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Humans don't understand gems. So, they attack them. :D

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"Steven! Watch out!"
"I'm trying! Almost! Almost!"
"Jump man! Jump!"
"I do not understand the point of this. It is such an irrelevant way to waste your time,"
"Oh come on, P! It's something called fun. Video games are this thing called fun, which we enjoy very much. Not like you would understand," Amethyst smirked. "Don't tease. Pearl, don't hurt the human," Garnet said in her usual stoic expression. Pearl looked confused until she heard a knock at the door. "Connie? You went home an hour ago. Did you forget something?" Steven said as he turned to look at the door. It wasn't Connie. "Open up! You are all under arrest for citizen endangerment! We have a search warrant! OPEN THE DOOR!" The man at the door was heavily armed with weapons, armor, and lots of backup. Helicopters, vans, and trucks were parked outside. "Steven! Warp to the strawberry battlefield! It's the safest place to go!" Pearl demanded as she carried him to the warp pad. Out of fear, Steven didn't hesitate. He hopped in, and went straight to the battlefield. Amethyst drew her weapon, and the man fired at her. It misses by merely an inch, and Amethyst was set off in a rage. She threw her whips at the door, causing it to fling open. She lassoed the man, and threw him against the wall. Garnet had a worried look on her face and suddenly yelled," Steven! I have to go!" And left to the battle field without any explanation. Pearl turned just in time to see amethyst on her hands and knees, coughing, with multiple bullet holes all through her body. "W-why h-haven't I poofed y-yet?" She was clearly in pain, and Pearl couldn't do anything about it. Amethyst struggled to stand, but was brought down by another bullet to the chest. All of the bullets missed her gem, thankfully. The room had three more men in it. Amethyst got up on her hands and knees again, but a man kicked her down again. She wasn't getting up. She was just shaking and quivering. Pearl remembered Garnet's warning and didn't hurt the humans. She threw her spear at the guns of the men, and picked up a bullet to inspect it. There was a colorless liquid on it. "That must be what's keeping Amethyst from poof-" she never finished the thought as a bullet struck her through the back. Her pupils shrank, her eyes widened, and on instinct, she grabbed her spear, and thrust it at whatever was behind her. It hit the man in the chest, but bounced off due to the bulletproof vest. "Amethyst, AMETHYST! You have to get up! We need to go! Come on!" Pearl urged as she tried to drag her friend to the warp pad. "P-Pearl.. Help.." Amethyst said as she grabbed her whip and threw it under the mens legs, causing them to trip. They fired two more shots at Amethyst, one of which hit her. She was completely unconscious now, and Pearl had fled to the warp pad, about to leave as she saw her friend being held at gunpoint in this state. Pearl grunted and threw another spear at a man, hitting him in the arm, cutting deeply. He fired at Pearl, but she warped away just in time. "Well, this is the thing causing trouble? It's so.. Small.." A man said, looking at Amethyst's unconscious body. "Remember the other two. The tall red one and the ballerina. We still need to get those two and bring them to justice. One of the men gave Amethyst's body a kick, before loading her in a cage, and being shipped off in a black vehicle.


"Steven! Oh Steven! Are you alright? Garnet left in such a hurry and.. And.. Oh I'm just so worried about you!" Pearl said, being the bird mom that she is. "Pearl! I'm fine. Garnet just came back because there was a ravine that the top was covered by strawberries and Garnet caught me just in time," he said
"Oh, thank the stars! I thought something serious happened!"
"Where's Amethyst?"

"So, there are more of these things? And they're all girls? Score!"
"Be serious, jake. These things are dangerous. Once we capture the next two, then we can all have our... Fun... With them..
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