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Curly Sue's Thoughts

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Coffee with Jim Beam in it is a perfect way to start the day; caffeine to wake me up and liquor to settle my nerves from yesterday. Too bad that there’s only chicken for breakfast. We don’t really want to spend any more money than we have to and with food left over from last night it doesn’t make sense to buy something else this morning and let the extra chicken go to waste.

Duff woke me up and handed me the steaming cup of coffee and I nearly choked when I tasted the liquor in it. Duff started giggling and I glared at him over the top of the cup. “It’s not that funny; why didn’t you tell me that there was liquor in there and where’d you get it?” I ask.

“Because I thought it would be a nice surprise; I didn’t know you were going to choke on it! Izzy put it in there, he’s got some Jim Beam apparently,” Duff said.

“Guess that fucking trucker turned out to be useful in some ways,” I reply.

“Speaking of how’s your head? Duff asks sitting down beside me and brushing my hair back so he can see the knot on my head. “It looks better, the knot's not as big as it was yesterday.”

“Ow! Don’t touch it! It hurts if you touch it,” I complain when his fingers glide over it.

“Sorry Curly Sue,” he answers. “You want to shower first or you want me to go first?”

“You can go first,” I tell him. I need to take some more asprin and I’m starving.”

“Ok. You sure you’re ok? You were pretty freaked out last night after everybody left,” Duff says softly and gently takes my hands in his. He was so worried last night that he hovered over me all evening like a mother hen.

“I’m good, I’ll get over it. It could have been worse,” I tell him and squeeze his hands. “Thanks for sitting up with me last
night and for fussing over me like an old lady.

“Well you had me worried, especially when you passed out in the truck. I was afraid you had really hurt your head. Stuff’s not still blurry today is it?” he asks with a concerned look on his face.

“No, I can see fine. I’m fine Duff, really. Don’t worry,” I reassure him. He still looks concerned so I lean forward and pull him down towards me so I can place a kiss on his lips.

He smiles and kisses me back softly. “Alright then, eat your breakfast. I’ll be quick in the shower so you can get in.” He starts to get up but I stop him.

“Hey Duff?” I call out.

“Yeah?” he asks sitting back down. I pull him over to me and put my arms around his neck hugging him fiercely. I just want the comfort of someone holding me who cares and I know after having him worrying over me all night that Duff does care in some way. He puts his arms around me and rubs my back and nuzzles down into my hair. I let him go after a minute and he sits back and looks at me. “You’re gonna be fine kid, and any time that you’re not I’m here ok? We’re all here. I nod at him and fight down the tears that are threatening to fill my eyes; I still can't really think about what happened yesterday without freaking out a little inside. He squeezes me again and kisses the top of my head. “Are you good now?” he asks.

“Yeah, go shower,” I tell him. I am so not looking forward to another day of hitchhiking but I am looking forward to another day with Duff and well everyone really. I’ll be grateful to Izzy for the rest of my life for smashing that bottle over that pervert’s head; I don’t want to ride in anymore trucks ever again but I think after yesterday everyone feels a little leery of that. Other than the trucker and walking in the heat I’m having fun on this trip. Fuck I knew this band was going to be awesome!
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