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The captain may have feelings for her wounded comrade

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“I swear, this mech is going to ruin my paint job with all of his issues he keeps having,” Knockout’s voice reached the audio processors of the Captain as she was striding down the hall to see what the damage was on 36. From the reports she received from Shockwave, he had just collapsed as soon as he entered his lab and began to spark furiously at the chassis and his joints. Skystorm shook her helm in confusion, he was healthy; she had made sure to look in his medical profile and performance folders to see how useful he would be to her and her squad. She rubbed her helm in annoyance as she entered the med bay where Knockout was grumbling to himself.

“How is he, doctor?” she questioned, standing at the entrance and turned her helm to 36’s motionless body. A hint of concern softened her optics slightly as she felt sorry for her new addition to her squad.

Knockout’s irritated red gaze settled upon the Captain’s tall and medium built form, crossing his arms. “Well if you mean he’s not dead, then he’s fine. He just simply needed a long recharge seeing as how he refuses to take good care of himself. His joint only gave out on him because they were put through too much stress. Not to mention some processor damage from recent battles and such.”

Skystorm did her best to hide her expression of concern from the doctor as she returned her gaze to her unconscious comrade on the berth. She never realized how overworked this Vehicon really was, after all with his enhancements he must feel the need to constantly prove himself worthy to keep himself functioning. She let her hands drop to her sides as she turned to address the medic. “I see. Do you have a vague idea of when he will be online once more?”

Knockout simply shrugged. “We’ll just have to see. Give it a few cycles and I’ll let you know his status.”

“Of course,” she replied with a little edge to her tone, though this was hardly noticed by a bot such as him. “I appreciate your efforts, Knockout.” She nodded to him and turned on her heels, sucking in a long and quiet breath. She moved down the hallway, towards Shockwave’s lab to see if he needed her assistance, though she doubted it.

His lab was always as stuffy as she had remembered it to be and dark, she was surprised that he hadn’t ruined his optic yet. It took hers a while to adjust to the thick darkness that surrounded his equipment and she reached out a servo to feel around for something to tell her where she was in his lab. Her hip plate smacked into the corner of a counter and she hissed as her pain receptors shot pain up her side and down her leg. She rubbed the dent that the metal made on her hip, muttering words in Cybertronain.

She noticed the glint of a single red optic nearby and assumed it was Shockwave. She did recognize the steps that he took and the weight he put on each step. She wasn’t an officer for nothing after all, she studied the movements of every ranking officer aboard the Nemesis. She moved her servo away from the dent in her plating and scanned the area with her optics adjusting to slice through the cloud like suffocating darkness. “Shockwave.”

The glow of his singular optic turned towards her as he seemed to recognize her voice. “Captain Skystorm. You are intruding.”

Her servo moved up to her upper arm and gripped it with firmly. It was one of her bad nervous habits she had developed over the course of many years of serving under the Decepticon cause on Cybertron and now on earth. The Captain hissed at herself silently to make herself stop with this bad habit. She knew of his reputation, Shockwave easily proceeded this reputation of being a high ranking officer and very intimidating at times. “I…I came back to see if you still needed assistance. If I remember correctly, Vehicon 236 collapsed before he was able to help you with your needs. So I have come to be his temporary replacement while he recovers in the med bay.”

Shockwave’s soft grunt reached her audio processors and she took that sound to be his way of expressing his displeasure of her presence in his lab. She didn’t blame him; she did intrude on his privacy and she didn’t ask to come into his lab at all. Her servo crept across her chassis so that her arm was over her chest plates and she bowed ever so slightly in apology. Dim lights flickered on and she looked up to his single servo upon a panel connected to the wall. He slowly drew it away and gestured towards a container a few feet from him.

“If you would like to make yourself useful, Captain, then you can help me move the CNA samples I have gathered from the specimens I have retrieved to my offsite lab.” Skystorm nodded slightly, moving forward to pick the containment cylinder in her servo.

“Of course. Is it your usual lab where if I can recall you clone those Predacons not too long ago?” She looked to him for conformation as she watched his gaze slid down to the rough field repairs done upon her abdomen and her lower thighs. She felt her internal systems grow a little heated in embarrassment as she could see his red optic grow a little colder in judgement. She shifted her free servo down to the rough covering that kept the energon from the broken and mangled line that ran up to her spark and processor and covered it. She had forgotten to go to Knockout to get it fully repaired but her newest soldier had gotten her distracted and now she knew Shockwave would either forget about asking her, or proceed to question her about her wound.

His gaze returned to her faceplates, his helm tilted upwards a little so he could look at her. “I do not mean to pry much, but might I ask why have you not gone to see Knockout? It is illogical to wait longer. I am sure you understand the dangers behind waiting around with wounds to that severity with how rough those repairs are. Before we head off on this rather quick journey, I would advise you get either Knockout or allow me to properly reattach those lines and mend the metal together. Transformation would be illogical for you; it may only worsen the split in the line.”

The captain’s gaze slid down to her wound as she lifted her hand a little to look down at the jagged and rough surfaced metal under her servo. She narrowed her optics in thought, slowly lowering her servo and letting it drop to her side. Though she felt rather uncomfortable around the scientist as it was, she certainly didn’t want him repairing her not with his capabilities. But she certainly didn’t want to deal with Knockout and the sour mood he was in at the moment with 36. She vented a soft sigh, hoping that the one opticed scientist didn’t quite hear her.

“Very well Shockwave, if it is that much of a concern to you then by all means repairs my wounds so I may function properly.” She set the containment cylinder down on the table where many others were. She made a small mental note about the color that the cylinder’s outside was so she wouldn’t quite lose track of it while she was being repaired.

The scientist only turned away to gather a few things as he gestured to a low table behind her to sit on for the moment. The Captain reached out behind her to judge the distance to sit down and she slumped down on to the frigid smooth steel surface, wincing a little as pain shot through her abdomen. She grunted a little out of pain as she straightened herself slightly to make the pain stop, shifting her weight on her rear. She never realized how much pain she really was in; it was a little shocking to her. She didn’t like being told of all of her injuries, her pain receptors would just send all of the pain in her wounds to her body seemingly at once.

She glanced at the insignia on her right shoulder plate, thinking solemnly to herself.
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