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Fireplace secrets

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Archie finds something that may come in handy

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Okay I decided to change Hestia to Helen for future reasons here is the next chapter

Helen had made tea for Archie and herself, Archie however would not drink the tea because he was in a rush and it might be poisoned.
" Archie are you going to have yourself a cup of tea?" Helen asked cheerfully.
" Ah no I'm not thirsty."
Helen shrugged and sat back down on her vibrant pillow.
" Helen I want to ask you if you know anything about a small blue device with a point at the top?" Archie asked trying to describe the PMR.
Helen put on a confused face a shook her head.
Archie just nodded his head and moved around on the pillow. So if she didn't take it then where is it? Archie asked himself. Then another thought struck through his mind. What if she is lying and has it hidden somewhere in her home, Or mabey she threw it out? Archie ran the new set of questions through his mind.
" Helen mind if I take a look around?" Archie asked calmly but truly he was ferrous, The thought of Atlanta being unconscious on that mountain made him feel sick to his stomach.
" Why sure." Helen said a little suspicious.
Archie nodded his head and walked into another room.
He made sure that she wasn't looking and he quickly rummaged through the nicely decorated room.
After getting no luck he moved on to the next room.
Archie continued to dig through pillows and other clay and gold items. Archie walked over to a pond outside the house,
Gardens and birds and trees surrounded it. Archie gazed into the crystal water. He could see Atlanta, She was very week and looking even worse then she was before. Archie walked himself back into the house he was worried very badly and was trying not to show it. Archie walked into the room where they had slept the night before. There was a large window looking out into the gardens and the wooden fence marking the property. Archies eyes trailed over to the beautiful fireplace in the end of the room. It was a gold like mineral with pictures engraved in it. Archie traced his fingers along it. He stoped when he felt something beneath his fingers. Archie removed his hand and eyed the placed it had just been. Archie noticed that there was a creek in it. Archie then realised that it was a secret door or room or something secret. Archie trailed his hand down to the bottom of the fireplace. He found a small lump, So being curious he hit it. At first nothing happened so he hit it once more. This time it opened a little bit. Archie pulled it opened more so he could see inside it. Inside was like a shelf. Archie saw his PMR laying on one of the shelves next to a bottle of liquid and a jar. Archie picked up his PMR and the liquid. He stuffed both in his pocket. And shut the door. While Archie was leaving the room he ran into Helen.
" Hello how are you doing?" She asked eyeing him.
" Oh fine." Archie said he could feel his palms sweating. Archie picked up his hoddie, which he had the PMR and bottle in.
" Well thanks for letting me stay but I need to go." And with that Archie dashed out of the house at an inhuman speed.
Helen stood at the fireplace blinking in shock. She walked over to the secret room and peered in.
She sucked in her lips as if to say something but just swallowed her anger.

The other friends were pacing back and forth once more.
" If what you say is correct, Hera paused a moment looking a the heroes gathered in her room, Then your friends could be fine or not so fine. " Hera said in a hushed tone.
There were some confused faces and shocked ones as they let Hera's news sink down deep.
" Is they're anything that we could do to help them?" Jay asked worry in his voice.
" I'm afraid not but you can wait for another day and if they don't come back.. Hera didn't finish he sentence.
They all left the gods hideout and drove back to the dorm.
This time they didn't argue they just sat and watched the television eating the popcorn that Theresa made.
Nobody said a word they just watched the movie in utter silence.

Sorry if that was short but enjoy and tell me what you really think.
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