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Scarlette takes the news better than expected.

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Scarlette's P.O.V

I knocked on the large imposing wooden door of Gerard's office, I had never been inside here before. If it was anything like the mess he used to have in his bedroom I might never be found again!
"Enter Scarlette", I shivered a little at the sound of his voice. It was a tone I had heard only a few times before. Panda and I had come to know it as his polite business voice. He usually only used it for talking to other families Don's, telephone calls or business deals. This was no joking matter, clearly. I couldn't even ask Panda what was going on this morning or if she heard anything because anytime we so much as got near each other one of us got whisked off by one of the guys for something that was so obviously a distraction they may as well have out right said it was and save themselves the brain power of coming up with some lame excuse. Frank literally just scooped up Pandora at one point and whisked her off, I mean don't get me wrong she looked pleased about it but still!

I finally stepped into the office, feeling my stomach shrinking with every second that ticked by. It was fairly large with a rather large mahogany desk front and centre, a roaring fireplace was situated right behind the desk and a row of large filing cabinets ran the length of the left hand wall.
"Sit down Scarlette, no need to be frightened". His back was turned to me, the firelight giving him a reddish glow as though he was photographed in sepia tones. He turned to face me, clean shaven, smiling, and looking annoyingly handsome. And there was me still wearing Star Wars pyjamas with vaguely brushed hair and non-surprisingly a sneaking suspicion I probably had toothpaste still around my mouth somewhere.
"Coffee?" he asked, still smiling and gesturing to the slightly steaming large silver pot perched at the end of the desk.
"Uummm..." I managed to get out before he poured me a cup anyway, adding in a little cream and sugar. Then with a characteristic Gerard roll of the eyes came round the other side of the desk and made me sit down. He placed the cup in front of me before taking his place at the other side of the desk.
"There isn't that better" he said a little too condescendingly for my taste. I shot him a look before taking a hesitant sip of coffee. Gerard was known for having coffee that was as black and bitter as tar, or his soul as I fondly pointed out. But this was...amazing! I tried not to look too surprised and took another big sip. It was definitely going a long way to making me feel somewhat better.
" are we this morning?" he said, Gerard was still smiling but it hadn't quite reached his eyes. They were darker than usual, his exterior was calm but I felt like a storm was brewing just over the horizon.
"But I know you are going to ask me something Gerard so spit it out so I can say 'no' already." His smile disappeared and there he was, serious Gerard mafia that would blow my head clean off my shoulders with one shot from his gun. I swallowed nervously, which was unusual because no matter how mad I made Geetard I always knew he was all talk and no trousers when it came to me. But this was different, this was serious and a small part of me thought very sexy but that was a horrified thought for another day.
"Scar, Scar, Scar. One day that pretty little mouth is gonna get you in trouble."
"Maybe it will, maybe it won't". I shrugged then mentally slapped myself. Did I have a death wish?! Gerard laughed a low grumble of a chuckle before opening his suit jacket and taking out his gun, he placed it on the table between us the barrel facing away from either of us which I was extremely glad of.
"Scarlette I'm gonna be straight with ya...I have a chance to get Brendon Moretti-Urie. I have a chance to end this shit show of a fucking war once and for all. You and Pandora would be free to go back home and be free to go back to whatever dancing style you so wish. Think of it Scar, I would be the mother fucking hero of this city and no fucker would know it...well, we all would. I think I could just about live with that". He was reclining in his chair now, hands clasped behind his head, I didn't have to ask to know he was imagining that moment when he ended Moretti-Urie. Pandora and I would free too...what does that even mean any more? I had gotten used to staying with these 4 mob guys, to the guns, the violence, to seeing them come in with rips and tears on their clothes when things got particularly bad, to trips to the hospital to patch wounds, to blood on their clothes that wasn't even theirs most of the time. I had gotten so used to...used to, him! I know, I know! I know what you must be think. 'But Scarlette this is fucked up! He's an evil murderer, a mafia boss, they all are! It's not normal to want these things!' And you'd be right to think those things too. But when you'd lived through what I have and seen some fucked up shit, normal is just a setting on the dryer.
"Say something Scar, your silence is disgruntling". I looked up at him, not even realising I had been sitting staring at my now long empty coffee cup. I thought about what to say for a little while longer, I wasn't sure I could trust my own voice right now. Gerard was sitting up straight again, looking intently at me. That certainly wasn't helping me any right now.
"You have a chance to get Moretti-Urie...but you need me to help you somehow. Pandora doesn't know, that's why Frank's took her away somewhere...which is good. The least she's involved in all of this the better" Gerard gave a 'duh' look at my last statement. I was talking to myself mostly and for once he didn't interrupt.
"What do I need to do?" I wanted Mortti-Urie dead, even if it meant putting my own life on the line.
"That's my good little whore", he had on a scary grin that usually meant something awful.

Gerard's P.O.V

Everything was settling into place nicely, Scarlette had been more co-operative than I had expected so that was an added bonus. Although the added incentive of saying I'd get Pandora to go along with my plan instead of her got Scarlette to come round pretty quickly. I swallowed back some nerves. Yeah mob bosses get nervous too, so what?! I wasn't even nervous for myself, I was nervous for her. I was putting her right into the firing line so I could get a foothold and make my way to Moretti-Urie. Scarlette was a clever girl, she knew how to handle herself and how to have a damn sassy mouth when she felt like it, which was most of the time. And that was what I was counting on.
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