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Black and White

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"We better get out of here quick," I said. "The adacondas are going to come back soon." "Uhhh...Delilah?" Julius said. "A little too late...they're here!"

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"DELILAH! DELILAH!" screamed a voice. "Please, please, wake-up!"

A moan escaped my lips. I slowly opened my eyes to find Julius. I looked around. We were still in the cave, just on the other side. Both of us were soaking wet. He fell on me.

"Oh, thank God!" Cried out Julius. "Glad to know you're ok."

"We better get out of here quick," I said. "The adacondas are going to come back soon."

"Uhhh...Delilah?" Julius said. "A little too late...they're here!"

We both gasped as we saw the three adacondas coming towards us. I was shocked they haven't killed us already, but hell, I'm not complaining. They started to get closer, and closer. Julius pulled me into a hug to protect me. We kept on shaking, asa the adacondas got closer, and closer...


Huh? I opened my eyes. One of the adacondas let out a huge, ugly scream. It got shot. Blood started to come out of its stomache. Someone shot it...but who? A shadow figure came running. He...or she run. Whoever it was was a fast runner. The person had a gun in there hand. It was all dressed tightly in black, so I couldn't see their body or face. Crap. An adaconda quickly came to the person, attempting to bite her/him. But the person was fast. It quickly did a shoulder roll, and began shooting like hell. The creature screamed, and also fell to the ground. One more left...The third one went down easily. He let out a scream of defeat. Julius and me went to go greet the person. But it was too late. Like the speed of light, the person was gone. CRAP. I felt a pain in my ankle. I cried out in pain, then fell.

"DELILAH!" cried out Julius.

"I'm ok. I think one of the adacondas bit my ankle. No big deal."

"Let me look at it," demanded Julius.

He took of my shoe, then rolled up my pants sleeve.

"It's bleeding pretty bad," commented Julius.

He then ripped both of his sleeves of his shirt. He used the first one to whipe the blood off. He used the second one to badage up my ankle.

"It's usually me nursing you back to health," I joked.

Julius rolled his eyes and did his fake laugh. (a/n: Don't you just love it when he does that?!?)

"Can you walk?"

"I think so." I told him.

But I proved myself wrong when I tried to get up.

"Here." Julius told me.

He picked me up softly, as if I only weighed as much as a baby. He put me on his back, and put my arms around his neck.

"Hold on tight." He told me.


We realized the water level of where the water began to slowly go down. It then split in half.

"HOLY CRAP!" cried out Julius. "It's the parting of the Red Sea again!"

I couldn't help but laugh. It was funny, I had to admit that. We went on the cold, wet ground, and began to walk. It lead to a hole in the wall. What's behind there, I had no clue...


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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