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Pearl is forced to explain why she left Amethyst.

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"Pearl! Why did you leave Amethyst? She was our teammate!" Steven asked, tearing up.
"Oh, Steven, I, I just thought that, having something from the kindergarten is dangerous! I didn't think anyone still cared about it!"
"She is NOT an it! Amethyst was our friend! Why would you want this? Why would you think that? What the-" "STEVEN! Give her some air. I am very sure she has a reasonable explanation for this. Right? Pearl? OK. One question at a time," Garnet calmed the situation down. "First, why did you leave her?" Garnet interrogated.
"I- uhhnnnmm...," Pearl looked over at Steven, and saw tears out of the corners of his eyes.
He ran. "Steven! Wait! I-"
"It's ok. He'll come back," Garnet adjusted her shades.
"Why did you leave her?"
"I didn't want to touch something so.. so.. disgusting as the creature she is. A kindergarten gem! What was Rose thinking? Her dirty hair, the overwhelming musty smell of her clothes, her disappointing nature. I do not know what Rose saw in that.. that.. THING!" Pearl answered solemnly. Garnet was about ready to knock Pearl out, but she resisted. She was curious, which was very unlike Garnet, as to why Pearl would hate on her so called 'Friend'.
"Why do you think she couldn't change?"
"She's kindergarten gem, Garnet. We can't just trust her just like that!" Pearl said as she snapped her fingers. "I still don't trust her. I can't believe she made friends with those humans. They are all sweaty and their bodily functions are just irrelevant," Pearl said as she turned her head away from Garnet.
"I am very, VERY Dissappointed in you, Pearl. It seems you don't like two things: Change and the way things are. It is time to accept that you get what you get," Garnet explained, standing up. As she was walking away, Garnet muttered,"Out of all these flavors, you chose to be salty,"
And with that, Pearl stood up, and walked away, grumbling.
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