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Captain Skystorm saves 36's life

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Dread crept in the pit of my systems as I widened my optics behind my visor. “I….” I could not make words come out of my vocal processors, I could only make incoherent whining noises in absolute fear as my lord and master’s presence loomed over me. His optic ridge raised slight in question at my slightly trembling state, I could see the faintest hint of a smile tug at the edges of his face plates. What do I say? I was sure he would tear my helm from my chassis with in any moment if I told him the truth, after all I was looking up at the former gladiator of Kaon himself.

“Well?” he asked a little edge to his voice, his servo clenched tightly as I took step backwards, any way to escape this massive Decepticon’s wrath. “I will not ask again. Where did you learn to fight like that?”

My chassis quivered a little, nothing would respond to my movements. I couldn’t give away Soundwave, after all the silent Mech has done for me it would be a dishonorable thing for me to do. I had to think of a clever lie, something that didn’t sound made up and make it believable.

“Under your guidance and leadership Lord Megatron, I have acquired many skills through my numerous lives lived for this noble cause, because my processor was damaged through the fight at Darkmount, Chief Medical Officer Knockout repaired the delicate circuits that is our Cybertronain processors. There must have been a malfunction in mine when it was placed in this vessel, thus making me more noticeable and more efficient fighter than my brethren.” My voice was a little shaky at the last sentence, but I only prayed to Primus that this was not noticeable by my lord.

He was silent for a few moments, increasing the dread that made my systems churn in more terror. My body slowly and shakily stood at attention, as I straighten my steel spine out. I noticed his gaze darken a little as his attention was placed on me once more, a slight sneer spreading across his face plates matching the intention in his gaze. I clenched my denta behind my mask, grinding them a little making a sharp high pitched noise.

Whether it was pure coincident or just good timing, I heard an orderly female voice echo through the empty halls as I switch my gaze over to the familiar dark sky blue and winter colored femme making haste to get down the hall. Her expression was easily hidden behind her scarlet visor, though the metal was taint a light blue and she reeked of the Autobot filth. It was obvious she was out on a mission recently, but what confused me was the fact that she had just shown up now. From what I was informed, she worked so quickly, so efficiently, so precise; she should have been back cycles ago.

My breath hitched in my throat as she stepped between me and our seething leader, her helm titled upwards defiantly. I could see the anger flooding into Megatron’s red optics and I flinched a little as he faced to address his Captain.

“Skystorm, you would be wise to step aside and let Vehicon 236 receive the punishment he deserves,” Megatron told her in ever growling tone. The Captain did not so much as twitch to move away from me. I stared with a blank gaze at the back of her helm, rather astonished that she would defy an order for a mass produced unit such as myself. Yet I did not utter a single sound against the only kindness I have witnessed in my short life time as a soldier; instead I remained motionless like her. “You would defy a direct order?”

“If I may, my liege, I ask you see the logic behind allowing Vehicon 236 keep his processor advancements instead of dispatching him imminently. If this mass produced unit, the first of thousands our noble cause has manufactured is able to fight and survive like many of your faithful soldiers, may perhaps this can be passed on to others? Our forces vastly outnumber that of the Autobot scum, and if they have 36’s programing,” she turned to gesture at me, “there’s no telling what kind of havoc we could cause to Prime and his wretched Autobots.”

Megatron raised an optic ridge, turning his helm to look at me. I sucked in a quiet breath, quietly praying to Primus that he wouldn’t drive his wrist blade into my spark chamber. Though I had survived a little over a solar cycle, my armor wasn’t all that tough as I was. It was a bit thicker but Knockout was often annoyed that I came to him often to see if he could do a simple weld. No chassis was ever that strong, not even Prime’s.

“Very well then. If you see that he is fit to continue serving me, then I shall assign him to your squad under your supervision, since you have taken quite an interest in him.” The Captain jolted upwards in shock, like she could not understand why I was assign to her of all soldiers. But she did not say a word to our lord, only gave him a slight nod that was barely noticed by myself. She turned on her peds, tilting her dark scarlet visor down to glare at me. Though I expected to see hatred in her intense gaze, I swore I saw a glint of admiration spark. She moved past me, her strides long and meaningful as she moved to her personal quarters.

I returned my gaze to Megatron who let out a noise, I wasn’t sure if he was still angered or annoyed. He brushed past me with a slight growl in his voice, Starscream trailing behind him holding the wrist I had nearly crush only moments before the whole conversation. I let out a shaky breath, not realizing I had been holding it in for that long. I reached a servo up, pressing it to my chassis; I was still shaking in my own plating. Even my own denta were chattering behind my mask, I don’t think I have ever been as frightened in my short life as I had then. It was difficult to draw in the oxygen we had adapted to use on this flesh in habited planet, though Cybertronians did not rely on the gas as much as humans did. My air filtration systems struggled to process the oxygen, it seemed the terror that my master had inflicted upon me took a toll on my systems.

I forced my peds to move, one at a time, slowly trudging down the halls of the Nemesis. I shook my helm a little, hoping to gain my wits once more before any other Decepticons noticed me. I lifted my weary gaze up to the metallic ceiling of the warship as a familiar deep male voice echoed through the scrambled thoughts of my processor. I furrowed my optic ridges in confusion as I recognized the processor of the voice. Shockwave? The last time I heard of the mech, Starscream had reported his demise in the space bridge. So when did he arrive here? And how was he still living?

“Vehicon identification number two hundred thirty-six report to my laboratory. I am in need of your assistance,” he simply asked. I simply nodded, half way listening to his request for me, and turned on my peds to head his way. I pressed the heel of my servo to the temple of my helm, small aches shooting pain. I remembered when I had suffered this pain before, during the trial stages of my reprograming, though those weren’t as bad as this one. I suppressed a groan that threatened to escape my vocal processors if I didn’t toughen it up. Slowly but surely, I trudged over to his lab doors where I rapped lightly on the metal.

The doors slid open to reveal the fully operational Shockwave leaning over his large in size Cybertronian computer. His head lifted up as he turned to face me, still having my servo pressed against my helm. I knew Shockwave well enough to know the mech rarely expressed outward emotions, especially that of concern for others. He gestured to the containment cylinder with his single servo, the lights in his lab flickering on dully. Shockwave never seemed to work in light in his own lab, this confused me at first; I just figured maybe since he was not a very social bot, he preferred to work in seclusion.

I stepped forward on my right ped and with a protesting groan of my knee joints, I crumpled to the ground in a heap of silver and purple. I let out a mechanical cry as bright pain blindsided me as I hit the ground in a large crash. My vision sparked black dots that threatened to swallow my sight, hissing and spitting spark burst from the center of my chassis. I felt my air filtration systems began to choke on the air I was desperately trying to get into my metallic lungs. Before I could utter a single sound, red letters displayed in my hud, “System malfunction. Automatic recharge initiated.”
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