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Two down, two to go

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Amethyst is being tortured, Peridot and Lapis are captured.

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"P-Pearl?" Was the last thing Amethyst muttered before being shipped off to God knows where, and being tortured all the while.
"Lapis! We have visitors! Lots of them.." Peridot said as she was sitting in the roof of their barn. "LAPIS! LAPIS! THEY HAVE WEAPONS! HELP!! AHHH!" Peridot panicked, while being shot at. She ducked behind the roof, and fell on Lapis. "Ack! Peridot! What's the trouble?" Lapis questioned angrily. "The-dabl-gun-trucks-AHHHH!" Peridot stuttered before running off screaming again. Lapis was confused for a second, but turned around in time to see a man pulling the trigger. Something hit her in the side of the neck, but it wasn't a bullet. She sprouted her wings, and took off. Her wings faltered, and she about fell. As she looked down, she saw Peridot surrounded by men, using her metal manipulation to deflect the bullets, and steal their guns. She crumpled them up into balls, and threw them across the field. She was surrounded in a circle of men, one of which pulled a small pistol out of his pocket, and shot her in the leg. She limped in the general direction of Lapis, and suddenly, she was swooped out of the air, and carried toward town. Lapis had just enough energy to carry Peridot. There were multiple bangs, all of which hit Lapis in the stomach. She went down, and landed in the pool Peridot and Steven had built for her. Her dark blue blood staining the water. Peridot tried her best to pull Lapis up, but was brought down once again to a bullet between the shoulder blades. The men fired three more shots, two of which hit Peridot. The other hitting Lapis in the arm. The water was stained blue and green, but with Peri still fighting. She was grabbed by the collar of her shirt, and ripped from Lapis. The man holding Peri held a pistol to her back. She kicked out of his arms with the little strength she had left. He fires and it hit her in the back, out of her stomach. She fell straight down, not even trying to get up. Suffering the same fate as her two other friends, she was thrown into a cage, and shipped off to God knows where.

"So, you finally decided to wake up. Needed your beauty sleep, huh?" It was the man that had captured her the day before.
"What do you want?" Amethyst questioned, weakly.
"Are you broken? Or do you need to be? I have the perfect men for the job," the mystery man said as he snapped his fingers, and the other two men appeared.
"What do you mean, break?"
"You are currently under control by the government. We would like to know where you came from so we may, well, terminate the space," he said with a smirk. Amethyst thought of the kindergarten.
"No! I'll never talk. Besides, the place hasn't been used in, like, centuries, so, no need of destruction of my birthplace." Amethyst said in reply, checking out the bullet holes from the day before.
"Ok. Whatever you say. Jake, Richard, go ahead," he said as he pointed at Amethyst.
"Finally. She's a fiesty one," the two men forced Amethyst down, and pinned her against the wall. She pulled her whip out, and beat the two men down. She stayed prepared. One of the men, Jake, grabbed a gun. He fired a Amethyst, but she dodged. As she moved, her injuries hurt. She wrapped both of the men up, and they knocked their heads together. Hard. She kicked one of them, Richard, and he flew against the wall, causing it to crack. Jake pulled out his gun, and shot Amethyst three times in the chest, one skimming her gem. He them shot the rope, causing it to disappear into a cloud of purple dust. He kicked her against a wall, and shot her again in the stomach. As Amethyst fought back tears, she heard the door open. Her cell suddenly went black, as it is was just a white room before. Jake and Richard both disappeared. When the lights came back on, the cell was bigger, but next to her was an unconscious Peridot and Lapis.
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