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Everything will be ok.

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Central City Square
Everyone gathered in the square to welcome home the heros. Barry walked off the ship with Kara in his arms and his head down. He heard a gasp. He collapsed to the ground holding Kara. Crying into her hair. "Will she be ok?" Someone asked. He looked up to see a little boy and girl standing there. They couldn't be no more than 7. The little girl sat down beside Barry and laid her head on his arm. The boy pulled out a few flowers from behind his back and sat them down on Kara's stomach. They just sat there looking at Kara. After a few minutes some people came a kneeled in front of Kara. Some came behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.
After who knew how long they sat there Kara started to wake up. "Look, she's waking up." The little girl squealed with joy. Kara opened her eyes. "AHHHH!" She screamed. "SuperGirl whats wrong?!" He screamed. "The. bullets are still inside me!" She screamed choking for air. He stood up and ran her to the hospital. Luckily she hasn't healed yet. After 10 hrs of surgery and 5 sets of tools later Kara had no more bullets in her and was resting. She hasn't woken up yet and the team is afraid that she wont.
"Zoom... Zoom... Meta... Barry." Kara muttered in her sleep. "Kara? Hey I'm right here." Barry whispered. "Let him go!... Let him go... BARRY!" Kara screamed. She started thrashing. Alarms started to go off. Her heart rate was through the roof. Doctors ran in and tried to get her heart rate down. Barry looked over to Kara and noticed something. "Everyone DOWN!" He screamed. Everyone hit the floor. Kara's back arched and laser beams shot out of her eyes and she was screaming. Go thing they were on the top floor. After a min or so of that she stopped. All of a sudden she started to freeze. Barry turned to Caitlin and Cisco. "Run Barry, run." Caitlin muttered watching her roommate in pain. Barry needed an expert. He needed Superman.
Barry ran and ran. He finally wen through the breach and ended up in metropolis. He then noticed a blue streak go across the sky. He ran after it. He ended up in an apartment. "Superman...I need your he.ahhh" He got out Superman grabbed him by the neck. "Who are you!" He bellowed. "The...Flash... I'm.... Your cousins....boyfriend..." He struggled to get out of his grip. Even though they weren't dating they will be soon Barry thought. Superman dropped him. "I need your help. Kara's in danger." Barry said while rubbing his neck. Superman only nodded and went through the breach. They finally got there to see the doctors trying to revive Kara.
Supermans eyes widen in horror. "It's happening." He muttered. "What's happening?" Barry asked in confusion. "Her powers, there maturing. It only happens to khryptonians when they are meant to defend something. This has never happened to me though." Superman finished. "Then how do you know whats happening?" Barry asked really confused. "The fortress of solitude. I learned it from there." Superman finished. All of sudden there was a blinding light. The looked over to see Kara floating in mid air. She started to spin and spin. She floated to the ground and opened her eyes.
"Kara, you okay?" Barry asked reaching a hand out to her. "Barry." She breathed. She ran forward and wrapped him in a hug. Her being shorter has its advantages. He rested his cheek on her head and cried. "I thought... I lost you again." He cried. he never wanted to let her go, ever. "Barry, it's zoom." cisco said as his watch went off. "I have to go." He muttered into her hair. He kissed her head and began to turn around. "I'm going with you." Kara whispered. "No, your not. You need to rest." He said holding her cheek. "I'm not leaving you again Barry. I know you cant win against Zoom. I've watched the videos Barry. You know you cant win." She screamed. "I'M NOT LOSING YOU AGAIN!" He screamed. "I care to much about you to let you do this." He turned his head so she wouldn't see him cry. "I' coming with." She said. "The hell your not. Now Superman!" Barry whispered. Superman launched forward and wrapped his arms around Kara. Before Superman even got to Kara Barry was gone. "NOOOO!" She screamed. She few into the air and then dropped back down onto Clark. She punched him until he let go. She flew off to Barry and Zoom.
When she got there. Barry was being hold up in the air. She landed on the ground and made a crater. "AAA, SuperGirl." Zoom said a little to happy. He dropped Barry who was gasping for air. "No, Kara." He said quietly only she would be able to hear. Zoom charged and Kara spun. When he reached Kara he punched her shield. "GOD!" He screamed. He held his hand. It was complete shattered. "You don't mess with Barry or me." She growled. She started to throw punches at him. Zoom tried to dodge them but he wasn't fast enough. She picked him up by his collar and flew up to space. "This is where you die." She growled. She shot up even father and threw him into space. Her eyes began to feel heavy. She started to fall to earth at unbelievable speeds. She opened her eyes at the last moment and fixed her posture. She floated a mere inch from the ground. She looked around and saw Barry standing holding his arm. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. A girl who's faster then him and Zoom combined. Stronger than superman. More caring than anyone in the universe. He walked over to her and hugged her. He didn't care about his arm. "Kara, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked still holding her. She shook her head yes. "As long as I can carry you back to STAR." She whispered. "Ok." He muttered. The things he would do for her.
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