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unsolved problems.

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Atlanta is getting worse while the others have there own problem.

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Okay I decided to change Hestia to Helen for future reasons here you are the next chapter I am still at the bad keyboard so here you go.

Archie and Atlanta were resting on a ledge.Atlanta was getting whiter by the second she was finding it hard to breath. Archie was frantic something bad was happening to Atlanta and he couldn't help her what kind of a friend was he? Archie put a arm around a sreaming Atlanta trying to comfort her. Archie thought back to the CPR class he took a couple years back. If the person is chocking then hold around there waist and push in on the stomach, If the person can't breaht then hold there nose back and tilt there head back and give them two slow breaths. The only problem was he didn't know what one to do. Mabey she was poisened. But how nobody really knew them here. Unless Cronus was here. But he would have heard him come besides he was a worrier. They only other people who new they were here was Helen and Perseus. Perseus wouldn't have been able to do anything to Atlanta so that left Helen. But she seemed so nice and she let them stay the night and she made us breakfast. That is it she probaly put something in Atlantas bread. But why would she? So many questions and thoughts ran throught his head he hardly noticed Atlanta pass out. Archie looked over at her oh no . He thought. " ATlanta !!" Archie cried shaking her franticly. " What do I do now?" Archie asked.

The team pulled up at the school and hoped out of Herrys truck. They walked inside the school and went to the janitors closet. Jay pulled out his key and set it in the slot. The gold hand went around and the door opened. They walked into the closet it was rather roomie for five people. Theresa reached up and pulled the light. A blue portal appered and the door closed behind them. The walked throught the portal and into the gods hideout. Hera greated them. " Hello children ." A mixture of heys and hi's were there responce. " Oh wereare Atlanta and Archie?" Hera asked conserned. " Thats why we are here." Jay replied. " Oh? Do sit down." Hera said leading the into her room. " So when did you see them last?" Hera asked. " Yesterday night." Odie told her. " Yeah we got into a big fight and I broke my door." Herry said whispering the last words. Hera raised an eyebrow at this remark, " And now you can't find them?" She asked. " Thats right." Jay said plainly. " We checked there PMR signals but they wern't there, Nor were there PMRs." Odie said. " This could be worse then I thought, All of you are to stay together understand,." Hera said anger in her voice. He group noded and left. " If you didn't set them up on a date we would still have our team."Jay yelled at Neil. " My fault?" Neil shouted pointing at himself. " Yes you're fault." Theresa butted in. Before they knew it they were in a fight simaler to last nights.

Helen was at her house she was deeply said but yet somewhat thrilled. " Achilles will be back soon and he will be mine." She laughed evily. Helen walked into another room. In the center of it was a pool and in the pool was Archie and Atlanta. Atlanta was uncouncious and Archie was sitting beside her. Helen laughed some more and left the room.

There you go hope you like R&R.
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