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Pathways of Choice and Fate

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'Your choice from on after. Leave. Stay. Fate let you lead yourself. What will be will and won't. Chose again Theresa...The pathways you chose to walk.'

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I'm tired and I start high school tomorrow. On the way over at the start of our trip they lost all four of our bags in Heathrow. I got my bag five days later. Fortunately I got some new clothes. Then on the way back it was only my mom and I, as my dad had to stay longer for a conference, waited outside Heathrow in a line for four and a half hours! The baggage belt had broken down, so no checking in... only when my mom called the airline did she find out our flight was cancelled. She was able, by miracle, to rebook.
So I'm in a weird mood right now. On the flight yesterday the air-conditioning broke down, so we waited in a hot plane for one and a half hours until they fixed it and took off. This will help me write this chapter.
Sorry for the mood swing, it's good to be back. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"What type of vision is this?" -Theresa

Theresa lay nestled in Jay's warm embrace. His chest rose and descended under her head. It was nice, being able to touch him, she didn't know why she could now and not before, but she was happy. Very happy.

She sighed peacefully and tried to suppress at giggle at his smiling sleeping face. They had been lying like that for quite a while now, under the majestic stars, and now the slowly rising sun. Theresa turned her emerald eyes upwards towards the stable oak tree. Its leaves were covered in fresh morning dew, shimmering a light pale violet in the morning sunrise. A wind picked up and the leaves came tumbling down in a vortex of autumn colors.

One leaf found it's way to Jay and landed on his face. Surprisingly Jay didn't awake; instead he brushed it off, mumbling something about 'A few more minutes...' Theresa slinked out of his strong arms and tried to control her giggling. After a few minutes of being unsuccessful, she raced over to lean against the backside of the large tree.

The bark was cold and crisp against her leaning frame and shadows cast a frown of worry across her face. She shivered. She decided to get out of the cold darkness as soon as possible. 'The dark,' she thought, 'it reminds me so much of the time... I saw the dark and never knew I would wake up again.' With that thought she jumped away from the cold morning shadows and found her way back to the sun.

Like a flower she opened her arms and embraced the warm sunrise. She stretched her fingers open and felt a calming tingle work its way around her. The warmth cut through the crisp morning air like a knife.

Theresa let her arms fall back to her sides expecting the tingling to stop. But it didn't. It pricked her skin now and made it crawl and cringe. She began to shake uncontrollably and the scream never left her mouth. 'Not again...'


"What type of vision is this?" She breathed wordlessly. Then her unheard thoughts swirled, 'Vision?'

Theresa opened her eyes. Or she thought she did, she was completely unaware. Theresa was looking at images. But they looked dull and creepy, as if all the color had been washed out of them. A fraction of what could be. She was seeing them without really being there. It was as if she felt and saw... but had no sense of self. It didn't make any sense to her at all. It wasn't just the aching headache that made her head spin. 'Theresa you're crazy' she would have thought... then her head hurt more and she couldn't even remember her name. Not that she ever did.

She closed and then re-opened her eyes, or at least she thought she did, and examined the images more closely. The images were a teardrop of blood and a strange a face. IT was just that... a face, full of shadow so she couldn't really see it. But she saw two eyes... two bright orange eyes! They were like furnaces of fire opening up, burning at her flesh, and tearing at her soul.

She wailed a soundless wail that got caught in the worn out darkness that surrounded her. And she ran... or thought she had, moving as far away from the images as she could. Until as if out of the blue a pathway met her. It was weird. The pathway spilt and then met again later.

She felt a presence; that was all she could describe it as, move to one side of the colorless pathway. She was about to join the presence happily then stopped. She could just imagine the hair rise on the back of her neck. Theresa could feel another presence left behind. Her heart leapt. She loved this 'presence'? If she had had the ability to think or speak she would have laughed or thought, 'I love a presence? But I love Jay...' Then again her thoughts would dance with confusion, 'Jay?'

The presence she loved was remaining behind... it felt wrong... she could feel a sense of doom looming huskily in the air. She returned for the presence and threw him onto the path with the other presence. It was a 'he' wasn't it? And how could she throw?

Almost immediately she found the sense of relief replaced by shock. She found herself on the other side of the path. And she was rooted to the ground. She couldn't move! And she had chosen to go to this side of the path... and it felt all to wrong. Then pain hit her squarely.

The pain hurt so much it seared her and she was helpless. She couldn't jump to the other pathway. Then something else hit her. She could not remember who she was. Was she even anything? Anything at all? What was anything? Her head started to ache even more until a blinding image of a teardrop entered her head, bringing back realization. She moved again quickly. Atlanta would have been proud. But if she could think she would say, "Who's Atlanta?"

Blindly she searched for the two presences and Theresa found herself at the part where the pathways met up again. And then she could fell seven presences, including the one she loved and the one that had beckoned her to the other side of the pathway before, calling for her to come. She noted that the pathway divided again before it was swallowed in a misty veil of nothing.

This time she knew what path was right. It was the one with all the others... but right and the right path to chose our very different. She let herself fall to the left side of the pathway away from the presences and sobbed until she felt nothing... even though Theresa had never felt anything at all.

A voice rose up from the mist booming triumphantly and cold as a glacial lace. Ridged.

'Your choice from on after. Leave. Stay. Fate let you lead yourself. What will be will and won't. Chose again Theresa...The pathways you chose to walk.'

Confusion. 'Theresa? Yes, that is my name...'

'But fate is a foggy thing. Chose right and perhaps then unknown will let you live. Or you can choose it yourself...'

Then she felt pain. Not a dim memory of it that she had felt in the dream world of the dream. But real pain. Then nothing.

After everything she barely noticed her friends. Khalil's coal fur rose around his neck as he and Jay fought over waking her up. Annabelle sat meditating calmly.
'They found us...' She smiled then it faltered as she dimly remembered everything that had happened. 'What? What was... Should I tell them...' she thought as she looked over at an arguing Khalil and Jay and a somewhat happy Annabelle, 'Nah, they'd just worry.' And she let sleep take her for real this time.

But something else bothered her... Jay felt a lot like the presence from the life vision... the one she had loved.


A little short. Not very good. Blame it on jet leg. Are you almost glad I didn't write this before I left? I might have been too much of a cliffhanger. Confusing wasn't it. I'll explain in due time. Hope you enjoyed it. I kind of went a little fast, not to proud of it. It feels so good to be back though. Wish me luck in high school. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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