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How Far

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One of you is going to get it Begging it to quit...

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Delilah was starting to get heavy on my back, but I didn't mind. Her ankle was pretty hurt. I found a note at the mouth of the second cave. My hands were full from keeping Delilah up, so I gave the note to her to read outloud:

I'm surprised you came this far
Not knowing where you are

But it ends here now
For everythings going down

One of you is going to get it
Begging it to quit

While the other one can stop it
They can make it quit

How far would you go to save a love one?
What can be done?

Just obey the rules and you'll be okay
Listen to everyone word he says

Or both of you will suffer the consiquences

"This doesn't sound too good," I muttered under my breath. "I'm sick of these darn riddles. I mean, why can't he just tell us what's going to happen?"

Delilah gave a little laugh as we entered the second cave. But when we got in there, the floor soon collapsed. We wre falling to the bottom of the cave. As we were falling, I quickly pulled Delilah to my chest, trying to protect her and her ankle. Luckly I succeeded. I felt a little bit of pain, but thank God we didn't fall too high. Then we saw it. It was the Con Man.

"Delilah and Julius, I'm surprised you made it this far," He said. "I must admit...I'm impressed."

"It's over, Con Man," said Delilah who was know back on my back.

"Oh, it is for you, my dear." He said.

I noticed there was a wheel with four chains on it. there was spikes on the edges which put shivers down my spine. The Con Man quickly grabbed me, forcing me to drop Delilah. She screamed in pain.

"Please, she's hurt!" I begged.

But the Con Man showed no mercy, as I suspected. I tried to get out of his strong grip, but I failed. He chained me up to the wheel.

"JULIUS!" Delilah cried out.

I tried not to show that I was scared. I gulped back my cry. The chains felt cold against my wrists and ankles.

"Now, my dear," said the Con Man. "How far would you go to save a loved one?"

Delilah bit her lip. She didn't dare answer. I don't blame her. I wouldn't know how to reply, either.

"Nothing, you say?" Said the Con Man. "I bet you won't mind if I play with Julius, then."

I gulped. No...


JULIUS! The Con Man went up to Julius and put a black chip on his neck. Immediately his eyes shut. I wanted to run up to poor Julius, but I couldn't cause of my ankle...crap!

"What the hell did you do to him?" I cried out.

"Relax," said the Con man. "he's only dreaming."

"Yeah, right, like I believe that."

"Ok. He's just having nightmares."

Uh...that really didn't seem evil. I just watched Julius. He began to scream in his sleep. he tried to twist in turn. He was screaming my name.

"JULIUS!" I cried out.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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