. She pulled down her suit a little to see a piece of metal jammed into her just below her collar bone. She started barking orders to Barry and Cisco.
After what seemed like days of surgery were only hours. Barry sat beside Kara waiting for her to open her eyes so he can see her pretty blue eyes. He sat there and decided to talk to her, even though she couldn't respond. "Kara.... Please wake up. The earth needs you, your family needs you. I need you. I can't live without you. I love you Kara." He said. Tears were forming in his eyes. He put his head down and held her hand. He started to cry. This was his fault. He could have saved her. He could have helped her more. "I love you too Barry." He heard Kara said very weakly. "Kara?!" He said and looked up. "Hi Barry." She said. "Kara." He said and got up and hugged her. "I thought I lost you. Don't ever do that to me again." He said. Some tears escaping. "I won't ever leave you I promise." She said in a whispered. He climbed into the bed and they cuddled and went to sleep.
After a while Kara was finally able to get back to doing things a normal person would do. "Kara, we need to test your powers, lets go to the roof." Caitlin said. "Ok, Cisco have you made the changes to my suit yet?" Kara asked. "Yap, just finished. And now you will be able to go out into public as SuperGirl!" Cisco said excitedly. "Sweet!" Kara said and ran and grabbed her suit and changed. Barry watch the smile on her face grow as she looked at her new suit. "Spin." Cisco said. Barry watch her smile grow wider as her suit transformed. The cape went away and a shield formed on her back.Her skirt changed into pants and her shirt into a crop top. Her knee high boots changed into thigh high boots. Her hair changed into a side braid. "DUDE!" She screamed. "This is so cool!" She said lifting up the shield. "You will have to practice with it but it can protect you from kryptonite." Cisco said with a smile on his face. She ran over to Cisco and gave him a hug. "Thank You so much!" She said while kissing his cheek. He blushed as she ran off.
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