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Not Jay

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They all cried out with joy and relief. Atlanta was about to rush over and embrace their long gone leader when she stopped dead in her tracks. Something was wrong. The other's picked that something...

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Thanks to all the reviewers of the last chapter. I hope you don't want to kill me for this. I added fluff and action and humor in this one. Enjoy. Luff you! -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Wait a mi- Are you guys like mind readers or something!" -Neil

Rushing around in a flurry of desperation and flapping wings attached to feet, Hermes flew around the room. His normally busy workday had been tripled and that was much to be considered for the god of communication. But the busy work schedule was not the only reason or his frantic pacing. This morning he had received word that something bad had happened concerning Theresa's predicament. He didn't know the exact details of the whole event, but he knew that the visit that he was receiving from Persephone in a short while was going to cause him a heart attack. He could just imagine the sweet willowy face turning to a sight so fierce that no brave man could just walk away.

Just then Persephone entered gracefully threw the door and seemed to float over the piles of disorganized clutter and papers. Hermes brown eyes bulged out of his head in frantic fear. Persephone brushed some dust off her sleek white robe and gazed at him with two aqua eyes.
"Hera said you had something to tell me Hermes. She has been in a fluster all day and I could tell that she didn't want to tell me something." She laughed a gentle caress of air.
"I couldn't imagine why she would be scared about little old me." Hermes gulped, then he let his long bony limbs drop to his chair and his wings on his shoes beat faster.
"Hera's sending me an e-mail right now all... a-about it Persephone." Theresa's mentor laughed a little more uncertainly at this response.

One of the large computer screens's popped up with a loud, "You have new mail." This was courtesy of Odie. But not a good thing now. Persephone motioned to the screen.
"Check it." Hermes sweated a gallon as he opened the e-mail with slight difficulty. After reading the note he fell into his chair and didn't know whether to cry or fear his fate. Persephone looked straight at the awkward messenger.
"Hermes, what does it say? Hera's games tire me. If it is nothing I wish to visit Hades," she demanded forcefully. Hermes forced a breath and spat out loudly.
"That shadow wolf's body is gone. The one that was affected by the beast! And my portal doesn't work! And the others haven't come back! And-and THERESA'S BODY STOPPED BREATHING!!!"

He felt the atmosphere change drastically and he knew he had sealed his fate. 'Goodbye world,' he thought cringing for the loud scream.
"SHE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Feet tied together at the ends with the Titans unbreakable rope, and legs wrapped around a large tooth of rock... this was not good. It fact looking at Archie's, Atlanta's, Odie's, Neil's and Herry's position, it was very bad. They had been stuck like that for hours with many lumps of coal black fur stretched out like ground before them. Sometimes they would even catch a glimpse of razor blades of silver teeth.

When Archie and Atlanta had came running out of their safeguard they had noticed that they had stepped on something. Later they would find out that their friends had also had the unconvinced to step on this 'something'. It was amazing that Neil had stopped screaming.

That 'something' had been a great glob of saliva. The unknown talent that the shadow wolves posses is called Califur. They have an extra gland in their throat, making it possible to mix two natural chemicals in their bodies. This new chemical is called Califur. Basically it is a regurgitated oozing brown fluid that sticks and traps whoever steps on it. It is their ultimate hunting tool.

So obviously after all the heroes had stepped on this, you can see why they had been disgusted and their ears where still ringing from a certain high squeal.

So now their feet are tied around a spiked rock coming out of the topaz ground and stuck in a very bad mood. Surprisingly it is very hard to get out. And being there for about one hour meant... they were not in a good mood.

"This is all your fault you know." Atlanta stated with vehement. She puffed out her chest in the blind anger of being tied up and out smarted.
"Shut up.' Archie growled.
"Why couldn't you have said, 'Hey Atlanta! It's not safe out there!'" she rested a pair of twilight eyes on the back of his purple head. She could fell the light contact of his warm pale skin against her, but unfortunately it did nothing to help him in her annoyance.
"Shut up!" he yelled. The other three Titan boys sighed as they saw on of the sleeping shadow wolves' stir. Fortunately the terror of controlled power didn't open a piercing yellow eye.

Atlanta looked hurt for a minute and then her eyes at last clouded over with fury.
"You shut up!"
"No you shut up!" he shouted back, his pale face drained of color.
"You shut up!"
"You shut up!"
"NO YOU SHUT UP!" The other Titans hissed loudly. They guessed that the mechanism that controlled the shadow wolves was set on sleep. They were right, as the endless sea of bristly lumps.

Archie and Atlanta made a loud 'humph' and crossed their arms over their chests. The other Titan's sighed for the millionth time, they didn't know what had happened in that cave, or most of this week... but even Herry had caught on. And that meant it must have been obvious. And as much as Herry, Odie and Neil would just love to sit there all day listening to them bickering... they really needed a plan.

"Honestly you guys we're trying to think of a plan." Odie rubbed a hand threw his mop of messy brown hair. He was supposed to be the smart one, the one that had all the answers. Now look at him! They even had their hands and they couldn't do anything!
"I was trying too!" Archie snapped at the rest of the team while Atlanta remained silent, "Until someone went and blamed me."

Atlanta shut her eyes furiously trying to keep calm. True she knew that she had over reacted and been harsh. She had been the one that had rushed out of that haven. She was the one that just wanted to get out. But she could never say the real reason. She couldn't say she was afraid of being alone with Archie. Not Archie. Not her best friend. She was NOT falling for the dork! So she continued to sit there in bitter silence.

Suddenly Neil piped up.
"Hey! I got a plan!" At his outburst the rest, except Atlanta hushed him and Herry did a palm in face gesture. Neil seemed not to notice this and opened his mouth to continue with a gloating air.
"Does it involve you getting all the victory?" Odie sighed.
"And does it happened to involve you getting to escape first?" Herry said absently already knowing the answer.
"And of course a mirror?" Archie mocked absentmindedly.

Neil had a bewildered expression cross his extremely handsome features at this.
"Wait a mi- Are you guys like mind readers or something!"
"No! You are such... such a... Uggh!" Atlanta huffed. Then she met Archie's surprised gaze and blushed furiously resuming her quiet state. 'Not falling for him!' her thoughts squirmed desperately.
"Guys!" Neil whined, "don't you get it? This is the rope that they took from us, right?"
"Yeah so?" Herry shrugged his shoulders, "Even I can't break it. Key word 'Unbreakable'."
"Guys! The answer is so obvious! I'm surprised you didn't think of it Odie." Neil gloated at the scrunched up face that Odie wore.
"Then what is it all knowing one!" Odie said bitterly.
"We burn it."

Odie's eyes shot open from behind his green glasses. The other's as well looked surprised.
"And how are we going to burn it? With our invisible matches." Herry said pretending to take out a fake match and light it. But Odie suddenly lost the bitterness.
"No! Neil I didn't know you had it in you!" This comment threatened to make his head exploded because of his already huge ego.
"With all the light in this room we can use Neil's mirror to concentrate the light to burn the ropes!"
"Great plan Odie... but I thought the shadow wolves took all our possessions." At Archie's comment Neil took out his gold three-paneled mirror and smiled, "Lucky."

So the team began to burn through the rope, hopping the smell didn't affect the wolves' sensitive noses. Just as the last tight thread that was binding them almost broke free a loud cry pierced the air.
Atlanta, Archie, Odie, Neil and Herry all shot up and crept through the still amazingly sleeping shadow wolves. They raced towards the cry, grabbing their weapons along the way. The hunger in their stomachs didn't stop them to grab a bite of food. They knew that voice. It was Jay's.

A loud howl filled the air. For a minute Atlanta thought that it was a shadow wolf that was coming after them. She raced even harder a head of the other's. And she saw him. Jay splayed on the floor doing nothing. A shadow wolf stood over him, gazing at him with such hatred and sorrow. Jay looked at her feet and then at the feet of the other's, as he lay motionless on the floor.

They all cried out with joy and relief. Atlanta was about to rush over and embrace their long gone leader when she stopped dead in her tracks. Something was wrong. The other's picked that something up to.
"Jay! What happened!" Archie demanded.
"One question. I only have the strength to answer on question." He said calmly raising from the floor. His light brown locks still covering his eyes.
"What!" Herry looked perplexed, "One question? Jay what the hell is wrong with you." It barely even looked like Jay. It did and didn't. Everyone agreed without voicing their thoughts.
"Fine." Odie took a step towards the retreating Jay, "Where's Theresa."

Jay still avoided their confused eyes. The wolf kept his raging green eye against his back in daggers. The wolf that Atlanta recognized to be the one that had saved Theresa. Jay said something that they could barely hear.
"She is lost. She will live without living in a pool of death filled with pain and no memories. We were being attacked and this wolf entered the void to come home. I couldn't touch anything around me except at the end... I tried to help but she pushed me in the portal before her. And she... faded."

'Does he not even care?' Atlanta took a step back at his calm words, letting the meaning sink in. 'Theresa...'
"What! You brought back this stupid shadow wolf instead of Theresa!" Neil cried up. Khalil didn't fight like he normally would. Theresa had faded before his eyes calling for him. His only friend, because she died because of Jay. Jay couldn't be his friend.
"I-" Jay couldn't look at them. Atlanta knew why. All life had left him with the terrifying image of Theresa fading away. He couldn't save her... and she gave herself up for him.

Atlanta couldn't tell how much he wanted to die right then. The bitterness that was swallowing his being. All she knew is that she had trusted this fool of a man. And Theresa was in a world filled with pain. Jay turned to leave with his head to the ground, but Atlanta kicked him down in rage.

"We trusted you." Atlanta spoke up in a bitter cry; her fists pounding his strong chest. Then she rose up and let tears spill out as she clenched her fists together.
"Atlanta..." Archie placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.
"NO!" she cried slapping his hand away in a hiss. She could feel the hurt when she met his eyes. She turned her fiery gaze to look at their defeated leader. He looked so torn and lost.
"I trusted you... but my friend is dead."
Not as good as last time, but it was more of a filler chapter. But I like the 'NO YOU SHUT UP!' scene. Don't forget to check out the two new one-shots I wrote. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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