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worried friends

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somthing bad happens to Atlanta

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Okay I decided to change Hestia to Helen for future reasons I'm at my grandparents house and I have nothing to do so I will update but I am warning you this keyboard stinks so bear with me.Okay also I did some more reserch and found out that another site says that Hestia is Zues's sister but another on says that she is his daughter so anyway.
Cronus was in his den. He was relaxing because he knew that he had already taken care of the titans. He was in a dark blue house coat and he was sipping coffee from a green mug.( what can't a evil god relax to?)Cronus was reading the morning paper. The top story was. Two Yong Teens go missing.He grined evily at this.And let out a little chuckel. " Now all I need to do is get rid of the other five" " And I know just how to do it".

It was now morning at the brownstone. Theresa and the others hadn't got much sleep the past night. They were waiting for there friends to come home. But they got no such luck. As far as they knew there friends could be really mad at them and ran away. Then an idea came to Neils mind."Hey they have there PMr's on don't they?" Neil asked his other team mates. " yeah I think" Odie replied. Neil reached down into his pocket and pulled out the small blue device." Archie ? Atlanta?" He called into it.After getting no anwser he decied to track them." Odie how do you track them?" Neil asked. Odie sighed and took the PMR from him." Okay I got there signal they are at some side street out of town." Odie announced." Come on lets get ready and find them." Jay said. The team nodded there heads and ran up to there rooms.

Atlanta awoke to find herself on the floor of a beautiful home. She remembered what happened yesterday. She picked herself up of the hard floor and walked over to where she found Archie and Helen . " Good morning Atalanta." She replied cheerfully. ATlanta just noddeed her head and sat down beside Archie. " So what are we gonna do today?" Atlanta asked in a hushed tone. " I'm not really sure mabey we should ask her?" Archie replied.Helen looked over she had a sour look on her face but changed it to a happy one." Why don't I get us some breakfast?' She asked in a little too cheery voice. " What is up with her?' Atlanta asked. " beets me,So how are we going to get home?" Archie asked." Well it would be good if we knew how we got here then mabey we could get back the same way."
" Well how did we get here the last thing I remember was studying with you." Archie said.
" I bet it has to do with Cronus." Atlanta spat.
Then it clicked into there heads." They book!" They booth said at once.
" Who wants mapel bread?" Helen asked entering the room. They each took a slice and ate it quickly."Helen do you know where we can find Hera?" Archie asked. Helen's face fell at the mention of Hera." Why would you want to see her?" She asked. " We just need to see her." Atlanta replied anger in her voice." Atlanta calm down." Archie whispered.Helen now had a mile on her face , " Fine I can show you were she is but I can not take you." Helen replied.
The two exchanged looks."oKay where is she?" Archie asked. Helen gave them the way and they wre off.

The five friends were in Herrys truck," Were almost there just right around this conor." Odie said giving Herry derictons.Herry turned the conor . " Ah Odie where are they?" Herry asked. " I don't get it they should be right here." Odie said pointing. " Mabey it fell of?" Theresa stated. " I don't see it." Jay said. " So what do we do now?" Neil asked in a hushed tone." We go to the school and tell Hera." Jay said with worry in his voice.

Archie and Atlanta had said good-bye and thanked her for letting them stay. They were hiking up a very tall mountain they were sweating. " Hera is on the othre side of this mountain." Archie reminded Atlanta. " Why didn't we just go aaround the mountain?" She asked. Archie didn't anwser.Suddently
Atlanta satrted crying out in pain. Archie looked over at his friend. " Atlanta are you okay you dont look so hot you look like a ghost." " I feel like one too,My stomach is killing me I don't know if I can walk much farther." " Lets take a break you'r probaly just hot." Archie said trying to calm his screaming friend.
Helen stood at the bottom of the mountain she could hear Atlantas crys of pain she just smiled and said. " This is just the begining Atalanta."
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