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It is Unsexy Naked Time. Here's What We're Reading This Week.

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Here is the 2nd episode of Naked News Roundup - a weekly compilation of articles we like from around the net.NaturismA pic slideshow feature

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Here is the 2nd episode of Naked News Roundup - a weekly compilation of articles we like from around the net.
A pic slideshow features the park, in addition to photos from their annual Bare Buns Fun Run.
It airs on Thursday, December 11 on More4. Hopefully it will be released online for everyone to see it.
Body Image

- "Everyone is changed." It's become common knowledge that versions in ads and magazines receive a significant dose of Photoshop. But what about mainstream movies? Turns out artists spend an incredible period of time retouching celebrities' faces and bodies in film scenes. This goes way beyond makeup and light. These artists are going frame by frame and erasing wrinkles, belly fat, blemishes, etc. They'll even get an actor's head and place it on a more muscular body! It's known as "beauty work." Apparently it's been quite hush hush, but Mashable eventually got some artists and film execs to open up about it.
- I 'd to share this astute post about the newest fear mongering over childhood obesity. The NHS is known to distort and exaggerate figures that have to do with fatness and obesity. The author points out that "obese" and "heavy" categories in many cases are combined to inflate numbers and boost their "panic-fuelled schedule." Then there is the fact the system used to diagnose obesity (BMI) is totally flawed, and NHS acknowledges this.
My personal favorite line from the post: "afterward officials wonder why so many kids have body image problems - it's because you keep telling them they are fat, you morons." [Telegraph]
- Here's a mom with a positive attitude about her and her children being naked around each other. She writes, "Nudity is healthy and really natural and growing up unashamed of being seen naked with all of your physical imperfections raises uninhibited children who have a realistic body image." Yes! [One Woman's Perspective]
- Good news Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) just came out with a listing of 24 outstanding works of art that faced censorship this past year. They recognize that nudes are still on censorship's most-wanted list, but they weren't focused on nudity. Instead it is intended to be a compilation of artwork that inspired "critical thought, impassioned emotion, and tides of offense." [NCAC website]
- The National for those interested in nude modeling or practicing their life drawing skills - "Get Drawn, Get Naked" is a global endeavor that invites the people to model nude for pop up life drawing courses. This article is written from your standpoint of among the female models and she talks about the body-favorable facet of the experience. [BBC]
Megumi Igarashi's Amazing Vagina Kayak
- One of the artists in NCAC's list, Megumi Igarashi, has recently made the news because she got arrested again. Igarashi been making 3D printed art modeled after her own vulva, including this kayak pictured previously. She was lately detained for disseminating three dimensional "obscene data" for some kind of boat project. She says, "I do not consider my vagina is anything obscene." - It's not, Megumi! [The Guardian]
- We're loving this: 23 female cartoonists talk about their artwork and drawing naked girls / bodies. Just as in other mainstream media, women's bodies happen to be really poorly represented in the graphic novel business. They're regularly hypersexualized and displayed as ornamentation. These artists are driving their way through a male dominated business and drawing the bodies they wish to see in the comic book medium. [Buzzfeed]
Pop Culture
With all the celebs joyfully shows off nude recently, will America eventually must let go of its puritanism around nudity? [Yahoo]
An antithesis to the typical hot-nude music video. A boyfriend / girlfriend duo sing a tune about how they like to hang out nude at home and do "unsexy" things, like eat takeout, watch TV, clean, and pop each other's zits (ew). The video is silly and entertaining and reveals that naked time does not have to be alluring time. ;)
The opening lyrics:
We've been going out for awhile
But I can not wait to get you home and take off all your clothes
And simply not do shit
I wanna get nude for the hell of it
Let's lose my top, your skirt, and atmosphere our genitals out
I wanna get you nude and arrangement kung pao
What did we miss? Share what you are reading in the comments!

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