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New Meta

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...... I know red kryptonite doesn't cause this but in this story it does.

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Central City CCPD
SuperGirl heard gun shots rang out. "Hurry!" She yelled to the Flash. They started to go faster. Flash sided to a stop. "Holy **" He screamed. The meta was more than 20 feet tall because SuperGirl fly's about 21 feet in the air and she face planted straight into the meta. She tumbled to the ground. She got up and held her head. She removed her hand and saw blood. "What...I'm bleeding?" She muttered dazed. She then saw the meta running towards Barry. She got up and ran in front of him. The meta smashed his fist into her head. He did it repetitively.
"Cisco! Who or what is this! He's beating up SuperGirl and I cant even get close to him because of a barrier." Barry screamed into the comm. "Uhh... His name is Jason Todd, he was working on a barrier for a rocket ship so the ship wouldn't get damaged by meteors. The particle excelerator exploded and he formed with metal and the energy to become...wait for it... the barrier. I'll get a better name for him but go save her!" Cisco said/screamed back.
Kara has never felt anything like this before. She's never felt escurchiating pain like this. She was getting her head smashed by the meta. He finally stopped. She looked over to see the cops shooting at the meta. Including Joe. She gathered up all her strength and ran in front of them. A few bullets went into her shoulders from the police. She didn't care. All of a sudden the meta shot his arm out and it wrapped around her. The metal formed around her in a pod shape form. All of a sudden bullets were inside and bouncing around. The police and Barry watched as the bullets entered her. "NOOOOO!" Barry screamed. He tired to vibrate through the metal but a barrier pushed him back. "NOOOO!! SuperGirl!" He screamed. They watched as bullets entered her. Her body was tossed on each entry. The pod closed around Kara. And shot off into space.
"Barry you must go mach 7 while running up the side of the building and jump at a 19 degree angle. Your highest speed is 6.8. Run Barry, run!" Caitlin screamed into the comm. Barry's heart was racing. He had to save Kara. He was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. He ran and jumped. He grabbed onto the pod a pulled himself up. He banged on the pod and tried to pull it open. "Guy's , the pod wont open open." He screamed. "Barry press the lightning bolt on your suit. Your suit can withstand space. You will have a visor go dow over your face to help you breathe. You will still be able to talk to us. Caitlin told Barry through the comm. He pressed the lightning bolt and the suit changed. "Cool" He muttered. He keep banging on the pod to open it. "Barry, your leaving the earths atmosphere. Connect to the space station. Cisco came over the comm. All of a sudden a wire from the space station connected to him. The pod started to shake. It started to drop. But before it hit the atmosphere it threw Kara out into space. She floated there. Ice forming on her eyelashes and lips. "KARAAA!!!" Barry screamed. He reached out to grab Kara but she slipped from his fingers. She was heading for the sun! "Guys, get the spaceship and get up here now!" Barry screamed to Cisco and Caitlin. 10 minutes later Barry was in the spaceship heading to Kara. They were so close to the sun it would of burned up any other ship. They pulled Kara in to see many bullet wounds. "Why didn't the sun heal her!" Barry screamed at them. "There..." Caitlin stopped. She bent down to look at Kara. Something was off.... All of a sudden Kara started coughing up blood. "Kara?" Everyone said in unison.
"Something's in her system. I don't know what it is." Caitlin said freaking out. All of a sudden her eyes snapped open and she took a deep breathe, but also coughed up blood onto the floor. "Ba...rr.y." She stuttered. "Kara, I'm here." Barry whispered. She coughed up more blood and started to cry. "It...hurts..Bare" She whispered while she clutched her chest. "Barry put her head in your lap. We need to make sure we can keep her awake." Caitlin said. She started to get supplies. "Come on Kara, you need to stay awake." Barry cried. "Red." She whispered. "Red what? Kara, red what?!" He whispered screamed. "Kry..p.ton...ite." She managed to get out. Coughing up more blood in the process. "CAITLIN!! She has kryptonite in her system. Get it out now!!!" He screamed. They spent the rest of the ride home getting rid of the kryptonite. Caitlin put a hand on Barry's shoulder. "You have to show the public she's ok." She whispered. "But she's not awake Caitlin." Barry whispered. "You still need to show the public." She whispered back. He only nodded.
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