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Getting back on your feet

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Exactly what the site says. And the Arrow is in this.

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Central City S.T.A.R Labs
Caitlin performed surgery the second time that week. When Caitlin opened her up she saw that her heart muscle was detached. She fixed everything and put Kara on some high pain killers because she will feel it in the morning.
Barry sat beside her looking at her pale face. "I let this happen." He muttered. He felt like crap. He almost lost the most important person in his life right now. "Barry?" Kara muttered. He looked up to see Kara looking around confused. "Hey... I'm right here." He got up and ran to her side. "Why does my head hurt?" She asked confused. What? He thought. "Don't you remember what happened?" He asked carefully. "All I remember is Cisco giving my my suit and then going to the roof. Everything else is a blur." She said looking up into his eyes. "Dear God." he muttered. "Well, everything will be ok.You just got into a fight last night. But you'll be fine, Oliver and I will help you." He said kissing her head. "I heard about Kara, where is she?" Barry heard Oliver. He saw Caitlin point as us. He looked over to see Kara laying in the bed. He ran over and hugged Kara. "Don't ever do that again." Oliver muttered into her shoulder. "It's nice to see you too Ollie." She giggle. Oliver just rolled his eyes. "So what's the plan?" He asked.
After going over the plan. They figured it was safest that Oliver was close to Kara at all times. Since Barry had a job. "Meta at 19th and franklin!" Cisco said. Barry and Kara looked at each other. The ran to their suits and went to get changed.
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