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Back to the Beginning

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In trade for her soul, the 'Devil' grants Rogue 7 wishes. It's a dream come true when she can just 'wish' her powers away or gain anything else. But it's a nightmare when all her wishes end up wors...

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"Oh Rogue.....Rogue....hmm...Rogue!!" Devon finally snapped. "Rogue, I know you're not deaf!! Talk to me!!"

Rogue yawned and continued to ignore him.

Devon stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Well, if you won't listen to me then-- " he cleared his throat and his voice suddenly transformed. "Will you listen to me?" he asked in Scott's voice.

This got her attention too good. "You made me inta a terrorist!!!" she exploded.

"Actually, it was an assassin," Devon corrected.

Rogue huffed and turned her back towards him.

"Hey c'mon! How many filthy rich people are honest?"

"Professor X," Rogue replied.

"Are you absolutely sure?" he asked straining his voice.

Rogue thought for a moment before realizing. "How the hell did the Professor get so rich?!"

Devon grinned. "Heh....yeah there you go!"

"Well what difference does it make now?! You messed up mah wish! So that's it! The deal's off!"

"Uh...nope. A deal's a deal. You can't break it," he told her firmly. "So make a wish!"

Rogue closed her eyes and pressed her lips together tightly.

Devon threw his hands up in frustration. "Uh...hello? You can't ignore me. I'm the Devil!"

"Oh really? Well Ah don't believe you're the devil!" Rogue snapped. "You're some mutant who like screwing up people's lives!"

"Well you're a little right about the last part but I am not a mutant!"

"Oh so where's your tail? A-And bat-wings? Oh yeah don't forget the fork."

Devon sighed and snapped his fingers. "Happy now?" he asked, stretching his bat-like wings while his tail moved back and forth. "And it's a trident not a fork," he said holding up the trident.

Rogue gave him a dry look. "Ooo...yeah you are scary....." she remarked sarcastically. "Didn't I see you come out of the chruch's floor in the 'End of Days'? Or was it your big brother?"

"Oh believe me little girl....if I show you the more original me, you'll most probably have a heart attack and die," Devon said seriously and quickly shifted back. "Well the last client did, but now we really don't want that to happen to you with so many wishes left and all."

"Whatever Lucifer," Rogue said not a bit concerned. "Go ta hell."

"Oh I will. Once I take care of all your wishes," he said and snapped his fingers. They were suddenly on a balcony with Scott already present there.

Rogue gulped, feeling really embarrassed dropping in like that. "Err...H- Hey Scott!"

"Save your breath, he can't see us," Devon told her. "Or hear. You know? See no evil hear no evil...."

Rogue frowned. "Really?" she asked uncertainly when Scott seemed to be looking straight at her.
He suddenly smiled at her. "Hi."

"Err...." Rogue smiled back nervously. "Umm...h-hi."

"How are you?"

Rogue raised her brow. He could definitely see her. "A-Ah'm fine."

"Really good," another voice responded and the next thing Rogue knew was long-red hair blowing in her face.

Rogue stepped back from the telepathic with a scowl while Devon was laughing his head off.
Devon laughed. "I see you enjoy talking to yourself."

"Shut up!" Rogue snapped. "How was Ah suppose ta know she was behind me?!"

"Heh, want me to push her off the balcony?" Devon asked, standing behind Jean and made a gesture to do just that.

Rogue snorted. "Ah wish. But no."

Devon shrugged. "Aww...What the heck, she can fly."

"Ack! Get me outta here!" Rogue said appalled when Jean and Scott were about to kiss. But that kiss never happened as Kurt suddenly teleported on the railing.

"Ooo....vas zhere a tender moment happening here?" Kurt asked grinning wickedly.

"N-No," the blushing Jean stammered, taking a few steps back and to Rogue's utmost shock, stepping back right through her.

"Hey! Hey relax!" Devon calmed Rogue before she started screaming hysterically. "It's all part of the being hear or see or feel nothing. Get it?"

"Ah better not be dead!" Rogue warned. "Or you're dead!"

"I'm not a mortal," Devon said flippantly. "Can't kill me."

"Ah can try," Rogue said.

"Ja....right..." began the still grinning Kurt. "Well Kitty got proof on camera!" he sang. "And she's holding it ransome till 'you'--" he pointed at Jean. "Go on a little 'drive' to zhe mall vith her...."

Jean looked horrified.

Scott couldn't help but smile.

"Bye!" he waved and teleported out.

"I am going to die," Jean sighed in defeat, covering her face.

"Oh don't worry. You've got ten more years left," Devon told her which she obviously couldn't hear.

"Really?" Rogue asked curiously.
Devon shrugged. "Just heard the Angel of death talking."

"Well, I better go," Jean sighed sadly. "Before Logan or Professor drag me out. But wait....Rogue....she looks eighteen...." she said thoughtfully. "Maybe she can...."

"No way in hell!" Rogue hissed. "Get meh out of here now!"

"Wait, weren't you just ignoring me?" Devon pretended to ponder. "Hmm....what if I make you reappear? Heh, you'll have a hell lot of explaining to do."

"Don't you dare...." she warned dangerously.

"Then make a wish and you won't have to explain anything."

"On second thought no," Jean suddenly said. "She has been through a lot. Don't want to cause more trauma to her with Kitty's driving."

" sweet!" Devon gushed.

"Be careful," Scott said as Jean began to leave.
Jean rolled her eyes. "Right....."

Scott sighed and turned back to gazing ahead.

"Hmm......Cute isn't he?" Devon asked after a while when Rogue was lovingly gazing at Scott.

"Yeah," Rogue agreed dreamily.

"Well.....Are you going to wish something or not?" Devon inquired impatiently.

"Ah'll tell you tomorrow. Go away," Rogue dismissed him.

"No tomorrow! Now!" he said strictly.

"Ah can't think of anythin' right now," Rogue eyes were still fixated on Scott.

Devon rolled his eyes."No wonder.....hmm...but as I can clearly observe..." He cleared his throat to indicate his point. "You always wanted a guy who doesn't care....who Ah ahm.... what Ah ahm...where Ah'm from. The most important thing is that he loves meh and that's all that matters. Nothing else matters...." He spoke in Rogue's voice. "And you obviously find all these qualities in him?" He asked pointing his thumb at Scott.

"No!" Rogue denied. "Would you stop the voice imitations? You're totally freakin' meh out!"

"The diary doesn't lie," Devon said holding up Rogue's diary. "But Ah'm just bein' silly. Scott's in love with Jean. It was love at first sight. Can't argue with that," He flipped a few pages. "He'll always treat meh as a friend, a teammate....and because of mah powers, there's no hope and never will be-Ooo..." he started flipping the pages again. "This goes on and on. So much angst!"

"Give meh that!" Rogue cried and snatched the diary.

"Alright then," Devon folded his arms. "After further analysis, I conclude you want Scott to love you so alright, Scott would love you! Now wish already!"

Rogue remained silent for a while, before she finally spoke, "Let meh think for a while so that this wish doesn't gets screwed up like the last one!" she said between gritted teeth. "How about....." she looked down to see Jean getting dragged into the car by Kitty. "No Jean or Taryn? Non- existent!"

"Yeah sure," Devon nodded. "No Jean, no Taryn. Anything else?"

"And Scott really loves meh and doesn't cheats on meh!" Rogue said firmly.

"Got it!"

"A-And some...." Rogue glanced at Scott. "....some place where none of our friends will bother us....Or be assassins!" She gave Devon a murderous glare.

"Heh," he chuckled bashfully. "Fine. Now say the magic words."

Taking a last glance at Scott, Rogue took a deep breath. "Ah wish that Scott loves meh--"

"And blah! blah blah no Taryn and Jean and the rest I got it," Devon interrupted and snapped his fingers. "Now enjoy!"

Rogue let out a gasp as she took in the breathtaking view of the sun touching the sea while holding onto to the railing tightly. "Wow....Absolutely beautiful....."

"Not as beautiful as you...." a voice murmured in her ear.

Rogue smiled, immediately guessing the person behind her. "Scott...."


"Uh...first of all!" she whirled to face him. "Do you know any Jean or Taryn?"
Scott gave her a confused look. "I don't think so."

Rogue heaved a sigh of relief. "Good! Well....okay then...." she raised her brow while her eyes surveyed him from top to bottom. She chuckled. "Scott...W-What are you wearin? You look someone from 1900s."

" is the 1900s. 1912 to be exact," he replied, giving her another perplexed look.

Rogue's eyes widened. "1912?" She looked down at herself and shrieked. She was wearing a horrible looking dress! Or so she perceived.

"Rogue, what is it?" Scott asked worriedly.

"T-This d-dress!" Rogue replied shaking. "And--" she touched herself. "A- Ahm wearin a corset!" No wonder she was having trouble breathing!

"It looks fine," he remarked, referring to her dress. "I-I don't know about the...ahem corset...."

"Where ahm from it isn't fine!" Rogue lifted the dress slightly. "People only wear this on Halloween!"

Scott blinked, obviously not understanding. "Oh. I-I didn't realize that."

"T-This is all wrong!" Rogue closed her eyes. "A-Ah don't belong here! A-Ah have ta--"

"Rogue, listen to me. It doesn't matter where you belong," Scott's voice said before she felt his hands on hers. "The most important thing is that you're here. That's all that matters. Nothing else matters."

Rogue's eyes snapped open at those familar words.

"Rogue?" he gave her a questioning look when she kept staring at him in bewilderment.

"Uh...Nothin'." She averted her gaze and shook her head. "I-It's just that.....someone said this ta meh before."

"Really? who?"

"Someone.....really close ta meh," Rogue replied hesitantly. "Or....maybe it was just meh. And--"
Rogue stopped to think for a moment. Scott was right. What was all the fuss about? The Devil only landed her in the past and Scott was here...she's alone with him on--

She took notice of her surroundings.

People more people, poor and rich as she judged by their clothes, water on every side--A cruise ship. Ok so they were on some ship and so far no sign of either Jean or Taryn or any of her annoying friends. She turned to Scott with a sigh. "Ahm sorry."

He lifted her hands to his face and gently kissed them. "There's nothing to be sorry about. The ocean does some strange things to people." He then offered his arm. "Come on, let's give you the tour that I promised."

"Uh...okay," Rogue said unsurely but managed to smile as she linked her arm with Scott's "Let's go." 'Hmm.....All alone....No one ta bother us. Plus I'll get to learn a little history. A-Ah guess this isn't bad after all....Except for this stupid corset!'

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