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meeing strangers

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Archie and Atlanat meet some new people.

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Okay I decided to change Hestia to Helen for future reasons. like I said in the other chapters I feel like writting but this chapter is kinda hard to write.

Archie and Atlanta awoke on top of one another. Archie had his knees pointing up words and Atlanta was lying across his lap. Once the realised that they were on top of each other they got up and turned so the other couldn't see how much the other was blushing. " Were are we?" Archie asked confused." How on earth should I know?" Atlanta asked. Archie didn't reply he just looked around at the place were ever it was. The sky was a purpley colour with clouds streaked through it. The ground was dirt with some grass here and there. A few people were walking by. They all had one thing in common, They were all wearing togas. Many looked like gods and goddess. A man caring two large bags walked by them. He stoped and set the bags on the ground. " Are you two lost?" He asked in a strong and understanding voice. The two friends exchanged looks. " Ah yes we are could you tell us were we are?" Archie asked him. " Why you are in Olympia." He said. " Ah don't you mean new Olympia?" Atlanta asked stepping forward. The man looked puzzled." No I mean Olympia as in Mount Olympus." Archie and Atlanta looked at each other both had a worried look on their face.

" Have any of you seen Archie or Atlanta?" Theresa asked her fellow team-mates. " Ah no not sense last night." Herry replied. " Oh that reminds me I need to get a new door anyone want to help?" Herry asked. Theresa Jay and Odie exchanged looks." Um as fun as that sounds no." Odie said then ran upstairs the other two close behind." What about you Neil?" Herry asked. Neil looked up from his mirror." Do what?" He asked. Herry just groaned. And he two left the room. Now Neil was all alone. "Was it something I said?" He asked out loud.

Archie and Atlanta walked down a dirt path the man was walking with them." So who are you?" Atlanta asked. " Why I am Perseus." He said. He had curly blonde hair and wore a dirty white toga. " Who?" Atlanta asked Archie in a whisper. " He is the son of Zeus and Danae. Danae's father, King Acrisius, set Danae and her son adrift on the sea because of a prophecy that Perseus would kill him." Archie explained. " So what is he doing here?" Atlanta asked." It probably didn't happen yet." Said Archie. " Apple?" Perseus asked holding out a couple apples that he had picked form a couple of trees they had passed." No thanks." The two said at once. Perseus laughed at this." What's so funny?" Atlanta asked. He stoped laughing a moment then said." You two are just so adorable." The team-mates starred at each other and stoped walking. When they realised they had fallen behind they ran to catch up." I told you who I am so you tell me who you are." Perseus said." I'm Arch....Achilles and this is Atalanta." (Okay different times I know but bear with me) Perseus looked them over a moment then smiled. " You sure dress odd." Archie and Atlanta then realised that they stuck out like swore thumbs." Do you have anything that we could wear? Atlanta asked. " We could provably get something from Athena." He replied. They walked a bit further until they found a women that looked like their house maid." Athena good day my friends here need some clothes." Perseus announced. " I will see what I can do." She said. About an hour later they were in togas like Perseus's. It was getting late now night was approaching. " I have a place for you to stay." " Oh yeah were?" Atlanta asked." Come with me and I will show you." He said.

The three arrived at chapel with a women outside it." This is Helen . Perseus said.
" Hello there." A tall woman with chocolate brown hair said. She also was in a toga hers was a light blue. Her brown hair was up in a bun. She was very beautiful and thin." Do come in." She said indicating for them to come in." Could they stay with you for the night?" Perseus asked." Why certainly "she said. "Hello I'm Atalanta and this is Achilles." Atlanta said. They got comfortable and by the time they were done they fell to sleep.

Okay there you go kinda short but anyway I found a bit of Greek heroes on the web and I also found something interesting about Pan.
Pan was a god of shepherds and flocks. Pan was the son of Hermes and a nymph. He was born with the legs and horns of a goat, which caused his own mother to spurn him.

Pan was considered to be the cause of the sudden fear that sometimes comes for no reason, especially in lonely places. That's why it's called "panic".
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