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In The Dark

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Raven received a surprise visitor late at night while Changeling plots revenge, not knowing that he loves and hates the same person.

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/Love doesn't make the world go 'round. It makes the world more complicated." -Slade's Downfall/

Chapter Four: In the Dark

Cyborg drove Raven to the Brewers café in silence. Gone was her uniform, she couldn't be seen as Raven in public. To jump City, she was Angel by day, Raven by night; that was how it was. Being Raven in public in broad daylight was like painting a target on her shirt that said "Kill Me," she'd keep her identity a secret. She'd be safe that way.

She climbed out a block away from the building and went inside. It was early and the place hadn't been opened yet. She unlocked the doors, went through the inventory, and made sure everything was ready. She flipped on the open light and waited for costumers to walk in.

The café was bustling with people as Angel served them their orders. Smiling and laughing, she engaged in light conversation with people. Conversations buzzed around her, but a certain subject caught her eye. She cleaned a table nearby a costumer who was talking about an article in the newspaper. "It was rumored that the Raven was seen battling the Changeling. This type of thing hasn't happened since the Titans were here." She heard the voice of Gar butt in, "Really?"

"Yeah, it's kind of special, ya know?"

"Special? What do you mean by 'Special?'" he asked.

"Well, mister, the Titans were the defenders of Jump City. They took care of us, ya see. They disbanded 10 years ago, and now it appears they're back."

"Ah, I see," Gar chuckled, ""Heroism, everyone needs it. I find it very fascinating."

"You're actually reading that? That kind of stuff belongs in the tabloids, not he newspaper." Angel commented as she picked up dirty dishes and put them on a tray.

"You're crazy lady, like I was sayin' the Titans are special. We've been needin' them for a long, long time. This place's become a mess without 'em; let me tell ya. I'm always havin' to watch my back, knowing that their gone, I can't even leave the windows open in my car, 'fraid I'll get robbed." The man finished his coffee. "Well, Mister Gar, was nice chattin' with ya. I got to get back to work."

The man turned to him, "Oh, I'll pay my bill."

"No need. I've got it." Gar said and placed the money on the table. "He looked up at Angel, still standing there, "So, how are you?" he asked pleasantly.

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Good," he replied, "for the most part. My business has hit some hard times. It should soon be over though." "Oh, " she said, peering at the newspaper headline: The Raven Returns?" the subheading read: Legendary Titan Battles the Changeling". She frowned, "You actually read that trash?" she asked.

Gar chuckled, "I am quite fascinated by this 'trash"." He said, "So what do you think?" He gestured to the seat across from him,

"Please, sit down."

Angel accepted his offer; it was her 15-minute break anyway. "Well," she began, thoughtful, "how do they know this Raven person is actually real. I mean; this could be a prank or something."

"Well, it seems legit enough. The article here shows several pictures of this Raven through the years and I guess this is the real one."

"I see," Angel replied. "So why do you think she's resurfaced all of a sudden?"

"To overthrow Changeling," Gar replied simply. "Do you think she'll be able to do it?" Gar shrugged, "Who knows? What little I know about Changeling, can be summed up in this: The man can disappear without a trace. He can hide anywhere."

"That's very interesting," Angel said, smiling. "Well, my break's almost up, can I get you anything Gar?"

"No," he replied. "All I needed was to see you." He chuckled as he saw color come to her face. "I'll see you around, Gar."

"I'll see you later, Angel," he said as she walked away, he smiled, "Much later."

It was late at night, and Angel was closing the café. It'd been one of the busiest days she'd had in awhile, and she was exhausted. She quietly put the money in the safe, making sure no one was watching her use the combination as she closed the safe door. She checked all the doors and windows; they were sealed shut and locked so no intruder could enter without setting off the alarm. She sighed, it was time for her to head to Titans Tower; they were expecting her for their meeting concerning Changeling.

She walked silently towards the door. She grabbed the handle and twisted the knob; unexpectedly, she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her body. Angel jumped and opened her mouth in a scream when she heard a voice say in a husky whisper, "Hello, Angel."

"Gar, what are you doing here? I thought you left."

"I told you I would see you later," his voice was soft, his hands pressed gently against her waist, "So here I am."

"Gar, let go of me," her voice was stern and demanding. She didn't like his closeness and his touch made her nervous. "Why?" he asked, she felt his lips brush her neck, "Are you afraid of me, Angel?" His hands moved from her waist to her shoulders, gently turning her to face him.

She stared into the darkness, knowing he was there staring at her. "I'm not afraid of you Gar, it's just-"

"It's just what?" he asked.

"It's just-I don't like you touching me."

"Why? Gar asked, he slid a hand from her shoulder, up her neck to her face and stroked it gently, "I won't hurt you," his voice was tender and he leaned in closer. He felt her trembling at his touch.

. "I know you wouldn't-" Gar cut off her sentence with a kiss.

He could feel her shock as he continued his kiss as he gently ran his fingers through her hair, feeling her body tremble gently as he pulled her back deeper into the café. He backed up until he came to the chair he'd set up, sitting, he pulled her into his arms holding her as he continued kissing her.

Gar pulled away, breathless as clasped her to him, smiling in the dark, he whispered, "I told you I wouldn't hurt you." Angel was in a state of shocked confusion as she felt his lips meet hers. This was totally unexpected and she felt flustered and somewhat embarrassed, although he couldn't see it in the dark, she was blushing bright red. His kiss and touch overwhelmed her senses and her embarrassment melted away as she collapsed into his embrace. He felt so good, she found herself responding to his affection with her own, she slid her arms around his waist and up his back, causing him to kiss her hungrily.

They pulled away breathless, he held her quietly as they both caught their breath. "Why are you doing this?" she asked him, questioningly.

"Because," he said, "the moment I laid eyes on you, I fell in love with you." He shifted so he could be more comfortable. "Besides," he chuckled, "your so gorgeous, how could I not fall for you?" he stroked her cheek in the dark. "I'm sure you need to go somewhere, so I should be leaving now." He kissed her lips softly, "Good night, my beautiful Angel, I'll see you again soon." He pulled himself out of the embrace. He quietly ushered her to the door. She locked it as he walked away. Angel watched him in silence and wondered what she had just done and why she did it.

Gar let the feeling of euphoria wash over him as he drove back to his headquarters; she was beautiful and mysterious. He found both alluring. He'd never had these kinds of feelings towards anyone. Not like this, he loved this girl, this beautiful Angel, who had stolen his hear away with her mysterious nature and subtle attractiveness. He stopped himself, he was wrong in one area, he had had feelings like this, but they were towards another person. Raven. She'd broken his heart and he never forgave her for it. He sat back and began to remembering...

"Raven, there's something I need to tell you," Beast Boy said quietly standing behind her.

"What's that, Beast Boy? She asked in complete monotone.

"I just wanted to tell you that I-" He began to stutter and stammer, "I-"

"What is it Beast Boy?" her voice sounded somewhat harsh.

"I love you Raven, I always have. And I hope that-You could love me in return."

She turned to him, her face an emotionless mask. "I can't love you Beast Boy."

"Why?" he demanded, grabbing her shoulders as she tried to turn away from him "Why?"

"Because," Raven replied, "I can't."

You can't?" he said angrily, "You can't?! Or you won't!" Raven continued walking away from him.

"I can't love you Beast Boy, I'm sorry, we are disbanding now, and I'm going to leave. Goodbye Beast Boy, I'll miss you." She said those final words as she climbed down the stairs and back into Titans Tower.

"I poured my heart out to you; I told you how I felt," he said to the air, "You've rejected me and I hate you Raven. I swear I'll never love you again. I swear that if we ever meat again, I will kill you; because you killed me already."

Gar shook the memory away; but he let it remain for a moment, in his mind. Yes, Raven had come back to Jump City. He would kill her, and soon because she would run out of places to hide. He arrived at his headquarters at the warehouse. He stormed into his office in a raging silence that struck terror into any who happened to be in his way. He sat down and waited until his most trusted spy came in. "What news do you have for me?" he demanded, "for your sake it'd better be good. I'm not in a good mood."

"Sir, Titans Tower is operational." He said,

Changeling threw him his money, he glared, "Get out of my sight!" and the man left without question, not wanting to be the target of his wrath. Changeling smiled in the dark. 'We'll meet again soon, Raven. Very soon, and I promise that I will kill you. And I've never broken my promises."
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