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I don't have a summary so you will just have to read it.

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Okay I decided to change Hestia to Helen for future reasons so I may go back in the other chapters and change it. Also warning there may be some J/T in this and I am not very good at them.

Once Archie was a ways away from Hestia he decided it was safe to take out his PMR and whatever els he had stuffed in there.
Archie rummaged through his hoddie until his hands felt a cold hard object. He closed his fist around the item and pulled it out.
Archie checked it over for any cracks or something that should not be there. When he found it safe he flipped the cover up and tried to see if anyone was there.
" Hello? Is anyone there, It's Archie Atlanta is with me too but she is hurt badly, Anyone?" Archie asked he was tired because he didn't take a breath. Once getting no answer he folded it back up and stuck it in his pocket. Next Archie pulled out the liquid bottle.
On the front of the bottle was a picture of a familiar plant. Archie read more of it, it was called Iris poison. It also said
Often affected:cattle, humans, and swine
Poisonous Parts:rhizomes and rootstocks
Primary Poisons: irisin, iridin, or irisine
Archie was frozen the picture on the bottle was a picture of some of the flowers in Hestia's garden. Archie was almost sure that this was the poison she used on Atlanta. Archie flipped it over and read what it said on the back.
This should take about 3 hours to start working it works best in food.
Archie was panicking now he had no idea what to do. Then he got an idea, He would go find Chiron. But where was he? Archie needed to find someone who could help them and not poison them.
Then something stuck Archies mind, Atalanta was mortal so Helen probably knew that and she probably knew that Achilles was unable to get ill or sick. Archie gulped he wondered if it was possible that Helen poisoned all the food thinking that he would not be harmed. But he was not immortal like Achilles he was not even Achilles. Now Archie really needed to see Chiron.
Atlanta lay about 650 feet of the ground in the baking hot sun. She was turning a pale green colour and breathing less and less. Archie had been gone over 2 hours and the sun was getting lower and lower.

Archie ran along a long dirt road every now and then someone would pass him with an odd look on his or her face. Archie didn't really know where he was going but he was getting there fast. Archie ran past a familiar home then he remembered Athena. Mabey she could help him. Archie rang the large bell near the door. After a few minutes Athena opened it.
" Can I help you?" She said in a slightly annoyed voice.
" Ah yes you can," Archie told her
" Oh you are that boy from yesterday right?" She asked eyeing him.
" Ah yeah that is me." Archie said feeling rather special for being remembered. " Well what can I do you for?" Athena asked him.
" Well acutely I was hoping you could tell me where Chiron is." Archie asked in an innocent voice.
Athena looked at him oddly for a minute then told him where he could find him.
Archie thanked her and ran full speed down the roads of Olympia.

Jay and Theresa were on the roof, The movie they were watching was now over and the sun was still out. The sky was pink, blue and purple, it was about 8:00. Jay extended an arm around Theresa's back. Theresa responded by moving closer to him. Theresa looked up at Jay. Jay turned his head to look at her but she quickly looked the other way. Jay just turned his head forward and stared up at the sky.
" Do you think they are okay?" Theresa asked quietly.
" Wherever they are I'm sure their fine." Jay told her rubbing her shoulder gently. This made Theresa feel better, If Jay wasn't worried then she had no reason to be, Jay was the teams rock if he was happy they were all happy.
To show that she felt better she laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped an arm around his back. Suddenly a white burst of light flashed in the sky.
" A shooting star!" They booth exclaimed happily.
" Make a wish." Jay told Theresa.
"UM," Theresa mumbled, She shut her eyes tight and then opened them once she had made her wish.
Jay looked down at Theresa,
' What did you wish for?" He asked curiously.
" Can't tell you." Theresa exclaimed playfully.
" Oh come on you can tell me." Jay said hoping to get the correct answer.
Theresa shook her head and slipped out of Jay's strong arms, She ran over to the stairs and headed down them. Jay ran after her playfully.
Jay grabbed hold of Theresa by the stomach and started tickling her. Theresa tried to brake free of his strong arms but each time she got no luck. Jay brought her into the T.V room still tickling her. Theresa couldn't do anything to stop the funny feeling of Jay's fingers on her stomach.
What the two friends didn't know was that Herry, Odie and Neil were still in the room watching television. Three heads turned to the doorway were there leader and team-mate stood.
Jay and Theresa glanced up laughing they then realised that the rest of the team (Minus Archie and Atlanta) was staring at them strangely. Realising this Jay realised Theresa on the floor.
Theresa shoot up brushing herself of.
" What are we watching?" Theresa asked trying to change the not going subject.
" Fashion File." Odie replied unhappily.
" Hey shhh, shhh." Neil hushed raising a finger.
All he guys grumbled at Neil's choice of entertainment.
But Theresa walked over and sat on the floor in front of Neil.
" Isn't football on?" Herry asked hoping that they would want to watch that in stead.
" Not unless it involves women in short outfits." Neil said never taking his eyes of the screen.
Herry tried to grab the remote from Theresa but she was to fast for him. So in the end the guys were stuck watching Fashion File and then after that Americas next top model.
" No way it's our turn to pick something." Herry complained.
" No it's my turn." Theresa corrected him.
" But you just watched Fashion something." Herry said standing up.
Theresa remained calm," No Neil did now it is my turn." Theresa replied simply. This made the guys give up and watch whatever was being put on the T.V.

There you go kinda some J/T hope you like R&R.
Oh and yeah me it's over 1000 words.
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