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To Leave You

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"Annabelle... why are we going east anyways?" "Because," Theresa sighed at her answer, but then Annabelle added, "I can manipulate the magic of the dream world remember? I can feel the power that...

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Thanks for the reviews. Sorry again for the confusing chapter, but I did it for a reason! I needed you to be just as confused as Theresa. Sorry. Well I wasn't going to write this chapter so soon originally because I wanted it to be really good. I've had to endure going to school, (Which is fine) while being ill. I have a terrible cough and cold and that's why I was going to wait. The title is a play off a quote that Theresa and Jay shared in 'Twilight Eve'. I still hope it's good enough for what I'm about to write. I apologize in advance. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Theresa, no!" -Khalil

Theresa opened her eyes and met a blinding glare of light. She put her hands to her head and rubbed her temples, pushing her soft locks behind her ears. Moving her body of the ground she spit out a damp dirty leaf that had caught in-between her lips. She shivered, 'Ew!' she thought. In fact many wet leaves clung all over her body... and to Theresa's dislike most of it was in her hair. The sun-touched fire was a mass of brown. Then she realized that it hadn't been raining. It was her sweat. And she felt even more grossed out. 'But why was I sweating?' she thought.

Theresa, still a bit dazed by the light soon had thoughts pouring in; she barely heard the end of an argument between Jay and Khalil. Something about Jay not even being able to touch her to wake her up, and Jay calling Khalil dog breath... then something about Jay being a furless freak, naked! ...Theresa could already feel the heat rising to her cheeks.

'I wonder how long I slept for? It seems they don't realize I'm awake yet... but I'm guessing Annabelle knows.' She interrupted her own thoughts by turning her gaze towards Annabelle. The woman lay beneath the large oak tree, its ancient bark seemed to move and create a gap just for her resting purposes. She seemed oblivious to the two's pointless jabber and seemed to stare only at the sun, never looking away.

The sun made her ebony hair look even darker if it was possible and made unblinking eyes look like ice. To all that didn't know her it seemed as if her pale eyes were ice, cool, commanding and mysterious. But Theresa knew better. True they're ice, but ice is only as thick as the cold events that made it so, underneath it all it was a thin layer of glass... already shattered. The tears that only stained her cheeks every once and a while weren't there. But the invisible tears seemed to complete her face, yet seemed out of place.

Blood streaked tears.

Theresa shook her head at the thought and turned away from the sad scene, she couldn't let Annabelle meet her gaze and know that she pitied her, but more then that... she pitied herself.
"If Jay dies when we don't find the exit... My fate can be changed! I won't die! I can bend fate to my choices!" she mumbled fiercely to herself. Theresa could feel Khalil's ears perk up, but she ignored it. Her head hurt with her sudden outburst. Her head hurt more with thoughts, 'Where did that 'I can control fate' thought come from?' But then the feeling left and her eyes met a pair of brown orbs shining with a smile.

"Hey Theresa you ready to leave?" Jay questioned casually. He shrugged his shoulders but had a look of confusion on his face. She flashed him a bright smile that only faltered for a minute.
"Sure Jay? Where too?" At Theresa's reply Annabelle rose gracefully from her position and turned to the pair casually dusting off her ink black robe, trailing down behind her.
"East," her voice was a caress that made the air hang on her every word. Theresa was sure she could even make Archie dance if she wished it so... and only hypnotic music and Atlanta could do that.

Khalil's eyes made contact with all of their brains without even looking at them, and then he loomed out of the darkness, blending in perfectly. He turned his two heads to meet Annabelle.
"Why east? Do you know something we don't?" His question was calm but it held some sharp edge.
"Because. East." She said it as if that was all there was to it. Khalil fumed but settled for simply giving her a dirty look or two.

They walked for a while meeting many large trees as they passed and streams. They stopped to drink after a while as the 'Odie backpack' was a lot lighter then it was. She vaguely remembered talking to Khalil and saying she was fine, everything was a blur. The reason that it was a blur is that she felt something calling her forward in the direction they were headed. She knew the voice of the singer of this bewitching song. She could hardly ever remember hearing the same voice say:

Your choice from on after. Leave. Stay. Fate let you lead yourself. What will be will and won't. Chose again Theresa...The pathways you chose to walk. But fate is a foggy thing. Chose right and perhaps then unknown will let you live. Or you can choose it yourself...

Then they came to a pathway and it all came crashing down on her.

'The dreams! Blood-streaked tears! A face! Pathways! Choice! Fate! Help!' Theresa trembled slightly and turned to Jay who was frowning at her in concern.
"Theresa, are you ok?"
"Yes," she said absently, and then changing the subject added, "Why do you keep frowning like that? You looked so confused back at that tree." Jay turned away feeling the heat rise in his face.
"It's just... I thought you had-you know, fallen asleep in m-my arms and..." A loud growling snicker burst from Khalil behind them. Jay rushed away quickening his stride with a red face.
'Poor Jay. Good thing Khalil isn't as protective as he was though... he would've tried to bite Jay's head off! But at least that got rid of him... Wow I never thought I would say or think that! But I need to talk to Annabelle.'

Slowing her pace she fell back along the dusty pathway. She turned to Annabelle and her features showed no sign of surprise. The song of fate called her more strongly then ever.
"Annabelle... why are we going east anyways?"
"Because," Theresa sighed at her answer, but then Annabelle added, "I can manipulate the magic of the dream world remember? I can feel the power that doesn't belong in here. You said the goddess Hera made the portal, did you not?" Theresa looked shocked at how simple the answer of finding the portal was, but that wasn't why she was talking to the voice of the stars.
"Do you know if... Clairvoyant people can feel it too?" A slight look of surprise crossed the other woman porcelain face.
"I don't know? Why?" And Theresa told her.

She spilled her guts. And told her everything! Except the fact about the presences being people she knew, loved, and the voice of fate. After everything Annabelle pursed her lips and was about to reply, but was cut off. A piercing cry filled the air.

Khalil's voice cut her mind like a knife, "Run!" Two forms burst from the dense trees. They were beautifully repulsive. They looked like women, with pure white hair and dark blood lips. They wore almost transparent clothes and you could see their curvy forms from under the cloth, it was scandalous! But their eyes... they looked like the pair of eerie orange eyes from the fate dream!

She screamed as the pair loomed towards her, everything else was blank. She rushed forward in a stamped of dust, she barely felt the twigs and branches cutting her skin. She could hear them chasing her and... she could feel fate's song calling her closer and closer. She didn't know if it was the cord of her heart or the fear but she ran hard. She felt ashamed to be leaving the others behind and she could barely hear Jay's voice calling after her, but she kept running. She didn't know if you could get killed in this world before fading... but she didn't want to find out.

She didn't know how long she had been running from those eyes but eventually the song consumed everything in whole, the humming in her ears grew louder. And louder. She barely noticed a sharp pain stab through her sides. She screamed out and she opened her eyes to see one of the women looming over her, pulling sharp claws from her side. Then the woman was thrust into the air by a magical force and whammed into a pin tree.

Annabelle rushed forward in a whiz of black; her hair clung to her face that was beaded in sweat.
"Go! Run Theresa! You can find the portal, I know you can! Just run!"
"But Annabelle! You need to go to the portal too!" She cried clutching her side in pain; she could already feel the hot ooze touching her hands.
"NO!" she spat the calmed down, almost too calm, "I can never leave hear, I pass through the portal. Now take Khalil and Jay to the portal." Then a smile touched her lips, "These are two kin of the beast... I will destroy evil such as this with pride."

Then she saw Khalil burst from the shadows with the other women at his tail and Jay followed after looking hopeless. She could she it from his eyes... he couldn't help them... they passed right through him too. She motioned to Khalil, he growled at the women but she rushed ahead quickly before he could say, "What about Annabelle?"
"She has made her choice." She remembered saying that in life to the others about Herry before, they had been in the Underworld... not this Hell! How she longed for life again! It was like a never-ending thirst gnawing at her soul. She would touch again!

Annabelle fell to the ground in pain as one women jumped at her, she saw Khalil bite down on the women's leg and begin to wrestle Jay helped Annabelle up carefully. Then the other women jumped at Theresa, Khalil's thoughts cried out, "Theresa!" And she turned to punch the spawn of evil only to find something in her side again. Long knife edged nails, digging deeper. She fell through the bush behind her and felt half of her body hanging over a ledge. The rock dug into her side.

Jay rushed forward to grab her hand as she felt the rock shifting under her weight.
"Theresa!" The surface fell beneath her as she felt his warm touch pass through her hand. She closed her eyes as air whooshed past her and waited for the solid impact of ground. It never came.

Khalil jumped boldly from the ledge and arched his bristly back for momentum rushing underneath Theresa and landing firmly on the ground thirty feet bellow. His large paws that had been the mockery of the other Shadow wolves came in handy. Khalil stumbled a bit and then his knees buckled and he landed on the ground. In general he was fine though.

Tears brimmed the edges of Theresa's emerald eyes. The creature that normally struck terror into peoples eyes never looked more beautiful. She then noticed she was spilling icky blood onto his surprising soft coat. She moved to wipe away her tears, and then clutched her side in pain. She bit her lower rosy lip and looked into Khalil's worried green eye on his left head.
"You, ok?" She nodded and he smiled in a mouthful of silver teeth.

"Thank Zeus for you Khalil!" Jay called from the top of the small cliff; she could pick out his bright yellow and purple polo shirt from the rusty colors of the rock. He was trying to climb down the face of rock.
"Told you, you'd need me!" Khalil smiled up at him. Theresa was happy then turned her head to look behind her, where the song of fate was the strongest it had ever been.

The portal was barely noticeable, it was small for one thing and the same color as the rock, but it was the portal. The presence around this area was dominating and the rock behind her was swirling in endless confusion.
"The portal!" she cried. Jay nearly stumbled at this and Khalil's smile stopped in wonder. He was really going home. And wherever that was, he was getting out of here! Khalil leaped up in one step and offered to help Theresa but she declined.
"Go, I'll be there." She nearly laughed in joy, despite the jabbing in her side. Khalil nodded reluctantly and stepped into the portal. She could feel the warm escape through him as the brown coopery portal swirled even more. She could still see him tough, like he had been consumed in a light.

She moved to get up when she heard Annabelle scream, "Theresa! I can't move! One of them is coming, go now!" She felt the hot sun get blocked out from a looming shadow. She cried some more as she tried desperately to get up with success. She dragged herself across the rouge dust floor, causing her blood to mix with the dirt.
"Khalil! Help me! I c-can't..." She cried as the remaining woman, looking more haggled moved forward with a deadly grace. Blood oozed out of her mouth as she smiled with sharp yellow teeth.
"I can't move!" Khalil barked desperately from the light, "I can't move my feet!" And for a second she imagined that feeling in the fate dream, where she couldn't move. But as soon as the feeling was there it vanished.

Suddenly Jay burst forth chivalrously, grabbing a piece of rock that had fallen from his descent.
"Go!" he yelled at Theresa as he rammed the rock into the creature's head, "I don't know why I can touch her... it now, but I'll stop her in time for you to get in. Go!"
"Jay..." she whispered emotionally. He smiled and threw another rock at the creature, causing it to shriek. Then the next rock it caught and moved towards Jay. A thought came to Theresa, 'What if it can hurt him? And I won't be there to help?'
"Theresa, no!"

Without another thought she threw herself painfully against the creature's side and pushed Jay into the light. Then she felt her life. It glowed like a dimming light behind her eyelids. She could fell it slipping away. Dripping out of her body.

Drip, drip, drip


Drip, drip, drip

"I'm sorry Khalil... Jay..."

Drip, drip, drip

'I can't tell him I love him... he must move on...'
"Good bye."



But she didn't remember that. She had never even remembered memory. All she knew and ever had was cold, pain and faces. Countless faces screaming in unheard cries.


Hera paced besides the body of Theresa nervously. It had been a while since the teens left... why weren't the others back yet? Were they waiting for Jay? The older goddess rubbed her temple in anxiety. Then she turned towards Theresa's sleeping frame something caught her eye.

She stopped breathing.

"Chiron!" She yelled forcefully clutching her white turquoise trimmed dress as she ran out the large doors, a hint of sweat glistened over the furrow of her brow. She heard a startled horse grunt come from the end of the hallway. Chiron cantered over to where she stood, his nightcap falling off his graying hair. He made haste for a reason, the goddess was trembling.
"Hera?" he questioned slightly out of breath. She closed her blue eyes then opened them; the tears were never there.
"Hera?" he questioned again.
"Make haste, Chiron. Something has gone wrong." She rushed away in long strides down towards a door marked 'Mr. Suez', then muttered to herself, "Terribly wrong."

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I loved my writing in this chapter. I'll write the next chapter as soon as I can! It will have action, an annoyed Archie and Atlanta, a hero Neil and an over emotional Jay! Bear with me! Please Rate and Review. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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