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Rest Stop

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Slash learns that nothing comes for free

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I woke up to someone pounding on the door to the motel room where Duff and I are still passed out. After walking so far yesterday in the blazing heat we were both so exhausted that we fell asleep by 9:30 last night. I don’t know where this thing between us is headed but I do know that the blowjob he gave me last night was fucking amazing! This whole thing with Duff has me so excited; I’d wanted to experience these things with another guy for so long but I’d been too afraid to ever try anything or show any interest before. But these guys they don’t care who the fuck knows they swing both ways and they’re not all girly and glammed out like a lot of the guys on the strip; they’re men all the way through. Drinking, fighting, fucking whoever they wanted men; and now I was one of them.

The banging on the door continued. Fuck I hoped it wasn’t the cops or hotel management. I climbed out of the double bed I was sleeping in which was closest to the door and walked over and looked through the peephole. Thank fucking god it’s just Izzy. I open the door and he tosses a bag at me. I manage to catch the thing and Izzy gives me one of those sideways smirks of his. “Breakfast, most important meal of the day. We’re leaving here in an hour, I found a trucker that’s agreed to drive us as far as Oregon,” he says and throws his cigarette butt down on the concrete and stubs it out.

“Cool, what do we owe you for breakfast?” I ask him.

“Buy me dinner,” he answered. “Sounded like you two had a good night last night huh kid?” he chuckled and went next door to bang on Steven’s door. He looked back at me and my bright red face and smirked again. “I’ll see you in an hour,” he says and turns around to hand Stevie the bag.

I step back into our room and shut the door. Duff looks up from his bed. “Was that Izzy?” he asks looking out from under the pillow he had thrown over his face to block out the sun’s blinding rays.

“Yeah, he brought us breakfast, said we’re leaving in an hour,” I tell him and sit down on the bed beside him. We’d slept in separate beds last night even though we’d spent the evening fooling around and exchanging blow jobs; we both just needed to spread out and relax after the hell of yesterday. I rummage in the bag and come up with two Egg McMuffins. Duff sits up and pulls a cigarette from his pack on the night table and lights it. I hand him one of the sandwiches. “I’ll go put some water in our cups and then I’m gonna jump in the shower and wash off before we go, who knows when I’ll get another one.”

“Yeah, I’ll get in after you,” he says and reaches up and brushes my curls out of my face. “There are those beautiful eyes, you shouldn’t hide them.” He smiles at me and I smile back and then lean down and kiss him. He sighs contentedly against my mouth and he kisses me back sweetly and then pulls back and leans his forehead against mine. “You’d better go get in the shower Curly Sue before I get a hold of you or we won’t be out of here in an hour, if get my hands on you might not get out of here for days.”

I twine my fingers into his blonde wavy hair and pull him back up to my lips. “Guess I had better keep you waiting then,” I whisper and stand up and move away from him into the bathroom.

“You’re killing me babe,” he groans from the bed as he fights to hold onto my finger tips and I slip away from him grinning.

We meet Izzy and the others up near the front of the hotel next to a large, black 18 –wheeler. There’s another guy with them that I’m guessing is the driver a big, older guy with a ponytail. He seems to be nice enough but when he lays eyes on me he gets a funny look on his face. Something about that look creeps me out; it was almost predatory but it happened so quickly it’s hard to be sure I even saw it. but when I looked over towards Izzy he was looking at the guy warily too, like he had seen the same thing I’d seen.

We all climbed into the truck and somehow I ended up in the passenger seat with the other guys lounging in the sleeping compartment behind me; when I turn to the left I notice that Izzy’s leaning up against his bag behind the driver’s seat where he can keep an eye on me at all times. We exchange a look that says he’s got my back and that he’s keeping his eyes on me and it makes me feel safer. The driver, whose name is Dave, seems to be an easygoing guy; letting me fool with the radio and the CB. He talks to us about the band and where we grew up and his own kids and I start to forget about the creepy feeling I had when I first met the guy. I glance back at Izzy after a while and the rocking of the wheels has lulled him into sleep, Axl’s dozing on his chest; maybe he’d gotten over it too. Maybe we had been wrong, maybe the guy wasn’t looking at me like I was a piece of meat when he first laid eyes on me. The vibrations of the truck are doing their work on me as well and I start drifting into a light sleep. I’m the only one who wakes up when we pull over.

I open my eyes and run my hands over my face trying to orient myself. It looks like we’re at some kind of rest area. There are a few other trucks parked in the lot but not many. “I need to rest for a little while before I drive anymore, I’m getting tired,” Dave the trucker said as he put the truck in park. Bathrooms are over there, vending machines are that way, around the corner," he says pointing towards another small building. “I’m going to go take a piss.”
The guy climbs out of one side of the truck and I climb out of the other. I lean up against the side of the cab and light a cigarette; I wish one of the other guys would wake up but I guess they’re all still sleeping. That was going to change because it was somebody else’s turn to sit up front the big redneck.

I sighed and started walking towards where Dave said the vending machines were. I wanted some water or a soda and maybe some Twinkies or something. I round the corner and there are no vending machines. I think I must have misunderstood because there’s nothing over here but a bank of payphones that no one’s using when I feel a hand on my back and then an arm around my waist. Duff’s face flashes through my head for a second until there’s a graveley voice with a southern accent in my ear instead of a smooth, mellow, one.

“So, you gonna be the one who pays me for the ride?” the voice growls. The truck driver.

“What? Get off me man!” I say loudly and try and shake the man off of me.

“That’s how it usually works. I give people a ride, they give me a little something,” the man says into my ear. I feel his lips on my neck.

“I’m not fucking giving you anything! Get the fuck off me dude!” I all but yell. I keep fighting him but I just can’t get him off of me. He shoves me up against the wall next to the payphones. I keep trying to elbow him, to kick him, something! He’s a lot bigger than me though and I can’t seem to get out from between him and the wall. He starts fumbling around with my belt buckle and I start to get scared. Up until now I was just angry but I’m starting to get scared. This isn’t going to happen to me, I’m going to get away from this guy and get to deck him, I’m not going to get held up against a wall and fucked by some redneck stranger! This isn’t going to be my first time with a guy, not this, this old, fat, hairy pervert is not going to do this to me! God fucking damnit where are my friends? Are they fucking seriously still sleeping? How could they still be asleep and not fucking notice that I was gone? I could really use one of them right now!

I just keep yelling at the guy to get the hell off of me and fighting to get away from him so he grabs my hair and twists it around his hand and shoves me hard against the wall. I can’t fucking move. “Get the fuck off of me you sick fat fuck!” I yell.

“Shut up you little punk piece of shit! I drove you and your friends over 300 miles I’m getting something outta that shit!” He pulls me off the wall suddenly by my hair and then slams me back into it hard and pain throbs through my head where it hits the bricks and the world starts to tilt a little. Everything starts to sound far away and fuzzy and the guy behind me has gotten my belt open…no…the guy behind me…I’ve got to get away but I can’t even push off of the wall, shit, no, no, I have to get away…!!

The truck driver suddenly slumps into me and then slides down onto the floor, at least that’s what it feels like. Is somebody saying my name? I push back off the wall but everything tilts and swirls and I start to fall but somebody catches me; somebody strong with dark hair and a hat. “Slash, Slash are you ok?” That guy’s talking to me. Izzy.

“Izzy,” I gasp and grab my head, fuck it hurts! There’s blood running down my face.

“Slash,” he says and leans me up against the wall. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah but I’m dizzy and shit looks all fuzzy and my fucking head hurts and that guy he, he tried to, to…”

“Yeah, I know buddy, I smashed him in the head with a Stoli bottle, he’ll be out for a while. Stand here, I’m going to go through his pockets.” Izzy makes sure I’m ok leaning on the wall and then quickly rummages through the guy’s pockets and shoes. He stuffs a bunch of cash in his jacket along with a baggie of what looks like coke then he walks over and slings my arm over his shoulder and helps me walk back towards the parking lot. “What the fuck happened man?” he asks while we’re walking.

“He said the vending machines were over there, I wanted something to eat and some water and when I walked over there it was just the phones and then he was behind me and we started fighting. He told me that I was going to pay for our ride,” I tell him starting to remember how afraid I was. I stop before we get back to the truck and turn to Izzy. “Thanks man, thanks for getting me out of there. He slammed my head into the wall, I couldn’t get away from him anyway but after that I really couldn’t get away. Thank you, I was pretty scared.”

“Fuck kid, I was scared too! What if that guy had heard me sneaking up on him before I smashed him in the head? Fortunately you were making a good bit of noise until he slammed you into the wall so he didn’t hear me at all! Besides your head are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, other than that. It really fucking hurts.” I complain.

He stops and pulls me into a hug. “I’m glad you’re ok, I woke up and you weren’t there and neither was he and I knew my first read on him was right, he was a perv. He wasn’t like that with me and Axl, it wasn’t until I saw the way he looked at you but I figured there were six of us and one of him so things would be ok. I’m sorry Slash, I should have said something earlier. I’m really sorry,” Izzy says in a rush. Shit, that’s probably more than I’ve heard him say for three days.

“It’s ok Izzy, I got the same feeling from him that you did but I didn’t say anything either. Like you said there were six of us and one of him. Don’t worry about it, I’m just glad you showed up when you did,” I say quietly to him. He holds onto me for just a little longer than he needed to, longer than you would hold onto most friends but maybe because he felt responsible, I don’t know. I do know that he just about squeezed the living fuck out of me he hugged me so hard for the next 45 seconds or so.

“C’mon,” he said huskily when he let go, “I stole that fucker’s keys and all of his money, we need to get the fuck out of here!” Duff and the other guys are walking out of the bathrooms and Izzy signals them to hurry up.

“What the fuck happened?” Duff wants to know when he gets a look at the blood running down my face.

“We’ll tell you after you’re in the truck! Get in now we’re outta here!” Izzy says in a voice that tells all of the others not to argue. We pile in and Duff pulls me into the cabin behind the seats and onto his lap. His anxious fingers gently push my hair out of the way so that he can see why I’m bleeding.

“Izzy are we stealing a fucking tractor trailer?” Axl asks incredulously as Izzy pulls on a pair of old work gloves that were laying between the seats.

“We’re not stealing it,” Izzy says as he throws it in reverse and starts backing it up slowly. “We’re paying him back for trying to fuck with Slash!”

“What?” Duff asks worriedly looking down at me. “Baby are you ok? This knot on your head looks pretty bad and your face is bleeding and your belt, wait, oh fuck no! Slash did…?”

“No, Izzy hit him in the head with a vodka bottle before he could do anything to me but get my belt open,” I mumble to Duff. Things are starting to look and sound funny again.

“Slash? Slash?” I hear Duff ask me anxiously. I look up at him and I have to blink several times to bring him into focus. He’s cradling me against his chest and he’s so warm and he smells like Duff, he smells safe. His arms around me feel safe. I know if I close my eyes and give in to the exhaustion and blackness dragging me downwards that I’ll be safe. Duff and Izzy will keep me safe. That’s the last thing I remember thinking as everything went black.
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