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Starting a new life.

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Central City S.T.A.R Labs
Kara ran up to the top of the roof. She sat there and waited for Barry and Cisco. While Barry and Cisco were downstairs talking Zoom decide to pay Kara a visit. "Hello, Kara. I know you and the Flash are a thing. Why don't you come with me and he will live." He said in a deep chuckle. "Never." She growled. She spun in a circle. Her uniform transformed. "Well, well. Looks like Kara has a few secrets." He charged at her as fast as he could. He got a few swipes in. Cutting her face and arms. She took out her shield and held it in front of her. He threw punches at the shield. He didn't make a dent. While he was doing this Kara was calling in the team.
"Barry, I need help its Zoom.. AHHH!" She screamed. Barry's eyes went wide. "No" He screamed. He ran up to the roof to see Zoom holding Kara by the neck. He saw her shield almost falling off the building. "Hi, Barry, your little friend here will die." He started to vibrate his hand. "NOOOO!" Barry screamed. He shoved his hand through her chest. "Kara!" He screamed and ran to her limp body.
"Kara, come on stay with me. I need you." Barry cried holding Kara to his chest. "Get me to...Caitlin....need to connect....a muscle in my chest." She barley got out. Barry picked up Kara who was barley breathing. Caitlin came running in. "You need to connect a muscle in her chest." He said his voice wavering. Caitlin got to work. She didn't want her best friend/ roommate to die.
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