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Coffee With Cream

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Izzy delivers coffee to Slash and duff

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When I'm right I'm right. I told you who really ran things around here. Tonight just goes to prove it. Who the fuck knows what would have happened to Slash if Izzy hadn't had that gut instinct? Izzy had a way of always managing to solve problems. Even if it did involve breaking the law. Yeah he stole the rednecks truck, but come on he was going to make Slash his bitch. I didn't blame Izzy. I just wish it would have been me who found that bastard with his hands all over the kid. Lets just say if it were me, the neck of that broken bottle would have been crammed up his ass too.

Axl was really quiet after we took off in the 18 wheeler with Izzy at it's helm. Very quiet for Axl. Come to think of it Izzy didn't have a hell of a lot to say either. I didn't fucking care though my mind was focused on Slash. He just curled into me, clinging to my shirt, and passed out.

Soon we ditched the rig and Izzy paid to get us a couple of rooms at a motel. Thank you perverted truck driver for that one. Izzy also scored a bag of coke. "Never know when it may come in handy," he explains. Whether that means hes going to consume it or fucking sell it, well that's any one's guess. Izzy is quite resourceful.

So the rest of that night was spent quietly with my comforting an obviously frazzled Slash. Finally he went to sleep curled in a ball at my side as I twirled his spiral locks around my finger. Tonight called for no romance for obvious reasons.

The next morning I awake to a knock at the door. Izzy has two cups of coffee in a drink holder. "Coffee?" He asks with a lit cigarette smoldering in his lips.

I curl my nose a little. Fuck no I didn't want any goddamn coffee.

Izzy pulls a pint of Jim Beam from his back pocket, "With cream," he smirks pouring some into one of the glasses.

"Extra cream," I smile in relief.

"So how's the kid?" He asks as he pours.

"Pretty frazzled man," I sigh.

"Yeah, I imagine," Izzy says swallowing a lump in his throat. "Well get ready to leave in an hour. We need an early start to catch a ride before that fucking heat sets in."

"No more truckers?" I ask.

Izzy shrugs, "By any means necessary, right? Seattle or fucking bust."

But I trusted Izzy's judgement. He saved Slash's sweet ass so he was aces in my fucking book.
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