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The Meeting

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The Titans hold a meeting concerning Changeling while the villain plots to steal a certain something of great importance to Raven.

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Chapter Five: The Meeting

Angel's mind spun from her encounter with Gar. She felt dazed and confused, as well as a sense of euphoria as she got in her car and drove to the bay to Titan Tower. She stood silently for a few moments, thinking about what had happened. Why did she feel this way towards him? Was she in love? Is that what it was? She had no clue as she flew in calm contemplation to Titans Tower. She landed silently on the roof and pulled out her communicator. "I'm on the roof. Let me in." The door in the roof unlocked and she made her way downstairs inside.

All the remaining Titans were there: Nightwing, Starfire, and Cyborg. Nightwing gave her a smile and beckoned her to sit down, "What took you so long?"

"I was delayed; had to close up."

"Oh, now that you're here; we can begin."

"What have you found on Changeling?"

Nightwing turned to Cyborg," Cy, bring up the bio," Cyborg punched some keys on the computer and an image showed up on the giant TV screen in the living room. Before her was an image of a battle scarred humanoid male whose arms were covered with gang related tattoos and his face was covered in scars. His eyes were concealed within a mask similar to Robin's. Raven found him repulsive. That sick pervert kissed me! She felt sick.

"Cy, narrate away! You're better at this than I am."

Cyborg began, "Name: Changeling. Alias': N/A, I couldn't find if he uses any.
Background: All 'round low life, worked on the streets, formed the street gang Iron Fist and distinguished himself as a ruthless killer by mauling Teen Titan Beast Boy to death. " There was a moment of silence, they all missed their friend and hated it when the subject of his untimely death came up."

Cyborg cleared his throat and continued, " Anyway, is known for cold blooded tactics and brutally mauling his rivals and/or victims to death.The vicious gang lord has his headquarters located somewhere in Jump City, we're still searching for that, by the way." Cyborg gave her a quick smile, "Has extensions in Gotham City and Batman's handling that situation. One more thing, he has spies. Tons of 'em, they're everywhere gathering information for him. He knows we're back and he probably knows that the Tower is once again operational." He shut off the screen, "You have any questions, Raven?"

She stared hard at the screen, "Why does he have the mask?"

"Who knows?" Cyborg said, "probably to hide his hideously ugly face from the world." The Titans all laughed.

"Did this help you?" Starfire asked.

"Yes, thanks guys," Raven smiled. "One more question, though," Cyborg looked at her, "Can they trace us; where'd you find this information.

"Easy, got some government permission and I hacked their computer system."

"Could you trace where it came from?"

"Unfortunately, no, but I did get a lot of the information that you saw, including the picture from their computer."

"Could they trace us?"

"You kidding? With such old technology that we have, they don't even make this stuff anymore!"

Raven smiled, "Good. Very good."

"So," Raven said quietly, "What are we going to do about him?"

Nightwing looked thoughtful, "That's a good question; he doesn't like you very much."

"That's obvious?" Raven's voice was sarcastic. "I don't know why, but he wants you done for."

"I know, do you think it'll draw him into the open?"

"I'd say yes, but I couldn't say for sure though."

"Well, if you say he hates me as much as you say he does, he'll come after me in broad daylight." Raven said intensely, "Yes, I think I can draw him out of hiding."

"How would you do that?" Starfire asked.

"Simple," Raven replied, "I'll go out in the open."

"You really think this will work?" Starfire looked a little puzzled, "You risk your own life you know."

"Haven't we all risked our lives by coming back to Titan Tower?" she asked, "I'd say we risked a lot doing that. I didn't let myself resurface as Raven for nothing."

"I know," Nightwing said. "We'll all stand by out and do our best to take Changeling down. This is going to be very hard."

"I know, but we have to do this; for Beast Boy. We owe it to him as our friend."

They stood up and gathered round in a circle. Nightwing made a fist and put it in the middle of the group, "We'll fight Changeling to death, if necessary, whether we die or he be brought to justice, we shall take him down...sacrificing our lives if needed...but we'll bring him down because we are...Titans. Once a Titan; always a Titan. And nothing...will ever change that...Nothing."

They in their turn put their fist into the circle, Raven was last, put she did it with strong determination. Yes, they had returned. And this pathetic wreck that was Jump City would be cleaned up soon; she swore on Beast Boy's grave that Changeling would kill her or be killed by her. She loved Beast Boy enough to avenge his fallen body.

Meanwhile, Changeling was making plans of his own as he sat alone in his dark office. "Titans Tower....Operational..." He mused, "That must mean they're all there, including Raven..." He smiled evily. "I know her one weakness, and I have the way to break her now..." He pushed a button, and a man in the Iron fist insignia walked in. "I have a mission for you."

"What is that, Sir?" The man asked, respectfully. "Tomorrow, I shall battle the Titans. While they fight with me I need you to break in to Titans Tower."

"What do you need me to steal? Technology?" The man asked.

"No, you dunce, their technology is far too old for my uses. No, find the room of the one called Raven...and bring me her mirror."

The man was puzzled, "May I ask why, Sir?"

"Of course." Changeling chuckled, this man was so ignorant. "In Raven's mirror are all her emotions...when I capture her, and I will, believe me, I will use it to break her." He laughed with venom in his voice. "Vengeance will be so sweet, so sweet indeed." He turned to the man, "Bring me what I want...and I will reward you...Fail me and I'll have your head."

"Yes Sir," the man replied simply and left.

"Yes, Raven, I'll have you soon...and I'm going to enjoy it..." His voice trailed into the darkness his thoughts on vengeance and retribution.

Raven thoughts on the other hand, were on Gar and her feelings about him. He reminded her so much of Beast Boy, it was comforting somewhat. She sighed as she went into her room. She'd sort this all out in her mind. She went to the side of her bed, reaching under, she felt around on the floor until her hands came in contact with what she needed. It was her mirror.
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