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The Teen Titans are reunited, and plan to take down Changeling, the man who killed Beast Boy.

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Hello, people, just a quick mental sticky:

Guide to names:

Dick Grayson Nightwing

Vic Stone Cyborg

Kori Anders Starfire

Angel Anderson Raven

Gar Logan Beast Boy/Changeling

I hope you're all enjoying this story because I'm having fun writing it. Here goes!

Chapter Three: Reunion

The man called Gar left and Angel went about her business, busy helping other costumer. It was late in the evening when she saw three people enter the room, it was kind of empty and they were the only costumers to recently come in. She moved within earshot and heard a very familiar voice say, "Well, well, Dick, would you look at this place?"

"Yeah, Vic, this place has changed a lot. This used to be the old pizza place where we always hung out." "

Well, it's certainly a nice café now," a female voice said, "They redecorated."

"Hey, there's our old spot, come on guys sit down."

Dick Grayson put his arm in Kori Anders' and smiled, "Will you stop being such a showoff?" she asked teasingly. Dick chuckled and they sat down.

"What do you guys want? My treat!" Dick said, smiling.

"Well, we just ate dinner, so how 'bout some coffee?" Vic asked.

"Too bad Beast Boy's not here," Vic said, "he'd probably want something with tofu in it." They all laughed.

Angel walked over, smiling, "Can I help you?" she asked in complete unemotional monotone. All three jumped up, Kori Anders grabbed her in a fierce bear hug, and smiled, "Raven!" Dick Grayson and Vic Stone also pulled her into individual hugs.

"Hey, Serious, how are you?" Vic asked, smiling.

"Raven, it's so good to see you again," Dick Grayson smiled. "You look good."

She blushed. And they all sat down again. "We'd like some coffee, if you don't mind," Dick grinned.

"Sure," she smiled, "I'll be right back," and she left to go get their coffee.

"She's changed a lot," Vic, said.

"I know, she seems free to express her emotions," Kori said, "She couldn't do that when we knew her."

"I know," Dick agreed, "I wonder about her powers, they seem well, dormant."

"I wonder how she did that?"

"She's probably learned how to control them." Vic pointed out.

"I guess she has because nothing's blown up yet." Dick said this and they all laughed.

Angel came and sat down by her friends' side, "So," she asked, "Why isn't Beast Boy here? "

Angel, nobody told you?

"Told me what? She asked.

"Beast Boy was murdered," Dick said in a somber voice, he was mauled to death by Changeling.

"What?" Angel asked, her voice betrayed her shock. "When? How?"

"Gotham police found a mangled body; they identified Beast Boy because of his uniform. No one told you about the funeral?"

"No," her voice was a whisper. "Did you see the body?"

"No," Dick replied, "They said it was too mangled to show in public."

"I'm sorry..." She tired to control herself so she changed the subject, "How are you guys?

"We're great," Dick said, "So why'd you call us here?"

"Well, as you've all noticed a lot has changed here." They nodded. "This city isn't safe anymore. Have you ever heard of the Iron Fist?"

Nightwing looked stunned, "Yes, I have, they have gangs in Gotham by that name." "They must be extinctions," Angel said, "Anyway, do you know anything about their leader?"

"Just a little," Nightwing said, "I know that they are lead by a man known as Changeling. He's a ruthless killer."

"Yeah, in Gotham, rival gangs often find their members mauled to death with their throats ripped out." Kori looked sick. "Sorry, Kori, it's the truth."

Raven stopped him, "Wait, did you say mauled to death?" "Yes," Vic replied, "it's his signature. Even his own gang members are afraid of him." "I just thought of something," Angel said intensely, "Yesterday, a man robbed the café and shot Katie, the owner, I followed him as best I could, but he escaped through the sewer. The police found him in the wilderness reserve, mauled to death." "Has to be Changeling, only he'd do something like that," Vic said. "It's time to bring him down!"

"He knows about me, I know that much," Angel said quietly. "What?" Kori asked, "That you're Raven?" "Yes, but he doesn't know about Angel."

"So this guy doesn't know who you are in the daytime? Good " Nightwing said, "Titans," he said. They looked at him, "We have to go."

"Go, go where?" Angel asked.

"Titans Tower, it's time to clean up this mess."

"Alright, just let me close this place up." Angel went through her closing routine and made sure all doors and windows were locked.

They stepped out onto the street and began walking through the city. It didn't take them long to find the old abandoned building that had been Titan Tower. It was bleak and empty, just like Angel's empty heart. Having all her old friends here made her sad because someone wasn't there that night. Beast Boy. The news of his unexpected death broke her heart. She loved him dearly though she had never been able to tell him. Now she wouldn't get that chance because he was dead. Changeling, she thought bitterly, he would pay, he killed Beast Boy, he destroyed the only one she'd given her heart to. Yes, he would pay for it, she'd bring him to justice, even if it meant killing him with her bare hands, she'd do it. For Beast Boy, she would avenge him.

Upon arriving at Titans Tower, they opened the old door. The place was dusty and empty. To her surprise, all the equipment and technology was still intact, probably because it was old and not worth stealing, she thought. Nightwing looked to his friend Cyborg and said, "Hey Cy, power up this place will you?" His friend found the old power grid and switched it on.

"Welcome home, Raven. Welcome home." Nightwing looked at her, "Are you okay?"

"I just need to be alone for awhile," Raven replied. "I'll be in my room."

She said and walked straight to the room that had once been hers. She opened the door and walked in. The room, though covered in dust, was still the same, not one thing had changed since she left. The room was frozen in time and she stood there for a few moments before she burst into tears. They silently slid down her face as she buried her head on her old pillow.

She cried for Katie, she cried for Beast Boy. Such losses so soon were too much for her. She missed them now more than ever, and all she could to was cry.

The next day was Sunday, it was her day off, and Angel stood on the roof of Titans Tower in Raven's clothes. She was Raven again, silently looking over Jump City, and there was sadness in her eyes and in her heart not even the bright, warm sunrise could take away.

She kept thinking. She could have done something to help him. She could have saved Beast Boy if she had kept in contact with him. But she hadn't. He'd never understood her; she never understood him. He thought she rejected him, but that wasn't true. She just couldn't express her emotions back then because it was dangerous. She was so misunderstood.

Raven tried to shake the sad feeling out of her mind, but it wouldn't go away. It still felt heavy on her heart. She sighed and cast her eyes down on the cement roof.

At least she had her friends. They'd never leave her. They'd always be there for her. But still, not having Beast Boy with her made her feel empty and incomplete. She missed his jokes and the sound of his voice, his laugh and his obnoxiousness.

Raven sighed, her mind told her that she shouldn't live in the past. Time would heal this loss and that she'd get over it.

She walked off the roof and told Starfire that she was going for a walk. Walking would help her not to think about all her troubles.

She walked through the dark recesses of an abandoned alleyway. Trying to sort out her thoughts. She thought she heard something and looked up. Her face showed no surprise or fear. Directly in her path stood Changeling, her death in his eyes.

Changeling spotted Raven walking through the alley. He was surprised she was alone. What surprised him was that she was alone. He thought the Titans would be with her. This would be too easy. He would take her down here and now. She was as helpless as a trapped bird, he chuckled, amused at his own irony as he silently stood waiting for her in the shadows. He smiled. Let the game begin.

"Hello, Raven, it's good to see you again." Changeling chuckled quietly.

"Changeling, "Raven said, her voice unemotional and flat.

"It will be nice to finish what we started..."

"What do you mean?" she asked, slightly confused. "You were the one I fought last night..." he let a smile slide across his face.

"I see you know who I am now..."

"Yes, and I have come to destroy you."

"Foolish girl! You can't destroy me," with those words, he lunged at her.

Raven easily blocked his blows as she began to back up slightly, assuming a defensive stance. "I'll see to it that you pay for your crimes," she said, slamming her fists into his shadowed form. She heard an oof, and saw him retreat into the shadows. She cautiously followed him deeper into the shadows.

Without warning, someone or something tackled her to the ground. She felt his hot breath in her face, "Did you think I'd just run away?" Changeling hissed. She heard him chuckle, "I know what makes you angry," he crushed her mouth in a mocking kiss

. Raven, enraged now, pushed him off her, "Get away from me, you pervert!" Suddenly, laser bolts hit him and he rolled off her to see where they had come from. Changeling growled as he saw a girl in purple-violet, emerald eyes flaming in a glare. "Stay away from her!"

"Well, well," he chuckled, "This is interesting. First Raven, now Starfire resurfacing in Jump City. What's next, Cyborg and Robin?" he sneered.

"You wanted it; you asked for it!" a voice made him turn around. There was Robin and Cyborg. Except Robin wore a different outfit. Gone were the green, red, yellow and black uniform of Robin, now he wore blue, silver and black.

Changeling chuckled, "Nightwing."

"Hello, Changeling, didn't know you lived here." Nightwing said, somewhat sarcastic. "Shall we take him?" The three Titans nodded. "Titans, go!" he ordered. Raven was the first to charge. How dare kiss her like that; his brain was depraved, she'd pulverize him for that.

Raven felt Rage in her mind, Kill that perverted freak! Strangle him, he deserves it! She lunged hard, fist slamming into him. He staggered back, but he blocked the next blow. "You didn't like that Raven?" his low voice mocked in the darkness, "I did, and I think I'll do it again." Starfire heard that, and if her Righteous Fury could get any more Righteous, she'd blow up the entire world with it.

"Star," Nightwing shouted, "let him have it!" And she let him have it. Literally. The Starbolts smashed into his body, sending him howling and sprawling, on the ground.

He jumped up and lunged at a charging Nightwing who blocked his attacks with his bo staff. Nightwing did a whirl kick that sent him back on the ground. Cyborg fired his gun, but Changeling managed to dodge. He suddenly transformed himself into a giant bear and, dodging a hail of both Starbolts and lasers, leapt on Raven, claws tearing into her flesh, drawing first blood. With an Enraged scream of "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven used her power to throw him straight through the wall. Cyborg and Nightwing quickly ran through the hole, searching for Changeling, but he was nowhere in sight. Starfire helped Raven to her feet.

"Are you alright?" she asked, concerned.

"I'm alright, Star. Thanks."

"No problem."

"Come on, Titans, we need to get back to the Tower, "Nightwing said. And they left the alleyway in contemplative silence.

Changeling landed with a quiet thud on the other side of the wall. He was impressed Raven could generate that much power. He'd secretly enjoyed the fight her because it made him happy to see her squirm as he'd landed on top of her. He saw the defiance in her eyes, and he couldn't help but chuckle. "I know what makes you angry," he told her, secretly enjoying the feel of her soft, warm body underneath him. If he didn't hate her so much, he would have given her a smile, instead, he decided to kiss her, just to get her riled up. He liked it when his opponents were angry; that meant that they'd do something stupid and he would use their weakness to destroy them.

So he smashed his lips to hers, crushing her mouth before she had a chance to scream. Changeling savored her taste, and felt the warmth of her soft lips against his. Had be been Beast Boy, he would have done this out of love, for he had loved her once, but now he did it out of hatred, just to spite her. Suddenly, he felt sharp pain shoot through him. He rolled off of Raven and looked up, amused; there a few feet off the ground was Starfire, giving him a glare that would kill any normal human being.

"Well, well," he chuckled, "This is interesting. First Raven, now Starfire resurfacing in Jump City. What's next, Cyborg and Robin?" he sneered. "You wanted it; you asked for it!" a voice made him turn around. He turned. There was Robin and Cyborg. Except Robin wore a different outfit. Gone were the green, red, yellow and black uniform of Robin, now he wore blue, silver and black. Changeling chuckled, "Nightwing."

"Hello, Changeling, didn't know you lived here." Robin said, somewhat sarcastic. "Shall we take him?" The three Titans nodded. Changeling heard the saying that was embedded into his memory, "Titans, go!" Raven was the first to charge.

"You didn't like that Raven?" Changeling said, his low voice mocked in the darkness, "I did, and I think I'll do it again." He saw the hatred in her eyes. Good. Let her hate me. He thought, it would be more amusing when he killed her.

Morphing into an eagle again, he flew off so they wouldn't find him just as Nightwing and Cyborg ran through the hole he made in the wall. He grinned wickedly; vengeance would taste so sweet later on.

The Titans arrived back at Titans Tower. Raven healed herself with her powers and was on the roof. Thinking. Thinking about what had happened. Why had Changeling kissed her? Was it to mock her? She thought so, but still, she couldn't deny that something in her mind enjoyed it. She shuddered at that thought. He was a depraved man who hated her and wanted to see her dead. She kept those thoughts in her mind as she saw Starfire come up and join her on the roof.

Raven turned to her, "Hello, Kori," she said, smiling.

"Angel, are you alright, did he hurt you?"

"I'm fine, a surface wound, I've fixed it now."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I don't know," Angel replied. "I have to go back to work tomorrow morning. I'll come back once I close shop."

"Good, Dick is going to have a meeting. While you're at work we'll find as much information on Changeling as possible. We'll tell you all we know once you arrive."

Angel hugged Kori, "Thanks, you're the best." "You're my friend. What wouldn't I do for you?"

Angel laughed, "It's good to have you back again. I'm happy we could all be together." Kori laughed as well and they both smiled as the walked back inside Titans Tower.
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