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Friends, Foes and Betrayal

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In trade for her soul, the 'Devil' grants Rogue 7 wishes. It's a dream come true when she can just 'wish' her powers away or gain anything else. But it's a nightmare when all her wishes end up wors...

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"Strange..." Rogue uttered as her eyes scanned the roof for any signs of life. "No one's here...?"

"Perfect," Jean said, dropping the heavy bag she was carrying.

Kitty set down her laptop and switched it on.

"So...uh...what exactly are we doin' here?" Rogue asked, gazing at the traffic below.

"The mansion where they live is just ahead," Jean explained, bending on her knees and unzipping the bag. "I think I'll be able to get a clear-"

Rogue frowned when Jean suddenly froze. "What?"

Kitty shushed her. Her hands slowly pulled out two knives.

"What is it?"

"/Gotcha/!" Kitty hurled the knives at the wall and to Rogue's amazement, they pinned someone.

Kitty smiled and walked up to the cloaked figure she just trapped.

"That was...impressive," Rogue complimented her as she followed.

"What are you talking about?" Kitty asked and pulled out the knives. "I missed!"

Rogue could only blink. "Huh?"

"Ow! P-Please f-forgive me!" The person's muffled voice came from underneath the clothing. "Never meant any harm."

"Oh really?" An agitated Jean asked before shoving him to the ground. "You know what the consequence of spying is?"

"Non! I-I wasn't spyin'! Non! Please don't do dat!" He cried when Jean was about to remove the hood. "My face-I-It's too horrible! Got burned badly when I was a baby."

"I'll believe it when I see it!" Jean pronounced and furiously removed the hood.

Kitty made a disgusted face.

Rogue turned her head away in absolute disgust.

Jean grind her teeth. "Go!" she released him. "Get out of here! /Go/!"

He quickly collected himself and scrambled off.

"Idiot!" Jean hissed. "Lucky he didn't see anything."

"What was there ta see?" Rogue mumbled. "It's not like we're doin somethin illegal."

Kitty and Jean gave her weird looks before turning back to what they were doing.

'What?' Rogue thought as she walked upto see what Jean was searching in the bag. 'Did I say somethin... wrong/-/Oh mah Gawd...' Her blood turned cold when she saw the possessions of the bag. "W-What's all this?" she asked in a low voice as Jean pulled out what seemed like a sniper.

"What does it look like?" Jean asked, putting the weapon in place. "Nice shoes..." she murmured looking through the scope. "They're as good as mine..."

"I can disable the security system," Kitty mentioned as she typed away on the laptop.

"Good. While you-" Jean turned to Rogue. "Can go inside and kill Daddy dearest."

"K-Kill?" Rogue choked out. "W-What kind of kill?"

"Murder, annihilate, assassinate," Jean listed in a sarcastic tone. "That kind of kill obviously."

Rogue had completely frozen with fear when it dawned upon her...Who they were...Who she was...
'A-Assassin?' The first word came into her mind. 'Ah'm an assassin!'

And they were here to kill Pietro and Magneto?

"Hmm...still two hours till that idiot comes out for his morning swim. Plenty of time for you Rogue," Kitty said.

"Once you're done and out of there, I'll get rid of his white-haired offspring from here. No witnesses, no clues," Jean said.

'That idiot made me inta a psycho killer!' Rogue was furious and horrified at the same time. She recalled her wish: Rich, filthy wonder...only dishonest people could be that rich! 'A Columbian drug lord would've been good but noooo! An assassin! Man Ah'm goin ta kill the Devil!'

"Rogue, are you listening?" Jean's voice broke her trail of thoughts.

Rogue nodded unconsciously and lunged for her pockets, desperate to find the planner and get out of this twisted world.

"What are you doing...?" Rogue moved to see the questioning looks of Jean and Kitty.

"J-Just s-searchin for s-somethin," Rogue answered trying hard not to panic, though she was. She had heard a lot of terrible rumours about assassins. She really didn't want to find out if they were all true.

"You seem...really tense..." Jean observed closely. "Is there something wrong?"

Rogue vigorously shook her head. "No! No! Nothin's wrong!" But what she wanted to answer was, 'Duh! Ahm an assassin! A killer! A murderer! Everything's obviously wrong!'

"Alright..." Jean said unsurely, turning back to looking through the sniper's scope. Her expression suddenly transformed into an amused grin. "Look who's here..."

"W-Who?" Rogue asked, taking out almost everything out of her pockets: cell phone, make-up kit, credit cards, cheque book, Logan's cookies but still no digital planner. She bend down and started scattering the things to find it.

"Your lovely husband," Jean answered, sarcasm thick in her voice. "Hmm...and he's not alone..."

"/What/!" Rogue stopped. "What do you mean?"

Jean stepped aside to let Rogue see. "Knock yourself out."

Rogue, careful not to pull the trigger and kill someone, peered through the scope. T

here was Scott, on the lawn of somebody's mansion, chatting away with some woman who looked strangely familiar.

"Taryn what is he doing with her?" Jean wondered out loud.

'Must be some business matter,' Rogue assured herself but she blinked when Scott put an arm around Taryn. His other hand held his cell phone on which he was punching the numbers.

Rogue's cellphone suddenly started ringing.

"Why didn't you switch it off?" Jean asked picking it up..

"A-Ah...umm...forgot?" Rogue answered nervously.

Jean gave her a suspicious look before she answered it. "Hello?"

"Uh..." Scott's confused voice came from the other end. "Are you the secretary?"

"Secretary?" Jean's brow shot up.

"Yes. Is Rogue there?"

Jean cleared her throat and spoke in a completely transformed voice. "Oh oh yes of course sir! Just let me check!" She turned to Rogue. "Oh Mrs. Summers...a call from your husband. If you're not too busy with the paperwork to attend it."

"" Rogue hesitantly took the cell phone. "H-Hello?"

"Hey Rogue! So how are you doing?" Scott asked.

"Umm...f-fine...A-Ah think..." Rogue cast a nervous glance at the two women who had bored expressions on their faces.

"Alright, that's good. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I may get a little late from work."

"T-That's fine." She swallowed the lump in her throat. 'Ah don't think Ah'll be comin home.' "Ah think Ah'll also be late." Or maybe never come.

"Oh...well alright. But you should be careful," he told her firmly. " Lot of psychos are lose these days."

Kitty and Jean snickered, unaware to Rogue that they were listening to her conversation through Kitty's special hacking skills.

'Yeah and Ahm one of them,' Rogue thought weakly.

"I'll send Ray to pick you up."

"No no don't do that!" Rogue forbid him. "I-It'll be better that he stays far away from here as possible."

"What do you mean? Where are you?"

"Err-What the hell is Taryn doin!" Rogue blurted out when Taryn cuddled against Scott's chest.

The flabbergasted Scott immediately pushed himself away from Taryn. "Rogue, where exactly did you say you were!"

Before Rogue could say anything else, Jean snatched the cellphone and switched it off.

"Are you trying to get us all killed!" She snapped before smashing it with her heel.

"Scott's-" Rogue was speechless. "He and Taryn?"

Jean made a tsk tsk noise. "Tragic...but the insurance money would be worth it don't you think so?"

Rogue was fixated in the same position, slowly shaking her head in disbelief.

" you want to do the honours or should I?" Jean didn't get an answer. "Alright then..." She went upto the weapon, taking her position and preparing to shoot. "Let's see if Scott still likes her with a hole in her head..."

This brought Rogue back to life and she knocked Jean off her feet.

Jean looked stumped. Kitty gave Rogue an incredulous look.

"Geez it was only Taryn," Jean said as she got up. "I wasn't going for your husband!"

"Y-Yeah but still that's no reason for you ta just kill her," Rogue pointed.

Jean looked like Rogue had said something hilarious. "You're right! I-I mean it's not like Scott and I are in a relationship. It's your duty to kill Taryn. I'm sorry. But do us a favour and call us when you do that."

"Uh...y-yeah...A-Ah'll do just that before Ah go home," Rogue said in a disgusted tone.

"You're really acting strange," Kitty noted. "Does marriage usually do that?"

"Why? Aren't you guys married or goin out or anythin?" Rogue asked a bit curious. Even if they were killers, they were still humans and her teammates. Plus it gave her an opportunity to keep searching for that cursed planner before they find out she was a sane person and kill her.

"No," Jean simply said.

"Really? Nobody at all?" Rogue asked, not believing they could be single.

"No one since Duncan."

"What happened ta him?" Rogue asked.

"Killed him when I found him screwing another woman," Jean replied casually as killing someone was a norm.

Rogue regretted herself for asking. "...That's...nice..."

Jean smiled at the memory. "Sure was..."

"And what about you Kit-Katherine?"

"He's dead," she answered blankly.

"Oh! A-Ah'm so sorry!" Rogue sympathized. No wonder Kitty was like this now, she was in mourning.

"Sorry?" Kitty let out a small chuckle. "I had to kill Lance because he was going to expose me."

Rogue swallowed her urge to scream 'psycho murderers' and run far away. "That's...interestin Kitty."

"It's Katherine," Kitty corrected as she pulled out a pair of binoculars. "Call me that again and I'll slit your throat."

Rogue gulped, a hundred and one percent sure Kitty would do that.

"Well...look who else is here..." Kitty smiled looking through the binoculars. "The infamous Remy LeBeau."

"A thief! Here!" Jean seemed furious as a storm.

"Yes, unfortunate..." Kitty tsked tsked sadly. "For him..."

"I-hate-thieves," Jean emphasized each word in a voice that could've scared Logan. She stomped upto Kitty and snatched the binoculars.

"Take care of that later Red," Kitty dismissed. "We still have to-" She suddenly stopped and gazed at her wrist as if noticing it for the first time. "My bracelet! It's gone!"

"That thief has my earring!" Jean suddenly screeched. "How did he...?"

"The poor man with the disfigured face..." Kitty guessed immediately.

Rogue had searched everywhere and still no planner! She hated to admit but maybe the bracelet and the earring weren't the only things the thief stole...

"He'll pay for this!" Jean packed everything back. "And we have plenty of time."

"Ta do what?" Rogue was afraid to find out.

"Get our stuff back of course," Jean replied in a matter of fact way. "And make the 'poor thief's' face more horrible." Or in other words, they were going to kill him.

"Uh...i-is i-it really necessary ta kill him?" Rogue asked shakily.

"No, we'll just take our stuff back and be angels of mercy and forgive him," Jean said sarcastically. "Thieves should know better than to cross an assassain's path..."

"This time I won't miss..." Kitty said, holding up two knives.

Rogue said nothing and helplessly followed them.

Remy LeBeau grinned widely as he ripped off the horrible mask. "Poor man burned his face...Works every time." He smirked. "Hmm...horrible demon eyes look good. Maybe Remy should get contacts which last for more dan a year," he remarked, staring at his reflection in the display glass of a shop. "But first...time t' find a suitable buyer..."

After many unsuccessful attempts, he walked into the last shop. "Hope John takes dese at a much better price," he muttered. "People are gettin' so cheap dese days...Oh! Bonjour mon ami!" he greeted the red-head Australian. "How business be goin'?"

"/Fine/!" John squeaked out. Remy raised a brow. "J-Just f-f-fine mate!"

"Remy sure isn't convinced," Remy said unsurely. "Got some fine t'ings today. But for a price..."

"Remy, you didn't happen to steal those things from a bunch of assassin Sheilas did you?" John gulped, looking extremely tense.

"Assassins! Non! Dose ladies were pretty..." he replied, fumbling in his trench coat. "Pretty rich," he chuckled, whisking out an earring and a bracelet. "How much y' gonna pay for dese?"

"How about a kidney and a heart?"A female voice said and the next thing Remy knew was a revolver on his head. "And your brains too?"

Remy gulped and managed to smile. "Bonjour chere! Nice t' see y' again."

Jean smiled sadistically and poked his forehead. "Do you know how much bounty there is on this thick skull of yours?"

"Non. But Remy knows dat he's pretty expensive."

"Well.....not alive," Jean said sweetly. "But dead.....yeah."

"Remy, if we survive/, I'm going to kill you/!" John screamed.

Rogue knew what was about to happen next. Brutal killings in movies never scared her, but right now, watching Jean about to blow this guy's brains out was enough for her.

"/W-Wait/!" Rogue cried. "Jean uh...h-how a-about...A-Ah take care of him?"

"Why?" Jean asked dryly.

"Just feel like rippin' someone's insides out!" Rogue responded. "And watch them suffer while they plead for mercy."

Remy looked horrified. "Non!" He turned to Jean. "Shoot Remy in de head now!"

Jean smirked. "Go ahead Rogue."

With a gun pointing in his back, Rogue dragged him to the store room. "Get in here!" she shouted and kicked Remy into the store. "Ok... Ah will not hesitate ta kill you for tryin ta blow mah hand off!"

Remy blinked. "Do I know y'?"

"Not in this world!" Rogue answered. "Now give me back mah planner!"

"Your what?"

"The thing you stole from me!"

"Oh...dat..." he realized. "But it depends chere..." he slowly opened his trench coat.

Rogue's eyes widened.

"Which one is yours?" he asked looking at the similar black gadgets hanging on each side of his coat.

Rogue let out an exasperated sigh. "Hold this." She carelessly handed the weapon to Remy.

Remy gave her an amazed look. "Y' sure y're an assassin chere?"

"Do Ah look like a psycho? No!"

"Den...y're not gonna kill me?" he asked in a surprised tone.

Rogue mumbled a 'no' in between cursing as she punched triple six in every planner.

"B-But chere, Remy hears dat if de assassin doesn't kill de thief den--"

"Then what?" Rogue asked pressing triple six on another planner. Nothing happened.

"The assassin kills the assassin," a voice hissed before Rogue found a knife at her throat.

She gulped. "K-Kitty! H-Hey!"

"Now what did I say if you call me 'Kitty' again?" she asked poking the tip in Rogue's neck.

Rogue gulped. "Y-You'll...umm...slit mah throat?" This was it. Rogue was going to die and unbelievingly at the hands of the girl she considered weak and innocent.

"Correct..." Kitty crooned. "Goodnight-/Hey/!" she was suddenly pulled off.

Confused, Rogue turned to see Remy trying to restrain Kitty who was violently thrashing underneath him.

"/Go on/!" Remy yelled. "/Take de coat/!"

Rogue quickly pulled off his trench coat and rushed out. She was greeted by a lifless body of John at her feet.

"What? Haven't you seen a dead body before?" Jean asked when Rogue kept gaping at him. "I see you took care of him..." she remarked observing the trench coat in her hands. "Good."

"Err...Yeah!" Rogue lied. "Killed him like a murderer! So A-Ah gotta go wash mah bloody hands now!" with that she rushed out of the shop.

Jean narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Murderer?"

Rogue ran like she had never run before while punching triple six on each planner she got her hands on.

She stopped inside an alley and pulled out the last planner. "Ok this has to be it!" Rogue said and kissed it. "Goodbye freaky world!"

A sudden click of a gun froze her.

"Who are you?" Jean asked in a dangerously low voice.

'Oh man! Totally busted!' Rogue panicked and slowly turned to face Jean. "Uh...Rogue."

"I meant if you're not an assassin then who are you?" She rephrased the question.

"Not a psycho, that's for sure," Rogue answered back.

"So...we assassins are psychos huh? What else did she say?" Jean inquired from Kitty.

"She spared a thief's life," Kitty replied who had a large gash on her left eye and was sizzling with anger. "Lucky I was there..." she pulled out a knife which was stained red. "Poor Remy LeBeau..." she sympathized in a fake tone. "He lost his heart..."

Rogue was mortified. She couldn't grasp how a person she was just talking to a minute ago could be gone.

Jean shook her head. "You know what's worse than a thief?" she asked Rogue. "A traitor! But anyway, it was nice working with you. Oh and don't worry about Scott. I'll take good care of him. After all, the poor guy would need all the comfort in the world after his wife's and Taryn's tragic death."

Rogue only gave her a dirty look and pressed the first digit.

"Rahne will be so happy to see you. Maybe Remy too," Kitty told Rogue.

Rogue just glared at them and pressed the second digit.

"That depends..." Jean pointed the revolver at Rogue's head. "Are you going to heaven or hell?"

Rogue punched the last digit and Jean pulled the trigger.
Rogue groaned as her eyes slowly opened. She was met with a blinding white light. "Ahm Ah dead?" She had to be dead. Jean had blown her head off.

"Yeah," came a voice. Rogue looked up to see Devon looking down at her sadly. "You're dead."

Rogue blinked before she screamed and lunged at him. "/You son of a/-"

"Heh...I was kidding!" Devon put his hands up. "Man! Why do you humans get so scared of death? It'll come to you one day. So..." he cracked his knuckles. "What's your next wish?"

This got him a kick in between the legs.

"/Ugh/! T-This is the last time I deal with females!" he grunted.

"H-Hey Rogue!" a bouncing Kitty came upto her. "Check these out!"

Rogue's eyes widened in horror.

"Cool knives huh?" Kitty asked brightly. "Principal Kelly ordered them for his-Hey!" she exclaimed when Rogue snatched them.

"Listen ta me, Ah love you in pink. You'll always look good in pink." Rogue said as the confused Kitty listened. "Never ever go for black!"

Kitty blinked. "Ok..."

"Good," Rogue said and tossed the knives in the trash bin.

"/Rogue/!" Kitty screeched trying to find them.

"Believe me Kitty, psycho killers are made not born," Rogue said and walked away.

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