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just another day

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it's just another day which slowly builds up to the next chapter(hard to explain)

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Hi it has been so long after a quite a bit of traveling and stuff I finally have time to post the next chapter of this story, and I truly am sorry. When I get serious with a story like after chapter 5 I start to lose interest and start another one. I no I'm not alone with this problem but I will try to post the other 5 chapters I have written for this story

It had been two weeks since she had sent the letter, almost one year on her birthday since she came to new Olympia. To except danger that would threaten her often but not only her but everyone, every living thing. Which was more than enough pressure on an already had hard enough life she wondered if the letter gave to much away about her life. She almost regretted trying to connect to her dad once again. Only she knew about it no one knew she wrote home only to be rejected.

It was beautiful out the sun shone gloriously on everything. Creating an image on how life was, how this was in danger was awful worse, no one knew only him and seven other mortals but that was a small amount considering the something billion that lived on this earth. Something that was almost as worse to him was the fact he could only think about one person. Jay turned around the corner thinking how he could face giants, a crazy god but yet... he stopped there Theresa sat out in the sun. The light giving her hair a look of a vibrate red like fire. Her eyes sparkled like deep pools of green water deep and clear. She was off in her own world, full of what he was never sure.

Coming out of her trance, she noticed jay was heading towards where she sat she felt awful and confused. How could her own father ignore her. The last thing she needed was jay worrying about it was just another thing to worry about adding to the list. Clearing her throat hoping it would hide the tone of disappointment that was twisted in her voice. She choose to speak first.
"Hi" a big smile grew on her face almost naturally.
"Hey" he had saw the mix of emotion on her face before it was carefully hidden he knew her too well.
"What's wrong?" a look of determination on his face.
"Nothing " her voice faltered a look of betrayment of her voice crossed her face then it slowly turned to a look of a little kid had just been caught 'how could she lye to him.'
"Well it seems you won't let me get away with saying nothing for an answer."
Jay sat down listening to her story he too missed his home but her own father not to answer seemed harsh.

Coming home from a run came Archie and Atlanta both faces where red from running yet to the amazement of Harry and odie their faces were able to go redder when Neil commented about their date and how running wasn't the most romantic thing. Archie for once was unsure how to react, he was stunned. Atlanta had spoke first saying it was not a date quite shyly unlike her but that did not last long.
"Anyway what's it mean to you. So what if we go running that doesn't mean were going out! Anyway we'd ask you to come Neil, but I'm sure your afraid to break your nail or something!" a grin tugged at the edges of her lips her breathing was heavy neither onlookers were sure if that was from running or her outburst.
"Holy catty" Neil was leaving the room when poked his head around the corner had just turned
"You can deny that you were not on a date as much as you want but that won't make it true" smirking he disappeared. Archie reached first finding energy somewhere he ran after Neil leaving a surprised looks on the remaining three. A high pitched squeal could be heard from upstairs Archie aimlessly walked back in the room wearing the smirk which Neil had just worn moments before.
"What did you do?" asked a curious Atlanta
To there, amusement of the other three Archie puffed out his chest, stood in a daring pose of a victorious warrior, and answered.
"Well it was a mad dash up stairs but my cunning caught him there I thought of a foolproof plan that would teach him a very important life lesson" he tried saying this as manly as possible "not to bug me again" smiles were seen on all faces.
"How?" asked Harry
"I messed up his hair! When I did, he let out a high pitched squeal, looked at his little mirror with a look of horror and ran into the bathroom!"
The smiles grew bigger until they no longer could contain the laughter

At that moment jay and Theresa came into the room talking about her home to him made her feel better, he told her of his home and family she had absorbed every word he had said. Together they found a of their friends laughing all except Neil who was not there now. Somewhat confused Theresa asked Atlanta what was so funny. Atlanta took her aside and explained. While Archie told Jay but, there conversation started to sidetrack.
"So where were you and Theresa?" asked a smug Archie
"Talking about stuff what about you and Atlanta? You guys seem to be together all the time"
"Tussah" said a blushing Archie.

Sorry this chapter may not be too exciting I had to cut this chapter in half to try and get this posted today inside of next week so it's just kind of a build up to the next chapter
Please review that would be most appreciated and once again I'm so sorry

Angel of music
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