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father and daughter

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thresea writes to her dad only she gets more than an answer she finds her self deep into trouble in many diffrent ways

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um this is my first story so i'm new at all this so if this turns out weird sorry

dear daddy
i miss you very much!Eachday i think of you i wake to the photo of mom and you. i miss mom very much, but they say time heals all wounds,but thats not true time can be deadly trust me. I guess i've learned and somewhat expected that shes gone but never forever.In a way it feels as if i lost you, but i cannot except that so as a way to avoid this unpleasent feeling i will write to you often so both of us may enjoy each others comany once more. I know this might sound quite formal but i fear if this is not written with good quilty you may excuse it. banished where it shall never fufill it's purpose. sometimes i feel you belive your business is more important than me. i guess this letter is turning into the fear and anxitys which surrond me humming in a cloud of stress and confusion. this probly has convinced you i hate it here,but that would be misguiding. All this is misguiding concealing hidden truth. i love it her with my friends. All my friends support me when i'm in need and protect me from others and myself both pysically and mentaly. i would regret never coming here i'm not sure what would have become me or anything else by that matter everything happens for a reason and i'm quite sure why i'm here. This must soon come to an end by which i mean i'm running out of time, room and things to say. all i can say is i wish i could go home some point in the future. just for a while so i'm not fully out of your life. i know i'm not the only one of the friends who feel like this. I'm sure at some point we could all just go home, but how could we leave here when i'm so badly needed, the school would miss us but most importantly we would miss each other.
your adoring daughter who misses you

a man stood by a window as rain poured down the glass. it was if the heavens where crying with his silent pleas. A letter sat by his chair in front of the fire place he hadn't bothered himself to read it sat there taunting him of what it could possible contain sitting down his gaze fell on the returning address his heart skipped a beat rushing through him was the meaning of the letter, bad news or just a thoughtful jesture of trying to include him in his daughters new found life or what? nervously he read it a few times the letter both cheered him but stabbed a cold knife in him he also missed her. after a while he sat smuggly with satisfation on his face of his choice of action

hi hope u like this story, sorry if u don't see an update for a while i'm going to be camping for a while but will keep writing the end i've already gotthis story written up also with 3 other story - angel of music
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